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Nominations for Naruto in 2010!

Post author: BlackCherry

Hai, everyone!  It’s BlackCherry (formerly Noneatencookie) here.  I’m back for another “Naruto in the Year!”  Since this is the second year, I will be adding and subtracting some categories.  Now, the same rules apply as last year:

  1. No character bashing. (I’m lookin’ at you, Sakura-haters)
  2. You may only make nominations for things that happened in 2010.  Anything from 2009 or that may appear in 2011 will not be looked over.

Now, I will set the parameters.  In the manga, Naruto started in the middle of the Danzou v. Sasuke fight (Chapter 478) and is close to the beginning of the Fourth Great Shinobi World War (Chapter 522).  Since this is the last full week of December, I shall place Chapter 522 in the mix.  Now, let’s get onto the categories!

  • Most Useless Character: Choose the character that you feel has wasted the limited panels Kishimoto has drawn.
  • Most Grown Character: The character that has shown the most growth.  However, Naruto will be left out, due to his mastery of the Nine-Tails.
  • Most Important Moment: This category is for whatever moment you feel was extremely important to the plotline of Naruto.
  • Most “WTF?!” Moment: What moment made you go, “WTF?!”
  • Favourite Revived Character: Which character is your favourite out of the characters Kabuto revived with Edo Tensei?
  • Most Epic Fight: Which fight just made your blood boil with excitement?
  • Favourite Chapter: Which chapter did you find most epic?

Now that we have manga out of the way, let’s start the anime portion.  The anime this year started with Episode 142 (Battle of Unraikyo) and will end with Episode 192 (Neji Chronicles).  Sadly, many of these episodes were filler, which caused many to not watch the anime.  With that said, let’s see the categories.

  • Most “WTF?!” Moment: Same as above.
  • Most Epic Fight: Same as above.
  • Most Strange Animation: Was there ever a time when someone just looked funky?  (I can remember a particular episode…)
  • Most Failing Filler arc/episode: Which filler arc/episode just failed miserably?
  • Favourite Episode: Which episode did you find the most awesome?

Since I don’t have very many categories for anime, I will add another area of Naruto; Movies!  However, since only one movie came out this year (Naruto Shippuden 4: The Lost Tower), you may choose from all seven (Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden) of them.  For this, I have special categories!

  • Most Bad*** Antagonist: Which main villain really gave you chills?
  • Most Interesting Rasengan: Every movie, Naruto invents a new Rasengan.  Which was your favourite?
  • Most Unique/Ununique Plot: Which movie’s plot did you just find most interesting/dull?
  • Favourite Movie: Which movie did you find amazing? (If any at all)

Well, that’s it.  If you have your own categories, please place them in your comments and I shall add them if I like ’em.  Remember, you have from now till December 31st to place your nominations!  Ciao~

Wholistic Theory Failure

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob & Friends

Hi peoples, Bob here with a quirky group blog idea. Over the years we’ve heard and read about a lot of Naruto theories, on this site and on other discussion boards. The good theories generally get a lot of attentions, but there’s also a lot of not-so-good theories that fall to the waysides never to surface again. Well, this blog is a homage to those theory failures, and by that I mean we’re going to pump out some fairly wild theories of our own — sure, a lot of these are based on the flimsiest of evidence or purely coincidences, but what they lack in validity thet make up for in pure entertainment value.

First up is Nef who dropped in from her semi-retirement (she’s really just veerrry lazy) to spew out some ideas from that kooky mind of hers:
– The Mizukage is going to betray the alliance because she looks like the kind of dripping hate-bitch to do that kind of thing. The emo hair, the big boobs? That’s a classic manga antagonist. The moral: If Tits > Overall circumference of head, then said owner of tits = EVIL. (this is clearly mammary discrimination, read my theory on boobies instead, folks ~ Bob)
– Killer Bee is going to die because he’s the token black guy.
– Temari is adopted because she’s blonde while her brothers are both redheads.

