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One Piece Chapter 782-783: Luffy vs Doflamingo

Post author: White Shinobi

I’m sorry about last week, I didn’t have the time to do a review so I’ll be doing a double this week. I still don’t have much time so I’ll have to keep it short.

Chapter 782

Let’s start by going about Doflamingo’s past, Trebol, Vergo, Pica and Diamante have been spoiling Doflamingo since he was a kid. Killing anyone or destroying anything that’s in his way and dragged him down into darkness. All with the intent to make him the pirate king.


Now back to the present, Luffy clashes with Doflamingo, keeping him away from Law. They go head to head pretty evenly until Doflamingo kicks Luffy into Trebol’s sticky body. For some reason Luffy can’t use his Haki while inside Trebol. Law uses the last of his energy to create a room and throws his severed hand at Trebol, cutting him up. This makes me think Trebol doesn’t ha   ve a logia fruit, Luffy missed because he didn’t expect him to be that skinny. Trebol’s sticky liquid is flammable, enraged at Law’s attack he spreads the liquid all over the place and ignites it like a suicide bomb attack.


Chapter 783

Luffy manages to save law from the fire and throws him down to Robin. Doflamingo wants to stop him but everyone down there helps out to keep Law safe. Doflamingo has to finish his fight with Luffy first before he can head down there. Law however doesn’t want to leave the battlefield, he intends to stay there until the battle is over. If Luffy loses he’ll accept his death as well.


Both Luffy and Doflamingo have suffered injuries from their fights. Doflamingo took the heavy hit from Law and Luffy took a few good hits when fooling around with Bellamy. They clash for most of the chapter, Doflamingo having the upper hand. While arguing between them about who’s blocking who’s path Luffy decides to show us a trump card he hasn’t used yet. Gear 4. I’m really excited to see what kind of power it is.


6 Responses

  1. Gear 4 is going to be intense; i’m very curious as to what it will actually be.

    Side note: I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but does anyone else think Doflamingo should have Handsome Jack’s voice? to me they just fit so well.

  2. How many more gears do you guys will there be?

    Do you like the idea of more like maybe up till gear 6?

    I hope 4 is his final gear but I doubt that considering how much if the story is still untold

  3. Can it still be legit after all the help law has offered. Doffy is def not at full power. Did Luffy really take any attacks that caused real damage? Did Bellamy hurt him that badly?

  4. @firefist Doflamingo does suit it, but I feel like Doflamingo isn’t funny enough to get handsome jack’s voice.

    @Ore I think 6 or something will be enough, I don’t expect Luffy to get a powerup every arc.

    @Saigou Belamy got a few good hits in, I agree it’s nothing like Law’s but Doflamingo did tempoarily heal most of the damage done with his strings.

  5. Yo!does anyone know where to download the latest naruto movie? i have watched it online but i need to actually download it

  6. @gentlepuch

    Where did you watch it? Was it that horrible cam rips floating around or something of decent quality?

    I can’t even imagine what gear 4 will be, I never really expected it. I wonder under what circumstances 4 and 6 will come if it does? I’m stuck on 3 forms cause there were only 3 forms of super saiyan I think.

    Anyway, I hope Luffy whips Joker ass in the most epic way ever. I want real bad things to happen to that Don Flamingo bastard

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