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Bleach Chapter 619: The Betrayer

Chapter 619: The Betrayer
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This chapter again has given me fixed feelings. The combat in the latter half is great. But the King doing his obligatory “All this time you were fighting me” speech makes me sigh so hard, i skipped last weeks summary. Especially when he ends it with the


“It’s all because you and I, Ichigo… we have the same blood flowing through our veins.” had me crinch a bit.

Anyway, Ichigo starts to attack Ywach, who still is playing the high skilled “mindgame” with Ichigo. Out of nowhere Yourichi gets an arrow in the shoulder. So that was the end of her adventure.

And it was shot by the only guy actually using his quincy bow as of late. Ishida! Unlike the characters I was not shocked. For some reason the barrier breaks


The king knocks Ichigo back and guns for the Soul King. Yourichi attacks the ywach with some balls(maybe one of Kisuke’s tool), too lazy to deal with her himself he request the aid of the vacuum cleaner(or something black hole like powers); Parnkjas, who quite effectively twists her arms.

Ichigo comes back to stop Ywach from trying to rip Kamikake of the remains of the Soul King. But his has to counter another arrow from Ishida. Surprisingly Ywach does not seem to have a hard time at all to rip the Kamikake off further damaging the palace.

I don’t know why Uryuu is helping Ywach at this point. We all know he wants revenge on the Soul King. But I guess Bleach needs a Naruto / Sasuke fight, or has Uryuu simply messed up earlier by drinking Ywach’s blood making him the fated successor.

5 Responses

  1. How dare you KT,the hell does he think his doing damaging yoruichi like that,she is one of the very few people who can make this battle interesting…i i mean chad was right there why not make him throw the damn balls.
    how come everything that happens in bleach always turns out as someone or their mama’s plan.i wonder who’ll be shocked when aizen says “being captured was my plan,soul society destruction my plan too,being released to fight?yep you guessed it,oh and ichigo’s birth was my plan not his.so dont mind the bitch king

  2. Yacht is trying to be the next Soul King.

  3. So ishida and ichigo its like that after all.Seems like everyone is having fun ripping off the naruto/sasuke-esque bromance plot.looking at you too fairy tail,what you done with gray couldn’t be more obvious

  4. I still don’t know how they are going to get rid of Uchiha Madara 3.0. Aizen better be ready to pull Izagnami out at any time.

  5. The Soul King was practically defenseless.

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