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Bleach Chapter 635 : Hooded Enigma

Chapter 635: Hooded Enigma
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First @Jim reply in 632 reviews on how boring bleach is. That is the whole reason I just couldn’t be arsed to write any.

The pace has significantly slowed down all of a sudden. Hopefully it will heat up a little bit with two of the captain facing the Quincy version of a roomba.

With Bazz-B’s death in the previous chapter the other two went straight to Ywach, obviously these two had even less of a chance against this new godly being. They are also dead which Ywach is pleased about, so he can go back to his nap.


As Ywach goes back to sleep, Hachwalt receives his powers as shown by his eyes. He notes how cruel it is, to be able to see into the future.

Meanwhile every body is moving around the place. One Quincy seems to have lost, being annoyed he cannot find any enemies. Mean ‘Naak’ seems to have lost track of the Ichigo group. However Grimmjow is right with him… suddenly though, the man was not interested in battle whatsoever strikes back at grimmjow.

Grimmjow cuts the orb with his hand then suddenly drops down onto the floor, or roof, whatever. Naak La var’s ‘Gift Ball’ is full of poison so that takes out Grimmjow quite quickly – boringly.

Then we go our sniper Quincy taking out Hisagi – boringly – from afar.

And then we get to our Quincy Roomba who is staring down Mayuri and Zaraki, after some intelligent dialog between the two Zaraki goes of on his usual tactics. Cut and kill it.

Mayuri suddenly notices something is off warning his fellow and well-regarded colleague. Zaraki falls back, his arms severely mauled. The strange roomba is leaking oil, i think Zaraki hit the battey and its start overheating as you can see below.


The plastic getting all bubbly and expanding rapidly. I am sure Zaraki just voided the warranty.

Fortunatly, Mayuri agrees with on Zaraki’s lack of technical expertise.

10 Responses

  1. Hehehe….I wouldn’t say it’s been “boring”, but I was a little disappointed.

    The Quincy history between Bazz and Haschwalt kinda fell flat at the end. It started off cool by learning the intentions of Bazz and Haschwalt concerning Yhwach but then after Haschwalt joined the sternritter, his character became the same guy in the current time line. In other words, he didn’t give any inclining as to what changed his mind towards Yhwach (if he changed his mind) or how he felt towards Bazz ( were they still friends or what). I just really wanted some more character development from Haschwalt other than “your majesty this, your majesty that mentality. (For a second I thought Haschwalt was another Gin but this guy is wayyyy dry with his personality.)

    Also Bazz’s burn finger five, (I know he called it something else) was really disappointing. I don’t even know what happen or what kind of effect it had. Normally TK would have made one of the characters say something like, “now with burn finger five I can heat up the air to the surface of the sun or my burn finger five literally becomes plasma or something like that. We didn’t get anything. I would have like to see some of Haschwalt abilities other than finding out that he gets Yhwach powers when he sleeps. This is another mystery we have to find out.

    This chapter is starting to have that same bleak feeling bleach had when they first engaged the sternritter. Already it appears they are gonna have an even harder time trying to beat these guys. If the hero’s can’t make it past these guys, how would they managed Yhwach? Well I guess it will be up to Kisuke and Aizen to figure something out. I thought it was idiotic for Ichigo’s crew to split up. They are already at a disadvantage; with their forces divided, it will be harder for them. Other than all that, the chapter became better with Kenpachi and Mayuri. I’m loving the banter between these two captains.

    @pretend3r: You said before that you hope they don’t split the fights up and I with you on that. Even though it was necessary to do it this chapter to show who would be engaging who, next few chapters TK should focus on individual fights.

  2. Tite has OP’d these guys so much that it’s pathetic. I thought it would be hard to get over Kaguya, but Ywach has beat her by 10 fold, it’s going to feel really hollow if the soul reapers win at their current power levels. They would all need to each double their power levels to even hold a candle to these guys (example….zero squad annihilation). Even Chiha doesn’t seem like he could hold a candle to Ywach. And then they went and made him even MORE powerful. If I chigo was
    still Aizen level Ichigo, then maybe he would have a chance, but he seems to be severely weaker than then, but Kubo wants us to believe that after his zero squad training that he’s stronger than he was then, but it really doesn’t seem that way because he’s made these quincy so impossibly strong. They’ve essentially Gohan’ed Ichigo, and it’s a really bad look. In the past we could see flashes of Ichigo’s hidden power, but even those flashes are gone. We don’t even know if he can still go hollow mode…..e.g…Gohan not even knowing if he can still go super saiyan -_-.

  3. That is a nice analogy there Uchiha

  4. @UTI: Whaazz up UTI? You know after I made my post, I started thinking about how will TK cause the Ichigo and company to beat him. Personally I don’t think brute force will cause Yhwach will be defeated. Two bits of info that I’m looking at that I could be wrong about.

