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Bleach Chapter 621: The Dark Curtain

Chapter 621: The Dark Curtain
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After getting hopes up ever so briefly, Ukitake’s bodily sacrifice is quickly rendered useless. Ywach still easily ripping the essence into his own body…


A second later a big black beam comes down on the dome surrounding Sereitei quickly coating Seiretei in complete darkness. The King remains silent at the top, the power of the Soul King released and flowing into, and out of his body. Creepy looking critters spawn from the cloak of his body.

Haschwalt explains that the critters are a representation of the Soul King’s full power which was sealed away by the Shinigami. apparently the being was so strong it cannot contain its own power within its body thus the body finds a need to secrete it.. in a way..

Now that the Soul King has been absorbed by Ywach they will automatically target shinigami, not even sure what the would do. Maybe they can consume their target.


The excess of critters flows down the remains of the palace grounds. Down to where the Shinigami have gathered. Soi Fon takes action calling out her Bankai in order to blast the shroud but before she can fire, the critters land and start nibbling away at the people below.

Weapons seem to be ineffective until they get advice from a certain someone.


Aizen mocks their action. His keen eye already figured out the better way of dealing with the critters. Squashing them with the pressure of your Reitastu. I’m sure Kyouraku will show himself shortly after to reassure the others, but its evident they should open the gate and more in. However, plot wise they can only go when Ichigo and co. have landed back down.

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  1. Aizen is officially back.

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