When I asked Kisuzachi to participate in this blog post, I was unaware he had skipped out on his pills that day, the results speak for themselves:
– Sarutobi used the Dead Demon Consuming Seal…that seal has 4 words that make up its name….half of four is 2, and its Japanese name consists of two words Shiki Fujin…Shiki is really close to Shikamaru…and Shikamaru’s father is Shikaku…Shikaku is just one leeter short of Shukaku, which obviously means Naruto like pudding.
– Inner Sakura disappeared in Part 2, why is that? She was created by Sakura’s inability to express herself…the Kyubi was created from the Jubi and has man’s hatred….Kyubi and Jubi can escape from their hosts’ corpses…. Inner Sakura mysteriously disappeared…that means she could become a Biju… that means she could become a Biju if she gets the right chakra” …right chakra…nature chakra…the Kyubi is called a force of nature…force…Shinra Tensei was a force…then the Rinnegan has some connection to nature chakra….the Rinnegan was the Sage of Six Paths’ dojutsu…Sage…he must’ve signed a contract with the toads…toads…toads like water…sharks like water… Kisame looks like a shark…that means he’s using a Shark Sage Mode…mode means a change in the normal state…normal state…a white fang isn’t normal….that means Konoha’s White Fang is connected to Jiraiya, which conveniently explains why Jiraiya has an extra mode…which means Kakashi will learn Dog Mode!
– Shikaku is just one letter short of Shukaku”…Shukaku is the one tailed demon…one…there has only been person to master Iron sand….the Third Kazekage…Third…Third Hokage….had spiky hair like the Third Kazekage…they must’ve been brothers!”
– (this one’s a bit more coherent:) The Dead Demon Consuming Seal ate the souls of all the Hokages and it hand had those strange markings and the Curse Mark gives similar markings. This means Jugo and The Reaper are related in some way. Orochimaru used Jugo’s relation to the Reaper (without actually knowing that there was Reaper) to create his soul-oriented jutsus

Here’s some stuff from yours truly, Bob:
– Ever wondered why Kakashi shares the same spikey gray/white hair as Jiriaya? It’s rumored that Jiraiya is actually the brother of the White Fang of Konoha, and therefore Kakashi’s uncle. Because of Jiraiya’s disregard for the ninja code in the Hatake clan and his perverted behaviour, he was disowned from the clan. Kakashi was never told of his relation to Jiraiya, but he did inherit some of that inner pervert from his uncle.
– Wonder why Tsunade’s ‘assets’ got so big when she was as flat as Sakura when she was younger? I mean, up to her first appearance there really wasn’t any other well-endowed characters in the Naruto series… so why the sudden creation of a partly ‘fanservice’ character? Well, around the same time Tsunade appeared, Bleach was becoming pretty popular… and if you’ve read the series you’ll know how Kubo loves the double D’s on his characters. Fearing he will lose market share in the fanservice category, Kishi opted to boobify some of his new characters so he won’t lose out to the likes of Orihime and Matsumoto.

Whiteshinobi played off the ‘perverted gene’ idea with his contribution:
-The dead demon consuming seal was used by the third hokage the third hokage had a student who was a real pervert. The student of that student was able to use the dead demon consuming seal too so that means you need to be around someone with perverted genes to learn the technique

Siskin apprently wasn’t dead as we had surmissed and dropped by to throw in this wacky theory to the pot:
– I guess my conspiracy is that the moon’s eye plan has already worked and a good sharingan can see through it and that’s why Itachi always kept his sharingan on… kind of like the Matrix.

Mart left behind a few crumbs to use for our post before jetting off to hit on college girls (the consensus between the authors is that he will fail utterly and return to us a shattered shell of the man he was):
– the sage WAS a tengu demon, all of his powers came from absorbing the Jubi who was a tengu demon or that the Jubi was actually controling him and that he split it up in order to stop it from 1. reabsorbing his powers or 2. taking full control (1. is for the first or and 2. is for the second one). Proof of this lies in that the Renningan/Sharingan looks so similar to the Jubi’s eyes and that the Sharingan appeared in Kyubbi’s eyes, this also explains the older brother path of hatred since he got the eyes which is how the Jubi could have been controling the Sage.

