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Bleach Chapter 627 : The Creation

Chapter 627: The Creation
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And of the first day. His Majesty looked down on Soul Society. And he loathed the architecture.

From hence forth the new God of all the universes made it his mission to shape Soul Society to his image. And he spoke ‘All these buildings are hideous.. I shall change to match our awesome cloaks!’


alright… enough fun with that. Team Ichigo is riding the cube-train directly to the Soul Palace, pretty ingenous trick. Cant fault Urahara enlisting these two Fullbringer’s help.

Yukio announces that he aint leaving this box. This pisses off Ganju quite a bit setting him off into a speech. Ichigo steps in and calms him down. Surprisingly he tells Riruka to stay back aswell, telling her the upcoming battle isn’t suited for her skillset… which is probably very true.

Riruka gets a little bit angry but Ichigo quickly interjects appreciating all the things she has done for him and the rest of the pack. Going into the ugliest place for a girl who only likes cute things.


I like her expression, and she finally succumbs and will stay with Yukio per Ichigo’s request.

Back down at Soul Society. Ywach is starting to reshape the city grounds. The vanderreich city is crumbling down to its essence. I wouldn’t be surprise if Sereitei will crumble not long after. Kisuke seems to have been able to finish the door just in time.

But it seems Ichigo’s group will arrive first.


But the sight is unfamiliar. For some reason (could be still a wip) all the building have changed to the Quincy’s style of poor maintained looking building with a semi European architecture. Yourichi quickly sees the stake realizing they are, indeed, where needed to be.

Ywach has been already busy, and does seem he likes crappy looking buildings.

3 Responses

  1. Whazzup everybody….it’s been awhile.

    I haven’t been commenting due to begin stuck in limbo. I think we’ve all been there.

    Anyhoo….man Bleach is really coming together. Yhwach is so powerful I wonder how they will stop him? What I am most interested in however is Aizen. You all know he will not stay in that chair forever. I just don’t know what he can due even though he is extremely powerful in his own right. I actually had a theory that Aizen will become the next Soul king. Two reasons for this is one, if they defeat Yhwach, they will still need some being to bring stability to the realms again; or as Kisuke said it best, “the Soul King is the lynch pin of Soul Society. My second reason is that it was Aizen’s plan in the beginning. He is now immortal would be in the best position to take the thorn considering his power. However they still have to kill Yhwach and company first. Question, what happen to the zero squad? I know they were defeated but you would think that monk would show up and give a few pointers or something.

    All interesting stuff to ponder.

  2. They might have to simply try and seal him. Perhaps in a similar contraption as the Soul King was in.

  3. @pretend3r: Hmmm…..I didn’t think about that. That would be funny Yhwach went through all that trouble just to replace his old man.

    Speaking of funny, I was laughing at the way you described the “crappy looking buildings” that Yhwach made because you had me thinking that Yhwach obtained all that power just to make those “crappy looking buildings”? LOL.

    Honestly; sometimes villains really don’t have much of a imagination.

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