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One Piece Chapter 776: It’s raining balls


Post author: White Shinobi

The chapter starts with Franky and the dwarfs in front of the smile factory. Now that Franky finally beat Signor Pink, the Tontatta’s storm the factory. Franky however took a lot of damage and after shouting a last encouragement he collapses.

Diamante is fighting Kyros, Rebecca and Robin haven’t been involved much. Kyros is starting to wear out, running around the city all day on only one leg and fighting a high ranked executive like Diamante seems to have taken it’s toll on him.

Diamante gets bored of the fight, there’s no honor in killing a warrior when he’s that worn out so he takes out a few huge party poppers and shoots confetti into the air. However the confetti isn’t made of paper, he’s used his devil fruit ability on spiked iron balls, he releases his ability and the balls fall down to the ground.


Robin picks flowers from the field and uses her devil fruit ability to protect herself and Rebecca from the balls. Kyros however does the opposite and goes on the offensive against Diamante. He deflects the balls with his sword and rushes at Diamante, Diamante however shoots him in the leg. Kyros falls to the ground and gets hit by a lot of iron balls.


Rebecca, enraged taunts Diamante who doesn’t care much about it and taunts her back instead. Kyros isn’t down yet though, he gets up, heavily wounded and challenges Diamante, not backing off no matter how hurt he is. Diamante thinks he’s in the advantage now and decides to face Kyros head on. Kyros, with all his anger rushes head on against Diamante, their swords clash but Kyros is stronger, destroying Diamante’s sword altogether.   776-1

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