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Bleach Chapter 621: The Dark Curtain

Chapter 621: The Dark Curtain
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After getting hopes up ever so briefly, Ukitake’s bodily sacrifice is quickly rendered useless. Ywach still easily ripping the essence into his own body…


A second later a big black beam comes down on the dome surrounding Sereitei quickly coating Seiretei in complete darkness. The King remains silent at the top, the power of the Soul King released and flowing into, and out of his body. Creepy looking critters spawn from the cloak of his body.

Haschwalt explains that the critters are a representation of the Soul King’s full power which was sealed away by the Shinigami. apparently the being was so strong it cannot contain its own power within its body thus the body finds a need to secrete it.. in a way..

Now that the Soul King has been absorbed by Ywach they will automatically target shinigami, not even sure what the would do. Maybe they can consume their target.


The excess of critters flows down the remains of the palace grounds. Down to where the Shinigami have gathered. Soi Fon takes action calling out her Bankai in order to blast the shroud but before she can fire, the critters land and start nibbling away at the people below.

Weapons seem to be ineffective until they get advice from a certain someone.


Aizen mocks their action. His keen eye already figured out the better way of dealing with the critters. Squashing them with the pressure of your Reitastu. I’m sure Kyouraku will show himself shortly after to reassure the others, but its evident they should open the gate and more in. However, plot wise they can only go when Ichigo and co. have landed back down.


One Piece Chapter 781: He’s alive!


Post author: White Shinobi

I did not expect this, good job Oda, you fooled me.

So the birdcage is slowly shrinking, according to Doflamingo in about an hour the country will be no more. The first few pages we get to see people dealing with it, evacuating everyone to the center and cheering for Luffy to kick Doflamingo’s ass. I love how Oda always shows what’s going on on different places at the same time. I usually don’t comment on it but I just felt like throwing that out there for some reason.


Luffy rushes at Doflamingo, but the not so dead Law swaps places with him. With his last breath he uses gamma knife and destroys Doflamingo’s insides. How did Law survive? Law made a big room, one big enough so that Doflamingo and Trebol couldn’t see it. Doflamingo’s first shot missed his vitals so Law was able to swap places with someone on the lower levels, Doflamingo’s next shots his that guy instead of Law. Once Luffy got back Law swapped back and told him his plan.


As law is destroying his organs Doflamingo grabs him, Law isn’t able to fight back anymore but Luffy saves Law and sends Doflamingo flying. Law walks up to Doflamingo, telling him it’s over, the gamma knife destroys his insides and he can’t be saved. Law and Doflamingo then have a talk about the family. How Doflamingo only cares about his family while they’re useful to him and how he should’ve been the one to die instead of Corazon. After Doflamingo admits he didn’t give a damn about Corazon Law uses counter shock on his body.

Doflamingo however stands up after, he uses his string powers to be a substitute for his organs. He’s basically becoming his own puppet. Law is too exhausted to do anything now and Doflamingo attempts to stomp him. Luffy stops him however and they have a stare off before they get down to fighting next chapter.


One Piece Chapter 780: Death of the heart


Post author: White Shinobi

It seems that Law went against both Doflamingo and Trebol at the same time and got his ass kicked off screen. I don’t understand why he went against both of them at once, he wasn’t able to beat Doflamingo on his own. But then again, what else could he do? Just sitting around and doing nothing isn’t something that Law likes to do.

Doflamingo offers Law a choice, in return for giving him immortality he’ll grant him one wish. Anything he wants. Law really is the best in insulting people. He at first agrees in giving Doflamingo immortality, his wish however is for Doflamingo to bring back Corazon and lick the shoes of every person in the country. He then goes on to tell him how the straw hat pirates will beat him and to top it all off he gives him the finger.


I can’t believe I didn’t notice this before. Law has named his pirate crew, the heart pirates after Corazon. As Doflamongo notices the name Corazon on Law’s back he enrages and fills him up with lead.

Luffy’s finally done playing with Bellamy and arrives at the scene. He clashes with Doflamingo, using his haki infused gear third and gear second but it doesn’t do much as Doflamingo counters him. After the greetings he finds Law bleeding to death. I don’t think he’s dead yet, but he probably won’t be very useful in the next fight.


Also the birdcage seems to be shrinking, looks like there’s a timer on this battle. I don’t think it’s the best choice Doflamingo has made. Fujitora hasn’t done anything yet, if he threatens the citizens he might just turn against Doflamingo.

Bleach Chapter 619: The Betrayer

Chapter 619: The Betrayer
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This chapter again has given me fixed feelings. The combat in the latter half is great. But the King doing his obligatory “All this time you were fighting me” speech makes me sigh so hard, i skipped last weeks summary. Especially when he ends it with the


“It’s all because you and I, Ichigo… we have the same blood flowing through our veins.” had me crinch a bit.

Anyway, Ichigo starts to attack Ywach, who still is playing the high skilled “mindgame” with Ichigo. Out of nowhere Yourichi gets an arrow in the shoulder. So that was the end of her adventure.

And it was shot by the only guy actually using his quincy bow as of late. Ishida! Unlike the characters I was not shocked. For some reason the barrier breaks


The king knocks Ichigo back and guns for the Soul King. Yourichi attacks the ywach with some balls(maybe one of Kisuke’s tool), too lazy to deal with her himself he request the aid of the vacuum cleaner(or something black hole like powers); Parnkjas, who quite effectively twists her arms.

Ichigo comes back to stop Ywach from trying to rip Kamikake of the remains of the Soul King. But his has to counter another arrow from Ishida. Surprisingly Ywach does not seem to have a hard time at all to rip the Kamikake off further damaging the palace.

I don’t know why Uryuu is helping Ywach at this point. We all know he wants revenge on the Soul King. But I guess Bleach needs a Naruto / Sasuke fight, or has Uryuu simply messed up earlier by drinking Ywach’s blood making him the fated successor.

One Piece Chapter 779: Bellamy’s pride


Post author: White Shinobi

Sorry I’m a little late, I’ve been super busy this week and just couldn’t be bothered to write a review yesterday to be honest. Anyway, on to the chapter. There’s not much to say about it, we get to see the end of all the fights.

Fujitora saved the civilians from pica’s rocks so no wounded there. The Tontatta’s also managed to destroy the smile factory. Trebol comments on it that as long as they have Mansherry they can restore the factory. But he doesn’t know that Mansherry has already escaped, she offers to heal Kyros but he refuses, his life is not in danger so he wants her to use it on someone else. Koala is hiding someone below the palace, she contacts Sabo and asks him for help. Zoro gets praised for saving everyone from Pica but he tells them to not get ahead of themselves, once this birdcage is gone you can be happy.


We then get to see the end of the Bellamy vs Luffy fight, if you can call it that. Luffy refuses to fight and tries to reason with Bellamy. But the idiot is too full of pride and continues his assault. He taunts Luffy the whole time but at the same time he’s grateful and glad that the one to kill him is someone he respects as well. Luffy takes down Bellamy the same way he did last time, a single punch to the face.


On the last page Doflamingo mentions a dead body, does that mean he killed law? I think we found the person Mansherry will use her powers on. Also Sabo is headed to the palace, we might get a Luffy and Sabo combo instead of Luffu and Law.