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Bleach Manga Chapter 614 : Kill the King

Chapter 614: Kill the King
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Boy.. it’s another one of those chapter that started that has me in dubio. Again was enjoying the first part then going.. urrghh… at the second half… leaving me a bit wordless..

So basically.. things are slowly being set up down below still when Hiyori and the remaining vaizards arrive, Hiyori carrying a canister of goo. Which looks like a liquid, but apparently looks like a liquid but it isn’t. It’s basicly Shinigami Grease(no copyrighted I hope.)

Then Urahara asks them to change their attire to Shinigami robes


Hiyori is quite rebellious about it whilst the others accept the suggestion with no argument. Love just picks her up and drags her with.

So… Urahara is going to create a gateway between where they stand, straight into the Royal Palace grounds. He makes is sounds quite grim, with the possible no way back yadda yadda speech much to the annoyance of Soi Fon… then everybody else…

then comes.. this part..


Team Ichigo and Yourichi and the three ppl that have reason to be facing Ywach, but need to be there.. because Ishida is also there…

And Ywach has activated his Madara mode(the reference has already been made in the comments of my previews summary. Then Ichigo grabs the sword, which enrages his quincy blood… and oh my god… is this really fucking necessary? I don’t even… maybe I shouldn’t write these on Friday night…

Kubo? Answer me next week please…

One Response

  1. pretend3r, thanks again for the review. Great stuff as always!

    So, now Ichigo has no control over his body bc his Quincy blood is mad, really Really MAD! *sighs* I just don’t understand stuff like this when it happens. Seems to me that if Ywach can “sell all”, the Soul King has a similar ability (he is his dad and all), though no arms and legs (wtf), he should have had a vision about this happening. Maybe he did and is allowing it to happen in order to evolve SS to something else, IDK.

    Clearly something bad is happening, as the barrier around SS is falling in and cracks appearing everywhere. I assume the Captains got out bf hand so we will still see them in the Soul Palace, along with whatever is left of the Quincy. Also, where are the rest of the Quincy??? It’s been all Ywach for several chapters and I haven’t seen the others’ that came with him.

    Oh well, here’s to the new Arc! Time for Ichigo to get beat right away and have to go train some more for 15 chapters!

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