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One Piece Chapter 777: Picaboo!


Post author: White Shinobi

Pretty good chapter this week. Kyros has beaten Diamante, he falls down next to the grave of Rebecca’s mother. Robin has protected Rebecca with her own body, heavily injured she collapses. I’m sort of sad we didn’t get to see more of her, but I’m sure we’ll get to see her be badass some other time.


At the kings plateau everyone’s celebrating the defeat of Diamante and the other excecutives. King Riku however decides to head down into the town to help out his country. Admiral Fujitora senses something bad about to happen, he orders his soldiers to gather the civilians in a place where they can easily defend them.

Pica appears at the sunflower fields, he’s managed to escape from Zoro with his devil fruit ability. He asks Kyros and Rebecca what king Riku means to them and then dissapears. Pica left Zoro down on the 2nd level, not seriously fighting him one on one because everything he’s been doing to him has had no effect. Instead he goes after the injured and tired ones on the 3rd level.


When he finally returns to Zoro he attempts to eat him, but Zoro is more than a match for him and instead of clashing head on he only drives him back, a distraction as he goes back to his giant statue and heads for the kings plateau.

Zoro thinks about how he can take Pica down before he reaches the kings plateau and goes over a few plans. After thinking about it he finally decides on a plan, he decides to fly through the sky and cut him up before he can hit the plateau.


I think this isn’t the best decision Pica could make, he’s basically immortal while he’s inside the ground. He could just play Picaboo the whole time and clean up everyone, now he’s inside his giant statue he’s actually vulnerable. I’m all hyped up to see Zoro’s move, I can’t wait for next weeks chapter.

2 Responses

  1. Hey dudes,still hanging around the hood,just on a low key,i’m not really MIA incase ya’ll wondering.
    WS and others we are always reading and value your reviews dont doubt that.
    Okay i had to comment for zoro fucking zoro! And that look,i havent seen that look since kaku and bart kuma,we got a peek at the snowbird girl but that serious,pissed off,bloodlust and honour,all in one look has been missing.also Did he open his other shut eye,the panel clearly says “open” but i didnt see the scar that comes with the eye maybe a drawing error.
    all the same its about time zoro
    made his part2 debut.he’s been fighting with ass held high,fight seriously and get unnecessarily and fatally wounded #classic zoro#

  2. @Gentlepunch I understand if you don’t have time to comment, don’t worry about me, I’ll keep making these even if no one comments.
    He didn’t open his other eye, he’s just changed from normal Zoro to his bandana wearing “it’s time to kick some ass” mode. I’m really excited for the next chapter, I want to see some more off him though Something like the Kaku, or mr1 fight. Pica didn’t push him that far yet, maybe that’ll change if Zoro won’t one shot him next chapter but I highly doubt it.

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