    First, that monk of the zero squad said that no human can defeat Yhwach. To me that would mean that Ichigo or some unknown entity may have a chance to beat him. Ichigo may get a upgrade that will transform him into something even Yhwach didn’t see.

    Which brings me to my second point. Yhwach is indeed strong but his main weakness seems to be the unknown about certain people. For example Ichigo couldn’t get his bankai stolen which means that the tool that Yhwach created didn’t work on him. Now I don’t fully think that it really matters except for the fact that Yhwach powers don’t reach everyone.

    Ishida is another example. Yhwach used his power to steal the powers of all the impure quincy restoring his own in the process. However Ishida didn’t get killed and Yhwach doesn’t know what power Ishida has that resisted his. I think that is the reason why Yhwach recruits certain people whose powers he doesn’t understand which means it can work on him. I think Haschwalt is another who’s power could or still could defeated Yhwach.

    Sighh…..nevertheless all this is speculation and it would appear we may have to wait to see how TK will write his way out of this one.

  5. Thanks pretender, and @ immortal:

    Ichigo couldn’t have his bankai stolen because he has hollow in him, and is part pure quincy (his mother). Hollows are “poison” to quincy, and Ishida and his father are the last pure quincy if I’m not mistaken, which means that he or his father would be the heir to Ywach’s throne, and Ywach knows that Ishida’s dad isn’t joining him because he killed his wife……oh and spoiler alert…..Ishida and Ichigo’s dad will help them in the final fight, and probably one(Ishida’s) dad will not make it, but not before he tells his son how proud of him he is on the quincy that he has become, because he has never done that. Ichigo will become king of the soul reapers, grimmjaw will be king of the espada, and Ishida will be king of the remaining Quincy……e.g….Naruto and Sasuke the kings of the Senju/Uzumaki and Uchiha.

    I’m calling it now.

  6. @UTI: I never even thought of it that way! I hope your theory comes true because it sounds AWESOME.

    If you look at the wiki, Ishida isn’t a pure quincy. I don’t remember the details as to why. Wait I think it had something to do about Ishida’s dad married a impure quincy. I do remember that Yhwach said something about when he used some technique to restore himself by taking all of the powers of the impure quincy which in turned killed everyone but Ishida. That’s why Yhwach said something along the lines of how Ishida shouldn’t be alive right now but he is.

    Again I hope you’re right about Ichigo becoming the king of the shinigami, Grimmjow king of the espada, and Ishida king of the quincy. I hope to that Ishida’s dad joins the fray with Ichigo’s dad.

    I’m still intrigued about Aizen. This is a long shot but if the “god of the blade” is still alive, he could make Aizen’s old sword and then Aizen can go bankai on Yhwach and really confuse his senses. Something tells me though that that wouldn’t work. LOL.

  7. @Immortal

    I do remember Ywach telling Ishida that now that you mention it. Also, at the current power levels I think Aizen could be the only one who has a shot at beating him. His genjutsu gives even Itachi a run for his money, lol.

  8. If I’m not mistaken one of those Quincey’s mentioned how ishida family stayed on the natural Quincey course which I suppose means they didn’t take that faux power up from ywach which somehow deems him the next heir

  9. @UTI: Ahhh……Itachi Uchiha one of Kish’s best characters; and hands down the greatest Uchiha.

    @cas22: Yhwach used that technique (can’t remember the name) to get his power back which resulted in killing all of the “impure” quinceys. Ishida was one of those impure quinceys but he didn’t die thus he has a power that Yhwach doesn’t know which he stated could surpass him.

    I think it was something like Ishida’s dad married a impure quincy while Ichigo’s dad married a pure blood quincy or something like that I would have to look it up.

    No chapter review? Pretend3r must be busy doing his usual take over the world scheme. LOL. J/K.

    I wanted to comment on the chapter because it was kinda good IMO. Mayuri has really stepped up his game since these recent battles. With his variety of drugs, combined with a dangerous intellect he may take down Yhwach himself. Okay maybe that is pushing it a bit to far but I do like his fighting tactics. Kenpachi is insane ripping off his arm and then went in for an attack not caring about the danger at all. I do have a question if anyone can answer; does that eyepatch still drains his power? I notice Kenny’s hairdo has changed (no bells, no spikes). So I started thinking that maybe that eyepatch is just a normal eyepatch now. Anyway great chapter, hope we get some more fights like this.

    I wonder if Mayuri brought his zombies with him?

  10. Sorry for that, had other little projects going on, also some household tasks, didn’t have time for it. Wasn’t bored this time though… great chapter.

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