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One Piece Chapter 779: Bellamy’s pride


Post author: White Shinobi

Sorry I’m a little late, I’ve been super busy this week and just couldn’t be bothered to write a review yesterday to be honest. Anyway, on to the chapter. There’s not much to say about it, we get to see the end of all the fights.

Fujitora saved the civilians from pica’s rocks so no wounded there. The Tontatta’s also managed to destroy the smile factory. Trebol comments on it that as long as they have Mansherry they can restore the factory. But he doesn’t know that Mansherry has already escaped, she offers to heal Kyros but he refuses, his life is not in danger so he wants her to use it on someone else. Koala is hiding someone below the palace, she contacts Sabo and asks him for help. Zoro gets praised for saving everyone from Pica but he tells them to not get ahead of themselves, once this birdcage is gone you can be happy.


We then get to see the end of the Bellamy vs Luffy fight, if you can call it that. Luffy refuses to fight and tries to reason with Bellamy. But the idiot is too full of pride and continues his assault. He taunts Luffy the whole time but at the same time he’s grateful and glad that the one to kill him is someone he respects as well. Luffy takes down Bellamy the same way he did last time, a single punch to the face.


On the last page Doflamingo mentions a dead body, does that mean he killed law? I think we found the person Mansherry will use her powers on. Also Sabo is headed to the palace, we might get a Luffy and Sabo combo instead of Luffu and Law.


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  1. If it is Sabo to fight in this battle I’m sure it confirms that Trebol has some secrets to him

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