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Bleach Manga Chapter 624 : The Fang

Chapter 624: The Fang
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A pretty quiet chapter this week as Kubo lets us calm down a bit, letting all the information sink in. Anyway we start off with Aizen doing neck exercises. It seems all that the Quincy was able to do to him was immobilize him for 5 minutes.


Aizen reflects a little on the scene below him as he seems to be talking to himself for a little bit. Ending with the notion to himself that the man who had defeated him has reached the Royal Palace before me, and that he some trouble forgiving Ichigo. So the solitude has done little to lessen his resentment.

The chapter continues back up at the Royal palace. The group has crash landed on one of the palace grounds.


More specificly Yourichi makes sure they don’t plummet all the way down. Even with her one arm destroyed she is still very formidable(as expected). After Ichigo regain consciousness after Kon’s surprise entry, Inoue fixes Yourichi’s arms the same way she did Grimmjow’s.

Yourichi doesn’t waste time in planning a counterattack. Realizing there is little time to waste if any at all with the Ywach becoming a new all-powerful being. Ichigo has some suggestions on how to get back up there using Inoue’s ability but Yourichi has a better plan.


Mothaflipping Grimmjow.

Not too much of a surprise to see him reappear. He doesn’t seem to be too happy to meet his old nemesis that beat him last time around. But I am sure pretty he has been the one helping Inoue, Chad, Yourichi and Urahara when they were in Hueco Mundo earlier in the arch.

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