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Bleach Chapter 623: Against the Judgement

Chapter 623: Against the Judgement
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Aizen is having some fun. Last weeks chapter wasn’t interesting enough to cover, it was mostly Aizen just showing off and it kind off continues over into this chapter. Aizen does succeed in blowing of the coat of darkness from the dome.


Try as he might he cannot succeed. Not that he is not strong enough.. but he is seated in quite an ingenious chair, crafted by non-other that Captain Kurotsuchi Mayuri himself. The binding that Aizen finds himself are not trying to contain his abnormal strength. They function to bind it to him.

Mayuri goes a bit further into detail regarding the workings and pride he puts into his work. Their little banter gets interrupted when a group of Quincy arrived. Sternritter ‘U’ Nanana-batman blasts Aizen with something. Blocking or disturbing the flow of reiatsu.

Adam West is impressed by the fact that Aizen is not even unconscious but he seems pretty confident in the fact the old Shinigami traitor is unable to move for a good while.

Kyouraku himself decides to deal with unwanted company and I am kinda bummed it didn’t end up happening.


Bazz-b kills Nanana-batman. Feeling betrayed by Ywach, Bazz-b, blond girl with big mouth and he/she gender bender decide to help the Shinigami in an effort to get up there toward what remains of the Soul Palace. They want to exact revenge on Ywach.

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