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Bleach Chapter 678: The Future Black

Chapter 678: The Future Black
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I don’t really know what to think of this weeks chapter. It kinda has the Dragonball Z powerup bs going on. The “I told this was my power, but really this is my power!! HARR HARR!!” cliché. The action is still great, but this chapter still leave a bit of bad taste behind. Don’t feel like writing too long a piece.


“Tensa Zangetsu” is revealed. It looks a lot like his original blade, the white and black blended together with an attack from the back to the close to the front. It gets broken the instant he unleashed it.

Then after a few words from Ywach where again, he commends his power and ‘Bankai’ the man suddenly holds Ichigo’s horn. This repeats a few times Ywach landing several vicious attack even circumventing Inoue’s barrier, till we reach the The “I told this was my power, but really this is my power!! HARR HARR!!” moment.


Where Ywach ‘clarifies’ his ability which is not to see the future, but transform it. So.. what he got here is a really messed up version of Zachery Comstock or something, or a transgender, Elizabeth. Man.. I would love to play that dlc.

Anyway.. Ywach demands despair, Ichigo looks in despair at his enemy. Insert new revelation next week.

3 Responses

  1. I just want to reiterate at first blush I really hated this chapter. It’s not that I expected or wanted Ichigo to dominate right away. His brashness was already demonstrated before he tried to bring out his Bankai. Perhaps this is Kubo’s way of making us feel drama because the last time his Bankai got broken it had to be reforged. And that guy is dead. It just seems so… Hax to just break a sword again. I was under the impression that occurred the first time because Ichigo didn’t understand his blade, so it was weak. Now, he supposed to have perfect understanding… And yet this happens. I don’t like it at all.

  2. To me it is just the way Ywach goes about it. It just feels so cliché. I dont mind Ichigo being beaten. its just the way ywach goes about it.

  3. @ripcord: Yeah I see your point. But to be honest even though earlier I thought Ichigo had good understanding about his powers, but after this chapter I think I will back away from that a little bit. Ichigo is using two of his abilities together (shinigami/hollow) but he still hasn’t used his fullbringer abilities. I don’t think he can rely on his quincy abilities seeing as Y.H used them last time to kill the Soul King. As far as the “god of the blade” I don’t think he is dead. The “monk who knows the real name” is still alive and perhaps he can revive his fellow zero squad members. Or maybe he himself can give the “true name” back to Ichigo’s sword or something like that. Needless to say I don’t think this is the end for Ichigo but rather just a detour before he enters “god mode.”

    @pretend3r: I’m getting use to these super quincies with there ability to OP opponents who happen to scratch them. I knew it was coming from Y.H because of what Haschwalt said about the “almighty” power having a hidden ability. That was the clue there that Y.H was going to stop our hero.

    Oh one last thing I want to mention is the fact that for Y.H to break Ichigo’s sword, I think he was scared of the power it possessed. I mean he was quick to use his power to break it instead of toying with Ichigo like earlier. If Ichigo finds a way around that “almighty” ability, Y.H won’t stand a chance.

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