This post idea opened the flood gates for ssj, the guy really loves ’em theories:
– Jugo is actually Karin’s older brother and their parent was the originator of the cursed gene. the powers got split up between them, much like the sage’s kids. she has yang side, which gives her powers like healing others, and sensing chakra, while jugo got the yin side which gives him the powers we have seen. jugo almost killed her in a fit of rage when they were younger, and that is why he turned them into orochimaru. she doesn’t remember because she was too young, and he doesn’t bring it up because it is too painful. orochimaru publicly utilized jugo’s side and turned it into the cursed seal and gave it to others, while he secretly tested karin’s powers for himself, giving himself the regenerative abilities we have seen. <– (Joint theory by Naruruler and ssj)
– Orochimaru was actually working for the third hokage the whole time. They staged his defection from the leaf, much like Itachi’s, to go spy on an up and coming organization – Akatsuki. After the Uchiha massacre the third hokage suspected Sasuke would leave the Leaf, and requested Orochimaru to take him in when the time was right. When the third contracted a terminal illness, he and Orochimaru planned a battle between themselves to uphold Orochimaru’s image, and also to illustrate to Sasuke Orochimaru’s power so he would be more likely to go to him if he did defect. This explains why he continued to help Danzo, and why he was able to continuously place Kabuto in the Chuunin exams. The only ones who knew about this all along were the third hokage, Danzo, and the hokage’s advisors.
– It turns out that the hokage’s advisors -Koharu Utatane and Homura Mitokado – are both actually the illegitimate children of the second hokage. This was meant to be kept a secret, even from them at first, to uphold Tobimaru’s appearance to the public, but he could not help himself when selecting them as part of his team. It was not until they started harboring romantic feelings toward each other that he felt the need to tell them. As awkward as it was, this was good news to them, that is until they realized that despite their relationship, Tobimaru would always favor Sarutobi. After years of witnessing this, it turned them cold, and sour. They remained loyal to their father, to Sarutobi, and to the Leaf, but it explains why they commonly sided with Danzo, Sarutobi’s rival.
– Danzo as it turns out, was actually the son of the of the former Fire Daimyo. The current Fire Daimyo is actually his older brother. From birth Danzo was forced to live with the idea that he would never be good enough. When it came to royalty, there was nothing he could do about surpassing his brother, because the crown of Daimyo was always given to the eldest, much like the ways of the Hyuuga clan. Unable to bring himself to harm his own brother, Danzo sought for the next best thing – hokage. It was a position he could achieve through his own hard work. This led to Danzo’s obsession with the seat of hokage. When Tobimaru announced Sarutobi as successor right in front of Danzo, it crushed him. This led to the maniacal, cold blooded Danzo we know of. When at the table meeting with the Daiymo after Pein’s invasion, Danzo simply used Shisui’s sharingan to keep him quiet about their relationship (to prevent any sign of favoritism) and also to get him to appoint Danzo as the new hokage.

How strong is the Kyuubi?

A major issue of concern, for me, has been the question of the strength of the Kyuubi. According to the manga, the kyuubi ‘is the most powerful out of all nine of the tailed beasts; a single swipe from just one of its nine tails can create tsunamis and flatten mountains’. Additionally, it has been credited with having ‘near infinite chakra’. When you consider this reality, it brings to question the Difference between the Kyuubi and the Juubi and the Hachibi. If Kyuubi has ‘near infinite chakra’ that would imply that the Juubi has Infinite Chakra and given that it is equivalent to the combined power of the other 9 Tailed beasts, just how strong does that make each and every tailed beast.

From what we know, in order to achieve balance in Nagato’s Gezo Mado, what is necessary is for the kyuubi to be captured last. This implies that the Kyuubi is equivalent in chakra terms to the summation of the other 8 tailed beasts. What this would then mean is that the each tailed beast is equivalent in chakra to the total of the previous tailed beasts. This would mean that the Juubi is equivalent to Kyuubi+Kyuubi.

I have read a couple of theories on this subject and one of them states that there is an exponential growth in chakra from one beast to the other.

Imagine that in the graph below the vertical (y-axis) represents the number of tails and the horizontal (x-axis) represents the strength of the bijuu in chakra terms. This would suggest that the degree of strength change is not that hectic and places it into a more realistic vein (as the Juubi cannot, in my opinion, be this omnipotent being seeing as how it was subjected to the will of a man).

According to Japanese Folklore, however, the Kyuubi is a badass. In its only battles against Nekomata (two tails), Houkou (five-tails), Raijuu (six-tails), Yamata no Orochi (eight-tails) during The Ancient War of the 9 Gods, it suffered no defeats. NB: Yamato no Orochi defeated the other beasts using Kusanagi no Tsurugi (The same sword used by orochimaru in Naruto), before getting pwned by Kyuubi This however only implies that it is more powerful than the other bijuu and not necessary as strong as them all combined.

What this manga has shown us is that Bijuu are not that hectic. In their whole history they have been trapped, used as weapons and divided up. I personally will agree that the Kyuubi is significantly more powerful than the Hachibi, but not to such a degree as to assume that it is equivalent to Hachibi+Hachibi. This is because just as the six tails was defeated, so too was the seven tails. And the eight tails would have been defeated had Madara sent a more serious combination of ninjas e.g. Kisame and (rest their souls… Itachi or Pein)…

Well the point of this article is just to hear what other people’s views are and that is why I kept it short and sweet. So lets use this Naruto-less week to delve into some of the more pressing subjects and see what theories we can come up with.

