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One Piece Chapter 778: Zoro’s Plan


Post author: White Shinobi

We all knew what was gonna happen this week, once Zoro puts on his bandanna you know he’s about to do something epic. He didn’t disappoint us.

Zoro first stops Elizabello using his king punch on Pica, he’ll just regenerate his statue and they’ll be no further. He then asks Orlumbus to throw him to Pica.


Riku distracts Pica and tells the others to evacuate the plateau. Pica prepares to crush the king and everyone near him while continually Insulting him and his way of being king.

And ofcourse at the last possible moment the hero arrives, Zoro with his haki infused swords cuts Pica in half, he looks out to which part of Pica is moving and knows that way where he is hiding. He cuts him up a few more times until the stone is too small to hide in and Pica has to come out. Pica covers his body in Haki, he mocks Zoro, his body is harder than stone and Zoro won’t be able to cut through it. At least that’s what he thinks. Zoro’s haki is stronger than Pica’s and he cuts him up without too much trouble.


Pica has been defeated but the rubble is still falling down. Luckily Elizabello has saved his king punch and uses it to clean up the rubble just in time. Zoro’s plan worked just as planned.

I think that’s all of them, only Belamy, Trebol and Doflamingo himself left so we’ll probably get to see some more of Luffy and Law next week.

4 Responses

  1. ZORROOOO!!it was sad that he one shot pica but not his fault he just need stronger opponet to deal with his awesomeness
    i always like to pair zoro and sanji but every time zoro proves me wrong pulls away from sanji’s league and even threatens to be stronger than luffy
    so all that remains is doffy and trebol i don’t know why you guys mention bellamy in the same breath as doffy,that guy isn’t worth anyone’s time perharps ussop should handle him
    so am calling a luffy and zoro tag team since law is wasted, although both their prides prevents them from facing same opponents but for once

  2. Would it really have been so bad if Oda broke the mold and let zoro finish off pica earlier?

  3. That defies all manga,anime and movie rule.bro

  4. Guess that true lol

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