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Kanji Corner 3!?

Post Author: E.R.Nefarious

Holy snapple-jacks! Nef’s an author?! Wow! [insert more sarcastic comments here]

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done anything author-ish here on Shannaro, so I’ve decided to pull another Kanji corner out of my arse. Ain’t that specail?
For those that haven’t seen any of the past Kanji Corners, here’s the scoop: Each post will either have a long list of Kanji that have appeared several times in the Naruto series, will be applicable to Naruto, or have something to do with Shannaro. Hopefully there will be a lesson that goes with it, but laziness is a chronic illness many of the Shannaro authors suffer from. So, enough stalling!

And behold: Part TWO of this wee leetle lesson!

It’s really a shame J-sama is gone right now, since I’ve had this planned for awhile. Also, forgive my lack of visits to Shannaro lately. =_= Nine hour shifts and college-level art classes leave little time for more than eating and sleeping. Since I can’t show any of the paintings that have just finished drying, have a politically questionable picture instead.


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