Predictions for the War

naruto-retro1Post Authors: Bob, mart, kisuzachi, ssj, J-sama

Hello everybody, as most have known or will realize very shortly, there is no Naruto chapter this week. It’s Golden Week in Japan and that means even the hard working folks at Weekly Shonen Jump will be taking a breather for the next few days.  But we at Shannaro!!! are just too antsy to sit around until the new chap comes out next week, so we’re going to a little group blogging to at least keep the Shannarolites entertained.

Oops, almost forgot the shameless plug for J-sama’s new One Piece blog at http://mellorine.co.cc. Make sure to go over there and bug the hell out of him so he gets off his ass and starts pumping out more posts ;p

The topic this week is a general analysis of what’s happening or going to happen in the great war Madara is preparing to unleash upon the Naruverse.  I’ve asked our authors to give their thoughts on the politics of the new alliance of villages, ie. the power struggles, loyalties and the weaknesses/strength of this fragile union. As well, I’ve asked everyone to give their inputs on what their predictions for the upcoming war, such as Madara and Kabuto’s motives and who they think Akatsuki may attack first.  As always, please chime in with your own ideas in the comments section;  I expect this to be a discussion-heavy topic and the Shannaro!!! community never disappoints :p So without further ado, let’s get the ball rolling:

“analyze the current politics of the Naruto World”
I would break it down like this: 1. Kiriagakure: obviously the weakest link in the alliance, I think this is where akatsuki will strike first, Madara will use his influence from being Mizukage to incite yet another coup. The Mizukage and a few loyal Shinobi will stay in the alliance and move to either Konoha or Kumo which are closest. I think they stand to gain the most from this war, as they had previously lost both of their Bijju before the start of the series, so the Mizukage will remain loyal but her followers won’t. 2. Sunagakure: With Gaara as Kazekage, they will pretty much always support the alliance because he is friends with Naruto and a former Bijju. He probably has the greatest grudge against Akatsuki. We’ve already seen a lot of them, so I don’t think much will be happening with them, except when they send Ninjas to the battle feild. 3. Kumoagakure: We all basically expect Kisame to take out Bee. I’m thinking the Raikage will then blame Naruto some how and keep him prisoner. 4. Konohagakure: With the Raikage being paranoid about Naruto’s saftey after Bee’s death, Madara’s next move will be to take out Konohagakure to force Naruto to return, this strategy worked for Pein, why not Naruto. 5. Iwagakure: I see Onoki openly turning traitor. He knew what Madara was like, and if he thought he could get that type of power working for him in what seemed to be a losing fight, he would turn. That’s just my opinion

“Akatsuki and Otogakure”
I believe Kabuto will turn traitor on Madara once he sees Akatsuki’s current capabilities and devises counter measures plus picks up a few strong bodies for impure summoning and maybe steals a bijju or two (He has Itachi and Nagato to control)

I think Madara will need a few new members for Akatsuki. He surely can’t seal the bijju on his own, and all he really has left is Zetsu and Sasuke once Kisame dies and he doesn’t really trust Sasuke.

I think if Madara had spies in the Hidden Cloud he wouldn’t have sent in Kisame. I think Konoha will be fine even with the reconstruction because they’ve had to do it in the recent past and probably have procedures set down. My vote for weakest village is split between Sunagakure and Kiriagakure but they no longer have anything of value. With Naruto away from Konoha there isn’t really anything there besides Sasuke’s revenge, and I think we all know Sasuke won’t go to collect that until he has prefected EMS and Naruto is back from Kumogakure. I deffinately think that Kumoagakure is the obvious first move, but that would be OBVIOUS so like I said above, while Kisame has them on the defensive in Kumo, I think Madara will try to corrupt Kirigakure.

