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Bleach Chapter 677: Horn of Salvation 2

Chapter 677: Horn of Salvation 2
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Slippers. That is the theme of today, with all the talk of sand in the later stages of this chapter. Get your bleach-themed slippers soon. Summer is coming.

But it all seriousness. Another pretty good chapter to follow-up last week. Ywach sort of gives Ichigo a complinent. Ichigo, the human that is a mix of everything fighting against the God of everything himself.

Ywach starts to ‘read’ Ichigo’s mind as the defends from every concurrent strike from the young man. But he considers Ichigo’s strength high enough that he needs to unleash his ‘allmighty’ power to make sure he does not make another mistake.


The dark cloak full of eyes that sees all possibilities of the future. As the battle continues on, both of them start to wield two swords. As Ichigo is pushed back he lands on a trap that Ywach had placed. He jumps back to a tower only to find another trap to hit him. Ywach goes on to explain his ability a bit future.

I already said it before. His ability allows him to watch over every possibility that exists. The future is constantly changing.


Ywach traps strike ichigo again, breaking his horn, but Ichigo regenerates that later. As Ywach explains his ability, he sees the future in possibilities. Grains of sand spreading out in the wind. Every option could be considered a ‘future’. Ywach can see every grain of sand clearly from high above and simply has to follow Ichigo ‘jump’ from grain to grain.

Then we see the most interesting bit, that truly shows the growth of Ichigo. By this point he always lands into despair, but not anymore.


With those he flings back too Ywach he finally releases his bankai. I wonder how his Bankai blade will have evolved. Also I wonder if his physical form will change alongside his blade to match his bankai.

p.s. does anyone want to place a bet, we will suddenly go back to Ishida for next week?

4 Responses

  1. “Slippers. That is the theme of today, with all the talk of sand in the later stages of this chapter. Get your bleach-themed slippers soon. Summer is coming.”

    Hehehe……awesome review as always!

    This chapter was great but I also think that this may be the end of Yhwach.

    First thing is first, he explained his power. As powerful as the almighty is, I think the reveal of his power shows a weakness. If Yhwach can see “all possible futures,” then all one needs to do is remove themselves from time itself. Ha! That reads easier than it sounds BUT there is one person with whom we know may have the ability to at least fake doing that.

    Sosuke Aizen.

    I believe pretend3r had raised the question of whether or not if Sosuke Aizen still had his zanpaktou would it work on Y.H. At first I didn’t think it would but with this reveal of Y.H’s power coupled by the fact that Aizen had already once messed with Y.H. perception of time, I’m thinking there is a chance this may happen. The only problem with this is where does that leave our hero Ichigo? I mean if Aizen steals the show, then unless Aizen becomes the final villain, then I don’t see how else it could play out. Honestly I hope Aizen doesn’t become the final villain, it would be to weird. Oh well good thing about coming up with theories is the fact that you could be wrong so perhaps I am overlooking something.

    Last thing is, maybe it’s just me, but Y.H isn’t really fighting like I thought he would. The way he normally fights is often brutal but in this case, he seems to be either holding back or is he getting close to his limit? I would argue hands down the former but something just doesn’t sit right. I mean with old man Yama, he blew him to bits (RIP Yama we miss you), and with the Monk with the giant paint brush, he blew him to bits as well. These “traps” he used on Ichigo isn’t all that powerful. Maybe I’m just reading to much into it.

    As far as your bet pretend3r, I think TK will show us Ichigo’s bankai. There are too many players left in the game to make for Ichigo to beat Y.H. My prediction is we will see Ichigo’s bankai, Y.H will do something weird, then Ichigo’s papa will show up (maybe with Renji and Rukia) then when all seems lost…..

    Sosuke Aizen…..

    Along with Gin and Tosen!!!!

    Scratch that last part…..

    Annnd I’m OUTTA HERE!!


    i like how this fight is going, despite that i have to read it a couple of times to grasp all the nuances. I agree, it doesnt seem like Ywach is fighting at full capacity. Maybe he is just relying on his new powers like we see over and over again. His overpower shows his greatest weakness, we have seen this with other quincy and Tousen comes to mind. He was near unbeatable until he accepted his hollowification, regained his sight and thus his demise.

    At some point the Vizard and Aizen need to come in, they, like Ichigo are catered to defeating Quincy.

    Still very curious as to what the DAD Squad is going to accomplish and what is the purpose of Ishida vs Hachwalt other than distracting us from the main event.

  3. Ok he just fixed his Bankai with all that special process and he doesn’t even get to use it and it is broken again. WTF. I wanted to throw my phone down in disgust. This Ywach ability is starting to piss me off more than Kaguya. I can’t even enjoy the fight anymore. Couldn’t wait for the next review. I just had to rant about it here. It’s BS and I don’t like where this chapter headed.

  4. Hehehe….I’m wondering if pretend3r will do a review for this new chapter? After reading the new bleach chapter, I looked at a couple of comments and seen how much people disliked the it. I’m probably the only person who actually really enjoyed the chapter. Please allow me to explain why.

    First: Consistency.

    I have said time and time again how much I have a love/hate for how consistent TK is being with this final arc. I hate how much more powerful these sternritter are as they treating the shinigami like second rate amateurs. However in order for TK to remain consistent, he has to show that these villains will not be beaten with easy cliche power ups; which is what I love about the current arc. Now with the current chapter, how would it have look to see Ichigo have Y.H on the ropes? That would have been inconsistent. Think about this for a moment;

    Yhwach is the leader/father of all the quincy making him at least more powerful than any of the quincy to date.

    He created the sternritter who are as I said before making the shinigami look like amateurs.

    Yhwach before he absorbed the Soul King used his almighty to beat the strongest chapter in the manga series; “the monk with the giant paint brush”. A guy who’s power is the color black itself.

    Yhwach not only absorbed the Soul king itself but also the……I think it was the right arm of the SK which it in itself had a power.

    With that being said, it didn’t matter how much training and power Ichigo has, he wasn’t going to win this fight if TK wanted to stay consistent.

    Last honorable mention is the fact that “the monk who has the biggest contact list in all of soul society” said that “no human can defeat Y.H”. The only way I see our hero Ichigo winning is he has to go beyond to god mode. Perhaps that’s why Captain commander shunsui said Ichigo will not return to the world of the living. If he becomes too powerful then he simply will be unable to.

    Now my final reason for enjoying the chapter is “the players”.

    All the major players have yet to make their moves: Aizen, Ishida’s dad, Ichigo’s dad, Rukia, Renji, Haschwalt (yeah there is more to that guy than he appears), Ishida himself and maybe even the rest of the fullbringers. Also I forget the Zero Squad. They may do something as well. Also we still have a lot of mystery surrounding the Soul King. So until that happens, Y.H will still be king of the mountain.

    Also…..as much as I wanted to see Ichigo’s bankai, you know TK is a tease so he will not reveal it right now but I’m pretty sure it’s coming later.

    @Ripcord: I don’t think we are at Kaguya yet. The problem with Kaguya is the fact she was so powerful and yet defeated so easily. Not to mention the out of no where power ups that Sasuke, Naruto, and Kakashi received at the end there.

    @pretend3r: If you are reading this then now I believe we will return to the fight with Ishida and I bet Haschwalt will say “yeah so the hidden power of the “almighty” is the power to change the future.”

    I shall take my exit!! (I’ll return it later.)

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