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Bleach Chapter 616: Mimihagi-Sama

Chapter 616: Mimihagi-Sama
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So… I wasn’t quite off on my theory of last week of what Ukitake was doing. He wasnt there when the Soul King was made, or else the events surrounding him wouldn’t have been able to happen.

Anyway… I really cannot wait for Ywach’s expression when he finds out the Soul King isn’t quite dead, and the wave of destruction will(i assume) stop. We see a bit of the destruction going in the various locations. Hueco Mundo and Soul Society seem to crumble much faster than the real world.

I guess the real world will fall apart when Hueco Mundo and SS will drop from existence.


We also see some random Quincy goons wondering if this is the his Majesty’s true will. Bazz-B looks quite dejected. After all that we get to the interesting part. Ukitake did not hesitate for second to whatever he had being carrying with him all this time.

He drops the bomb by stating he will replace the Soul King. A dark essence comes forth from his back and starts a chant to awaken it further.



‘The power of thine eyes which is buried within my organs. Abandon my organs open thyself.’

It seems Ukitake has attracted lung disease from a very young age. A lethal illness that was fated to kill then. But it didn’t. He then goes on to describe Mimihagi sama as a grotesque, one-eyed God, whose legend circulated throughout the “reverse bone” of district. It apparently can bestow divine protection upon those who sacrifice everything but the one eye it already possesses.

The most interesting thing being said is that it is worshipped as the right arm of the Soul King. Ukitake’s parents brought him to Mimihagi’s shrine and offered his lungs as sacrifice.

The captain screams in pain as the Kamikake ritual is going on, creating himself to be a vessel for Mimihagi-sama.

Then, on the final page. Our devious little Captain-commander Kyouraku is about to have a little chat with Aizen Sousuke himself.

9 Responses

  1. Aizen,the good old days i always thought that even if aizen created the key he wouldnt have gotten to the soul king.That the damn zero division of captains and the soul king himself(likened to so6p of that universe remember?)would whoop his ass down in seconds.but seeing the way the zero division was wiped out by fa**y abilities quincies and the soul king stabbed and killed like a silent dumb little b*tch.i eat my words back aizen stood more than a chance#bring in the antihero#

  2. I still stand by my comments from last week. My theory just seems to fall in place far too well:

    Right now I’m still trying to figure out just who or what Ywach really is, and what are his true ambitions. Plot twist: What if Ywach and Aizen are brothers, and Aizen knowing this day would come, because he has access to the same foreshadowing of Ywach because they are brothers, and he laid the foundation for Ichigo to be born with all these powers to help him save everyone because he couldn’t do it alone. He already said that he created Ichigo, and in a way he did. It all makes since now.

  3. Actually No not making any sense.you may lean towards that end because of aizen power level but aizen aint got no soul king juice like ywach.aizen power comes from the amplifier hogyokou.his regular powers are a match with ukitake kyouraku unohana
    the more pressing theory mimihagi as much as the soul king seems like a hermaphrodite he isnt.which means ywach needed a godly vagina to come into the world,Now mimihagi was the soul king right hand like a secetary or personal assistant and we know how the story between the boss and the PA goes,so they knock each other up had a baby, ywach.Got divorced for some reason mimihagi became fallen they gave the baby up for adoption so point de moi ywach has both parents soul king and mimhagi sound gross since its possesing ukitake but you get it

  4. No, that thing is literally his right hand because his limbs are missing. It is even shaped like a fist. I bet if they found the other limbs they could put the soul king back together and he could fight forn himself. Each limb probably was scattered about like a tailed beast so that certain villages could utilize each power each limb had, and to one day be joined back to the original body.

  5. @UTI
    That actually makes sense(explains why the soul king looks a bitch and act a fool.its that a theory or was it mentioned? must have missed it
    still searching for ywach mama though

  6. @UchihaTheInfamous
    That makes a whole lot of sense. Makes you wonder if the Five War Powers are all connected to the Soul Kings limbs

  7. @nss

    Could be, but what would the fifth limb be. Two arms and two legs….then I’m drawing a blank, lol.

  8. @UTI
    the fifth could be his mouth,the soul king hasnt said a word, coupled with all the talk about aizen and his sealed mouth this chap,this could be heading somewhere

    looks like Aizen’s bout to join the quincy party.hey hey No-one beats an ichigo and aizen fusion dance not even the freaky multi pupil king

  9. @gentle

    That very well could be true. I never even thought about his mouth.

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