Kirigakure: Madara may still have some lingering followers in the village
Sunagakure: Obviously the weakest village and the one I expect to lose the most troops in this war (not counting Mifune and his Samurai)
Iwagakure: Onoki had a change of heart thanks to Gaara’s little speech so I dont see him turning traitor.
Land of Iron: They’re the most likely to desert in my mind. Those wacky samurais
The weakest village is definitely Suna. Kirigakure still has the seven….err 4 Swordsmen of the Mist

Akatsuki is concerned mainly with Konoha and the Cloud people. They want the capture Naruto and Bee asap. Also, let’s not forget that the Raikage is the leader of the alliance, so taking the Cloud out first would cause a lot of disturbance. The Cloud village is also the one with no Akatsuki members, which means it’s got best defense against Akatsuki. With Kisame, Bee, the Raikage and Naruto all in there, it’s sure to catch Madara’s attention first.

“The Cloud village is also the one with no Akatsuki members” – that we know of. shit, madara’s “true” identity could be one of the highest ranking officers in the cloud village for all we know. doubt it, but it’s possible. or he could just have akatsuki members yet to be introduced lurking within their ranks. also, if sasori is capable of brainwashing ninja to infiltrate and do his dirty work, so is madara.

konoha might actually be the weakest right now. they are still in the reconstruction stage, and although pain brought back many of their shinobi, they had already been scarce on sheer numbers before his attack anyways.

I was actually very surprised how fast the villages pulled together into the alliance after the Sasuke-a-thon during their first meeting. If everyone can remember, they were pretty much at each other’s throats prior to Akatsuki’s intervention. I seriously doubt the alliance would have been formed if Madara hadn’t made a move, so I’m still confused about his actions in that respect. As for the politics of the alliance itself, it’s undoubtedly that Kumogakure has got the top dog position right now. Konoha would have been a contender for leadership but after it’s recent devastation, Tsunade’s coma and the fiasco with Danzo, there’s no way the other countries will follow their lead. Kumo has been building up it’s military for years now without any major losses due to wars or invasion, so it has the bite to match its bark. As for the weakest link in the alliance in terms of loyalties, I would have said Iwagakure if you asked me two months ago because the Tsuchikage only seemed to be cooperating to save his own hide. But like kisu mentioned, Gaara’s speech might have really changed that old man’s wilted heart, so I think the chances of Iwagakure betraying or at least leaving the alliance is much lower now. Right now, I think Kirigakure may have the highest chance of being the backstabber village. Although I think the current Mizukage, Mei, is 100% devoted to the cause, Kirigakure has had a turbulent history and the daiymo from the Mist appeared the most reluctant to join the alliance in chapter 488. There’s also the fact that Madara had a hand in influencing Kirigakure’s leadership in the past, so who knows what kind of surprises he may have left behind.

I don’t have too much to say on predictions for Kabuto and Madara since I think it’s too early to make any calls about their true motives. Needless to say, what both of them claim to be their respective motives at the moment is only hiding a more sinister purpose. As for Akatsuki’s next move, I think it’s probably smarter for them to attack one of the weaker villages rather than try to subdue both Naruto and Killer Bee at once with the heavy guard around them; I think taking down two of the top Jinchuuriki’s will be a tough mission for even Kisame to pull off. What they need to do is to get them separated — if Akatsuki launches a feint attack on the already weakened Konoha, it might force Naruto’s group to hastily return to help, leaving KB a lone target for Kisame to pick off. I think the key to Madara succeeding in this war is to keep the alliance’s forces out of position and unbalanced; he may not have a huge army but has the mobility to attack pretty much anywhere while the villages have to be careful about where they deploy their strongest armies.

Filler Arc Contest!

Post Author: Noneatencookie

Ja everyone!  It’s Noneatencookie here.  I know I haven’t been here in awhile.  So, I hope this post makes up for it.  Well, as you can see in the title, this is a Filler Arc posts.  Disclaimer: If you hate fillers, please don’t spam really bad filler arcs. Anyways, this is how it’ll work.  In the comments section, you will post your filler you have created.  And the next time I can get on, I’ll post the 5 best filler arcs.  I know most people hate fillers and don’t even watch them, but they are vital for Kishi keep the story flowing.  Unlike most people, I’m a fan of SOME of the Filler Arcs.  So far, I’ve only enjoyed three different arcs.  My favourite was the one that just ended (Six-Tails Arc).  My second was the Guren Arc, although it could have done better if it had the actually Jinchuriki.  And last but not least was the Kurama Clan Arc (The one with Kurenai and the Yakumo girl who could make Genjutsu real.  Now, before I get started, I want everyone to know what every filler has.

