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Bleach Chapter 678: The Future Black

Chapter 678: The Future Black
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I don’t really know what to think of this weeks chapter. It kinda has the Dragonball Z powerup bs going on. The “I told this was my power, but really this is my power!! HARR HARR!!” cliché. The action is still great, but this chapter still leave a bit of bad taste behind. Don’t feel like writing too long a piece.


“Tensa Zangetsu” is revealed. It looks a lot like his original blade, the white and black blended together with an attack from the back to the close to the front. It gets broken the instant he unleashed it.

Then after a few words from Ywach where again, he commends his power and ‘Bankai’ the man suddenly holds Ichigo’s horn. This repeats a few times Ywach landing several vicious attack even circumventing Inoue’s barrier, till we reach the The “I told this was my power, but really this is my power!! HARR HARR!!” moment.


Where Ywach ‘clarifies’ his ability which is not to see the future, but transform it. So.. what he got here is a really messed up version of Zachery Comstock or something, or a transgender, Elizabeth. Man.. I would love to play that dlc.

Anyway.. Ywach demands despair, Ichigo looks in despair at his enemy. Insert new revelation next week.


Bleach Chapter 677: Horn of Salvation 2

Chapter 677: Horn of Salvation 2
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Slippers. That is the theme of today, with all the talk of sand in the later stages of this chapter. Get your bleach-themed slippers soon. Summer is coming.

But it all seriousness. Another pretty good chapter to follow-up last week. Ywach sort of gives Ichigo a complinent. Ichigo, the human that is a mix of everything fighting against the God of everything himself.

Ywach starts to ‘read’ Ichigo’s mind as the defends from every concurrent strike from the young man. But he considers Ichigo’s strength high enough that he needs to unleash his ‘allmighty’ power to make sure he does not make another mistake.


The dark cloak full of eyes that sees all possibilities of the future. As the battle continues on, both of them start to wield two swords. As Ichigo is pushed back he lands on a trap that Ywach had placed. He jumps back to a tower only to find another trap to hit him. Ywach goes on to explain his ability a bit future.

I already said it before. His ability allows him to watch over every possibility that exists. The future is constantly changing.


Ywach traps strike ichigo again, breaking his horn, but Ichigo regenerates that later. As Ywach explains his ability, he sees the future in possibilities. Grains of sand spreading out in the wind. Every option could be considered a ‘future’. Ywach can see every grain of sand clearly from high above and simply has to follow Ichigo ‘jump’ from grain to grain.

Then we see the most interesting bit, that truly shows the growth of Ichigo. By this point he always lands into despair, but not anymore.


With those he flings back too Ywach he finally releases his bankai. I wonder how his Bankai blade will have evolved. Also I wonder if his physical form will change alongside his blade to match his bankai.

p.s. does anyone want to place a bet, we will suddenly go back to Ishida for next week?

Bleach Chapter 676: Horn of Salvation

Chapter 676: Horn of Salvation
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Hollow Ichigo!?!?!?!?! Pretty much. But he aint outta control like last time as Inoue remembers as he sees his form. He even seems to have the characteristic hollow-hole in his chest.


Ichigo quickly re-assures her that he is still himself. Now I don’t think he even has released his bankai yet. Apart from the color white his blade hasn’t changed in shape. As far as I understood from the dialog between him and Ywach the form he has now is when Ichigo melds together with his power.

It’s both a combination of his Quinc, shinigami and hollow powers within that have finally achieved balance after which he reforged Zangetsu into the two swords he has. From the little panel at the bottom we see his white-blade(hollow) and black blade(Quincy).

Ichigo comments it would have been convenient if he could draw on this power at will, but he is far from managing that. Ywach grins, seemingly pleased to see Ichigo’s power. He takes a step forward, apparently he moved so fast Inoue couldnt register it.


As Ichigo unleashes his power the palace room doesn’t last very long. Ywach draws his blade aswell, but within an instant Ichigo blocks him and attempt to strike Ywach. THe king easily blocks Ichigo’s attack with his bare hand. He strikes back at Ichigo pushing the young man way back.

The Quincy ruler mocks Ichigo. But he soon realizes that Ichigo’s attack was something much different that his regular Getsuga Tenshou.


With a sinister face Ichigo calls out his Gran Rey Cero. The special type of Cero on the most powerful Espada could use.

Bleach Chapter 675: Blood for my Bone

Chapter 675: Blood for my Bone
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After the okay chapter last week which introduced the arrival of team “Hi Its me. I am dad.”

We find Haschwalt taking it easy in his fight against the young Ishida. In short he is so goddamn confident that Ywach wont be in any sort of danger that he can just take his sweet ‘ol time dealing with young Ishida here.

After a comment of Ishida though. He suddenly turns quite menacing or powers up or something I don’t really know but Ishida seems quite fearful before Haschwalt goes on the attack again.


In the meanwhile. Ichigo is fruitlessly attacking Ywach getting knocked back and flung around by the godlike being. Inoue tries to stop but to her surprise he seems quite calm and not at all fighting in the anger he showed earlier. Inoue realizes her crush seems to be simple stalling or something of the sort. She re-grabs her resolve and holds station providing cover where necessary.

