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One Piece Chapter 784: Gear 4!!

Post author: White Shinobi

Wow, what a chapter. I didn’t really know what to expect from gear 4 but it certainly wasn’t this. The first thing I thought when looking at it was how much he resembles the nightmare Luffy from Thriller Bark, but that ended as soon as he started attacking. Anyway, let’s get to the chapter.

It looks like the birdcage is connected to Doflamingo, meaning that wherever he moves the center of the cage follows. Zoro and the samurai are going to stop it. Back near the plateau Law has gotten his arm fixed by the dwarfves. Looks like he’ll be okay


Back to the action, Luffy activates his gear 4. Like with gear 3 he inflates himself, but instead of his bones this time he inflates his muscles. This looks like an interesting mode, Luffy retracts his fist inside his arm, making it into some sort of mini ballista. His punch is so powerful it sends Doflamingo flying back into the town.


His fourth gear is really putting the hurt on Doflamingo, Because of the big body his reaction timings are a little slower, but with his armament haki he seems to be able to counter that pretty good. He’s even able to change the direction of his first to chase down Doflamingo. So far his new gear seems to be doing great against Doflamingo, I don’t think it’s the end of Doflamingo yet, but I don’t think he’ll last long. I wonder if Trebol really did suicide himself, I think it’s really silly for him to do that so I kinda expect him to have a role to play in the coming chapters.


13 Responses

  1. This week was a good week. First the new naruto chapter, now this ^_^

    I like this gear 4. Because of how muscle contractions & tendons work, he should be able to stretch even further than he ever have before on top of controlling the movement of them mid stretch, without the need to bring his limbs back, like an homing attack.This can lead to some very versatile fighting moves. I also like the way his forearm spring back into his arm, like bellamy’s devil fruit, before he attacks.

    I think the biggest upgrade that comes with this new gear is his durability. With inflating his muscles luffy rubber body have become dense, like a rubber ball, or a tire. This will probably put armament haki users back to square one, with physical attacks being useless against him. To take it a step further, this form will probably rid luffy of his weakness against sharp objects altogether.

    Also $10 says Sakura was incapable of pregnancy, and Karin was all too willing to lend her body 😉

  2. That’s gonna be luffy soon.

  3. First things first NARUTO IS BACK!!! Sound the alarm.
    That’s nightmare luffy with haki,I always hoped that the nightmare luffy design didn’t go with that arc. guess I got my wish.
    That being said I wonder what’s the drawback and time limit of this technique,maybe regress to a dwarf or something
    Speaking of drawbacks, I’m beginning to think that not giving birth is a drawback of the forehead mitotic regeneration jutsu,cause the same thing is happening to tsunade.and sakura is starting her useless character streak in this too

  4. @sannins

    lol it’s possible. Sakura did get impaled in the stomach.

  5. New Naruto with a nice cliffhanger and Grimmjow is back.

  6. I think sasuke is just a cheater… he reminds me of donald drapper aka dick whitman, I’ve been watching the og naruto on netflix and thinking of you nerds…. makes me want to post a naruto vs, sasuke blog but the fact they retardedly blew each other away instead of fighting like say ninja really makes me lose faith. puts into perspective the blind faith I now lack. Upstarts that want to troll me, could you do that instead? I’ve got to much RLS to care otherwise….

  7. I had to comment since naruto is back, how has everyone been, I’m assuming zetsu is behind all this

  8. @mart2 I hate the ending between them, I wouldn’t even want to start on that shit lol. I think Kisu said enough about that in his last post.
    How much power do you have btw? A little problem we have is that we don´t get any new writers because no one has the power to create new writers.

  9. And now they being Orochimaru back, and some mystery Uchiha experiment of his. Sounds strangely familiar. If it’s not Orochimaru it’s some random wood user we haven’t seen because that is what looks like what was surrounding him.

  10. “If you want to create new writers, write creatively.”-someone else…

    If you want to revive this site, consider is it about anime or manga? The big three are good because the draw people in as anime, but the manga is what we discuss here for the most part. However there has been a paradigm shift and people to impatient to wait for development in manga have begun looking at manwha and webtoons that (due to their anonymity) have multiple chapters to read because they are new and unnoticed. While people with too much ADD are willing to read the <100 chapters of "the gamer" or even the 600 of the big three

    people like myself and kisuzatchi (thanks to him for the shout out and you for showing it to me) who have grown up on the idyllic plot of naruto are looking more for the darker adult seinen materials a la the avatar (last airbender) effect (the series length meant the sequel was much more late-teen centered than the first)

    I think if this site is to survive past the end of this filler-esq sequel then it needs to evolve, though I don’t know how bob feels about that.

    “How much power do you have btw?” I’m going to assume this was directed at me because I’m an egomaniac and apparently none compared to when my blogs got 100+ comments cuz, you were my only response.

  11. it cut off <100 chapters of "the gamer" or even the 600 of the big three

  12. “How much power do you have btw?” realized what you were actually asking, and I can write (I think) but nothing else…

  13. @mart2 I think the main focus we have is manga, I remember we had a few anime reviews back in the day but they never really had the success the manga ones had. Personally I don’t have the time to review anything else than One Piece right now, I was planning on doing my manga suggestion thingy again but I’ve been too busy and I think One Piece is more important.

    I haven’t seen bob around for a long time, but last time I talked to him (3-4 years ago) he didn’t seem to mind having other manga’s reviewed.

    I do agree with you on evolving, but right now we don’t have the manpower for it. I think the biggest problem we have right now is that no one has the power to grant others the ability to write things. Right now it’s just me and Pretend3r able to write at most 1 a week.

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