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One Piece Chapter 792: Admiral on his knees

Post author: White Shinobi

So nothing much interesting happened last week, this week was better. Last week it was mostly just Dressrosa celbrating Luffy’s victory over Doflamingo.

This week starts with Sabo after he’s beaten Jesus Burgess. Burgess tries to anger him by making fun of Ace. He succeeds and tries to take advantage of the situation to stab Sabo with his knife. The knife is probably something special that steals away the devil fruit power or it’s just made of sea stone and the ability to steal the devil fruits comes from somewhere else. Sabo however doesn’t get hit by it as he blasts Burgess away before he can stab him.


After that the scene changes to the marines arresting the Doflamingo family. Looks like Trebol really did blow himself up, I still think it’s a little silly but whatever. They haven’t contacted the headquarters yet on Fujitora’s orders. The marines then send a video message to the 3 neighboring island, Maynard explains what happened there to the people.

It then changes to king Riku discussing with his people, he doesn’t want to take the throne back but the people of his country really want him back. Finally it looks like Elizabello manages to convince him, he’s already contacted all the other kings so Riku almost can’t turn it down anymore.

Fujitora then arrives and apologizes to king Riku and the citizens. This is all being broadcasted to the neighboring islands, Fujitora blames the world government for all of the misfortune that the Doflamingo family has caused them and even goes as far to bow down to them.


I wonder what kind of effect this will have on the world, I doubt Fujitora will get away unpunished, it might cost him his admiral status or maybe even his marine coat. He really is my favorite marine so far, unlike most of them he actually cares about the people.

9 Responses

  1. I really didnt think fujitora would go that far. Sakazuki would probably want to kill him for that. Any theories about what cp0 could be up to ? we havnt seen them in a minute.

  2. Why didnt zorro ever attempt to cut birdcage? i hatwrap my head around that? did he just kinda sense jokers haki is too strong for him to cut?

  3. I thought it was brilliant that Fujitora did that. It was like a reverse of the alabasta incident. The Marines wasted no time taking the credit for the end of that conflict and Crocodile’s defeat, and there was nothing Smoker could do about it. That won’t be the case here. Everyone will know it was the pirate alliance and only them, that lead to the liberation of desserosa, whereas the Marines will take the blame, which is true, since the World Government allowed joker to function in that country as he did. Even better, it was an admiral that admitted this.

    I do wonder how the fleet admiral will take this. Probably not well, since their relationship seemed almost as close as it was with akoji.

  4. I don’t think Fuji had a choice. Joker funneled countless wars and with the threat of the revolutionaries the WG could potentially lose a number of countries especially as the toys turned back. Interesting to see exactly what impact this has

  5. I know this isn’t the right place, but i had to make this statement. I totally called that Boruto would not be hokage, and that Sasuke would have a daughter that would become hokage making everything that happened to their clan in the past be compensated for and end the Uchiha curse forever. Also called that she would marry Boruto. All this is pretty much confirmed with the last chapter of the gaiden that just ended. Also going further into the future it pretty much can be inferred from previous knowledge that their kid or kids will have all the tools necessary to possess the rinnegan naturally, and effectively reunite the two clans of Uchiha and Senju/Uzumaki into one clan again and all will be right into the Naruto verse again lol. And hello all who I have not heard from in a while.

  6. Akoji joining Blackbeard’s crew isn’t much of a surprise. Enough hints were dropped for most people to guess as much. He’s probably there to keep an eye on them. But I thought kidd and the others were going after Big Mam, or was that a misread on my part?

  7. No it wasnt. Kid did destroybone of nig moms ships but it seems that was just in passing.

    Is it possible that the fight between aokiji and sakazuki was a setup tto an agent close to BB?

  8. @Saigou

    It’s possible, but I secretly hope that akoji isn’t just a spy. I read enough literature to know most of the time it doesn’t end well for them. He’s one of my favorite characters in OP, along with Crocodile & Sanji.

  9. I hope so too. They didnt take any such extreme measures against any of the other yonkou. I dont see why they would do it all of a sudden for blackbeard. Leadership has changed though and we know sakazuki doesnt mind underhanded tactics so even though id like to i cant disregard the possibility

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