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Bleach Chapter 630 : The Twinned Twilight

Chapter 630: The Twinned Twilight
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So… Grimmjow does not waste time and kinda feels secure about the fact that one strike is enough to take down the Sternritter.


He seems a little roughed up but otherwise fine as he bolts off to retreat. Grimmjow gives chase as soon as he finds out. An amusing exchange happens between the two. The quincy, Ashkin tries to convince Grimmjow to take out Ichigo out with him. Since Grimmjow still hates the young human’s guts.

But Grimmjow wouldn’t take the invasion of Hueco Mundo kindly either and transform partially and really goes for it.

In the meantime a random soldier reports to Haschwalt the King’s second in command. He gets a bit distressed when he finds out Ishida went out on his own. Haschwalt clearly not trusting the young man. He orders the man to tail Ishida and report and suspicious activity directly to him.


However before the man can leave he gets killed by Bazz-B. The first of the three defectors(if you wil) made it inside and goes to find his old-friend, as he says so himself. After a few brief words, Bazz-B

Haschwalt’s cloak gets torn up but easily dodges it, butting Bazz in the head with the hilt of his sword. He finally realizes that the wounds Bazz already had were from the Ausweahlen(the redistribution of Ywach’s power.)

Bazz-B and Haschwalt have a shared history it seemed. Something from all the way back to their youth. Bazz doesn’t waste much time amping up to using two fingers. Haschwalt gets ready to draw his sword.

Bazz-B then says the most interesting thing this chapter.


Hachwalt’s power and the King’s will switch during the night. I suppose that could be a way for them to win, when his Mayesty’s power are in a ‘weaker’ vessel. But I am sure that Haschwalt would be able to tap into that power, to what extend though.

We only saw a tiny glimpse of his power before, so I hope this fight between the two friends will reveal some more.

p.s. two little things:
– This is kinda looking a bit like the first arch, but now with Quincy(ie. Shinigami fighting Shinigami)
– I hope Kubo doesn’t set up too many fight at the same time, turning it into a bit a clusterfuck, or ends up skipping out on most of them.

2 Responses

  1. I actually liked this chapter. I’m glad that the sternritters are getting a little back story. It makes it feel like they are more apart of this arc rather than just some random enemies of SS. Bazz and Haschwalt should be a good fight. I’m curious as to what the other sternritters will do to help take down Yhwach.

    Hopefully Ishida isn’t really going to betray his friends. I really don’t want to see a “cliche” of “best friend turning evil” (the return of Naruto and Sasuke) type deal. Something tells me though that that isn’t TK’s style but we will see.

    I wonder if we will find out the purpose of the whole power switching going on between Y.H and Haschwalt? I mean why in the world would he need to switch his power anyway? I wonder what would happen if Hachwalt is killed then what would Y.H?

    Find out on the next episode of Bleach.

    I’m gone.

  2. Ishida came here to avenge the death of his mother. However Ywach knew this and made things very complicated for the young man.

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