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Bleach Chapter 628 : New World Order

Chapter 628: New World Order
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So… Maybe i shouldnt have let my opinion be known too much about Ywach taste for crappy look maintained buildings, so this week we get a whole chapter on it:P. It makes the whole new Soul Palace grounds shaped like the Quincy Cross.


He has changed the layout quite a bit. He destroyed the floating palace completely, and he connected the 5 palace grounds together with the throne room being formed in the middle later on in the chapter. Ywach creates a sky-high building for him to rule this new world from.

They all calm down a little. Yourichi’s little brother sensing her big sister and visa versa. Ichigo’s group are very much surprised by that fact and imagine how he could possibly look like.


Anyway, her little brother is desperate to meet her but quickly finds out the cannot create ‘stepping platforms’. Byakuya quickly explains that density of the Reishi in the atmosphere is extremely high, even higher than before. The Quincy now in control of this domain, as Byakuya says.

The new Captain Commander gives his motivational speech but before they start moving they see the formation of the Giant tower in the middle. Their goal becoming that harder to reach. Still looking like a poorly maintained building.

Kyouraku actually seems exited and I cannot wait to see him go all out, releasing his Bankai.

It ends with Haschwalt informing the new God of this world that they are being invaded. Ywach does not seem worried calling this castle the foundation of this new Wahrwelt(One True World).

Which probably does not match building code… pretty inefficient by German standards.

3 Responses

  1. I don’t know how in the world they are gonna beat Yhwach and company. Even though we have some heavy hitters on the Gotei side, the odds of them winning is nil.

    Let’s see what they are up against:

    Yhwach who has the power of the Soul King, his own power as “the almighty”, and if all that fails, he still has Old man Yama’s bankai which is the strongest in SS.

    Then you have Yhwach’s elite force who took out the zero squad (save for the monk who Yhwach took out.) Yet and still we haven’t seen Haschwalt and Ishida use there own abilities yet.

    Last of all the very environment leaves the shinigami at a disadvantage.

    This should be interesting.

    Hmm….I’m wondering what Mayuri is going to do?
    Will the Zero Squad recover to help out?
    Do you think Ichigo’s and Ishida’s dads will lend a hand?
    Will we see Bazz-B’s burn finger five?
    Do you think Ichigo will get a uber power up or is this his “final” form?

    So many questions……..

    Peace out! BURN FINGER!!!!

  2. I feel a whole bunch of filler coming after this introductory battle.That will take 3 episodes of talking before it begins.

  3. Ichigo has not unleashed his new Bankai. Its unsure if he still has a hollow mask, since he sort of became one with his hollow powers.

    I love Mayuri’s face after spotting Zaraki behind him.

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