Even Ywach questions Ichigo’s motivations. Ywach continuously mocks him as he blocks and counter every attack Ichigo makes. Ichigo keeps going until and going until..


His blade starts to change color. He calls back to Inoue who puts up a large shield to cover them.

A few panels later we see it a little better. His blade starts to turn white and as Ichigo explains to her. He simply needed some time to unleash (and get rid off) his Quincy reiatsu and to ‘jolt’ somebody to wake up.

That somebody is of course the other source of power. The hollow that resided within him. Now I wonder if this released for that he turned into is already his bankai or not.


As he unleashes his true form we see the partial hollowfication (for lack of a better word) take place on his face. One horn and the red-markings on his body. Somehow he also looks older/more mature. Like what happened when he trained with his father before the Aizen battle.

I hope we will get a better look at him next issue.

Bleach Chapter 673: Father

Chapter 673: Father
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That Rukia face.. So funny. Anyway, welcome back this week. Pretty good chapter. Renji gets up toward where the Captains are fighting as he carries Rukia on her back. The two lt’s thinking that its Toshiro elder brother yelling at them and I love it that he doesn’t even bother to correct them.

They all stop in their tracks as they all feel Ichigo’s reiatsu spike up as he and Inoue step into the King’s chambers. THe dark-shroud of the Soul King’s powers covers his eyes but he can still see everything and more. He sees Ichigo’s true, original power flow from his body.

Ywach still considers Ichigo a son of his. Calling Ishinn a mere surrogate to raise Ichigo. The mention of the source of his power strikes a nerve with Ichigo, remembering the fate of his mother.


Ichigo draws his blade and moves in to attack. With his signature Getsuga Tenshou he strikes at Ywach. Ywach dark shroud easily block Ichigo’s attack before he pushes him back. Inoue helps in blocking the attack, but his attack breaks through her barrier.

Ichigo dodges and cuts his way through to try and to get close to Ywach again. THe King allows him to get close to speak to him some more. He mock Ichigo’s feelings more, considering attachments like that meaningless and pitiful in the grander scheme of his own existence.

He throws him back into a wall. Inoue seems worried, but we all know Ichigo is just fine. He barely released his power as has the King, but he seems to ramp it up a little in an awesome, gruesome looking final panel.


That shit looks ominous.

Bleach Chapter 672: Son of Darkness

Chapter 672: Son of Darkness
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Allrighty a little side note which you probably are already aware off : Uzumaki Boruto.

How do we feel about that?

2nd point of this week:

This fucker still isnt dead.. I’m done talking about this guy… moving on.

We get this strange little two-panel inception moment. Where Ywach in his older form is found asleep by Ichigo in his old form. An intriguing little tidbit. Could be something about his all-seeing-eye not seeing everything. Not sure what the point was, but I suppose it shows that with ywach awakening, the night is over and the light of God shines down again.

Or it could make the point that Ywach is a bit of a masochist. Y’know..getting off on dying. After that we go back to Haschwalt vs. Ishida. That battle is going about aswell as one would expect.


Ishida is quite injured already where Haschwalt hasn’t even broken a sweat. He even says his own abilities are much more suited for battle. Which we have seen just a glimpse off when he took out one the subordinates quite a while back. It is interesting to see that he uses his sword as if it were a bow and arrow.

AS that battle heats up we finally go to Ichigo arriving at the door. Ywach’s presence is easily felt and without an extra thought he places Inoue in charge of defense. Which is kinda of first for him as Inoue realizes herself as well.


Ichigo always protected her, want to keep her as far from the fight as possible. Lets just hope Ichigo keep to this maturity that he finally seems to have grabbed onto.

Bleach Chapter 671: The Perfect Crimson 2

Chapter 671: The Perfect Crimson 2
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So yeah.. after the bs-power sage of last week. Lord McTall Mask-face the ‘Loudmouth’ Quincy is still fine and dandy. Zaraki got his arms cut off completely and Toshiro just created a tidal wave of new Rule34 art. I mean, just look at this face, he looks so dreamy!!!

Gerard ‘Helmet Beard’ Valkyrie seems quite happy with this new form, appreciating it more than the Man-boy shinigami Toshiro himself does. This chapter is best when they just shut up and fight.


The giant throws his shield, Toshiro easily freezing it in place. THe Quincy then strikes with his sword of hope with Toshiro cuts it half without hesitation. Gerard start preaching but realizes nothing is happening. Toshiro’s attack freeze the blade is such a state where all of its functions will cease to activate.

In short; his blade has been cryogenicly frozen. Gerard pulls out his bow, but alas, he is too late.


Shikai Hyouketsu – ‘Freeze the four worlds’

TO no ones surprise, Gerard manages to break the ice-shell and grab Toshiro yelling about him being a god, you know, just like the other guy and even the hand guy. The only guy without a god complex was our male poison ivy.

Anywayz, Zaraki of all people actually manages to make Gerard topple over. Then Toshiro quickly freezes him again before Byakuya shows up using his bankai’s attack.


‘Ikka Senjinka’ – One Bite, Thousand Blade Flowers. An attack he thankfully did not use on Ichigo back in the day.

Overall this was an ok, chapter. I was happy to see that Toshiro didn’t just cheese-cake his way too victory in an instant. It is hard to out-cheese Gerard though.