  1. They don’t affect the following arc in anyway.
  2. They usually have a theme that ties into the previous or next arc. (e.g. In the Six-Tails Arc, it’s about Student-Master Relationships (Jiraiya & Naruto’s and Utakata and Hotaru’s)
  3. There’ll be a amazing character with “amazing” abilities that have never been mentioned at all (e.g. Guren’s Crystal Release, Hotaru’s Fury (The powerful jutsu that the entire Six-Tails Arc was about)
  4. There’ll be about 5 baddies.  One head honcho and four laggies.
  5. And last but now least, there’ll be a lot of endless talking scenes that Naruto will talk to someone about being a jinchuriki and crap.

If you can use those, you’ll do great!  Also, you don’t have to stick to all of them, just use at least one of them in it.  Now, here’s my filler arc that I created:

This is a filler arc about the Senju Clan. It takes place in between the Kage Summit Arc and the Fourth Great Shinobi World War Arc. Just as Tsunade wakes up from her coma, a mysterious ninja attacks her. The ninja asks for the secret of the Mokuton, which Tsunade claims not to know about. Kakashi gets there and attacks the ninja who flees. Kakashi, Shizune, Yamato, and Naruto listen in as Tsunade tells them the secret to the Mokuton. (Which I will NOT be telling you)

Later, the same ninja attacks. Yamato ultimately defeats him, but not before remembering the ninja from his past. We then learn that others survived Orochimaru’s experiments with Hashirama’s cells and they are attacking Tsunade for the secret on how to control it, as the cells are going berserk and trying to swallow the ninja’s.

Yamato, knowing the secret of Mokuton tries to tell the survivors, but he is captured and put on lock-down by Sai and Kakashi.

Soon, the ninja’s come looking for Tsunade, who defeats them after recovering her strength. They run away to a unknown location, where the leader is hiding.

About a week after the last attack, all the ninja attack (Including the Leader) While Kakashi, Sakura, and Naruto defeat the ninja underlings, Tsunade talks with the leader. She realizes that he is her cousin and just wants to know the secret. She begins to tell her, but before she can go into detail, the real leader appears, stating that the fake is an imposter hired by a rival clan. They engage in combat, with Tsunade winning (Obviously).

After everyone is defeated or dead, the leader realizes it’s pointless to obtain thje secret, as Tsunade lies and states she doesn’t know the secret. The leader leaves, while Yamato is brought to Tsunade’s office. She uses a memory wipe technique, causing Yamato to forget everything about the secret.

Now, it doesn’t have to be that long, or it can be longer.  All I actually need to know is what arcs it’s between.

The deadline for Filler Arcs is May 7th (5/7/10)  Good luck!

Well, adiós amigos!  Can’t wait for what you come up with!

Age of Shannaro…

Post Author: Noneatencookie

Ja everyone!  I was just wondering about the people that visit Shannaro daily ages.  So, here goes nothing…

This poll is for Writers

This poll is for Viewers

If you did vote, thank you.  In one week (February 16th, 2010), I will be putting up the results.  So, if you vote after that, it won’t be included in Final Tally.

Best of Shippuden!

Ja everyone!  This is a special post that I think should have been posted a few weeks ago, but never got around to it.  Anyways, this post is about the Best Episodes of Shippuden in 2009.  On a side note, Episode 144 Breakdown should be up tomorrow.

Well, this post will be the Top 5 in MY opinion (If you have any objection, tell me in the comment section.)

Number 5 is Episode 114, ‘Eye of the Hawk’.

Video Link: http://www.crunchyroll.com/media-529122/naruto-shippuden-114/

Number 4’s gotta be Episodes 119 and 120, ‘Kakashi Chronicles – A Boy’s Life on the Battlefield – Parts 1 and 2’.

Video Links: Part 1: http://www.crunchyroll.com/media-530552/naruto-shippuden-119/

Part 2: http://www.crunchyroll.com/media-530554/naruto-shippuden-120/

Number 3 is Episode 137, ‘Amaterasu!’.

Video Link: http://www.crunchyroll.com/media-535986/naruto-shippuden-137/

Number 2 should be Episodes 127 and 128, ‘Tales of a Gusty Ninja ~ Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls ~ Part 1 and 2’.

Video Links: Part 1: http://www.crunchyroll.com/media-533260/naruto-shippuden-127/

Part 2: http://www.crunchyroll.com/media-533262/naruto-shippuden-128/

And finally!  Number 1!  Episode 131, ‘Honored Sage Mode!’.

Video Link: http://www.crunchyroll.com/media-534456/naruto-shippuden-131/

Well, there’s my Top 5, what are yours?  When you put yours up, put the Crunchyroll link.