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Bleach Manga Chapter 613: The Ordinary Peace

Chapter 613: The Ordinary Peace
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So, the monk says something odd, in his own thoughts… letting them go have their fight anyway, even though he knows… and Juha knows.. that ‘mere’ humans can’t win against the Quincy King.


Back down on ground level. Ukitake has arrived with Vice Captain Kotetsu and old Yamada-san. The captain’s been running about healing up everybody noting that everybody but Zaraki is able to move again. Of course Zaraki is already back on his feet.

It quickly becomes obvious what he wants to know. Where is Yachiru… Which is still a good question. He decides to go back out but is stopped by Kisuke. Then Nanao Ise, the lt. to Kyouraku stands in front of him reminding him of the responsibilities of his a captain.


And she actually succeeds. Everybody that has assembled(Mayuri still hasn’t bothered showing up yet), every is given an orb, which they must pour their reiatsu into. We wont get a launch yet.

We do, however, see the arrival of Ichigo and co in the palace grounds. Ywach seems a bit annoyed with the monk, who more or less told them to go for it. He doesn’t mince words and tells Ichigo he will die by his hands.

4 Responses

  1. nice pretender.. dont stop reviewing although people stop commenting.. this site still have readers.. carry on sir…

  2. I would like to second that notion. I dont usually leave a response, but I come here every week to read the breakdown and see what other people think of what is going on. Thank you for your work!

  3. Aizen’s comment to Urahara right before he falls makes sense now. The soul king is either part or wholly Quincy

  4. It’s official. Ywach is now Uchiha Madara 3.0. He completely skipped 2.0. He’s really at the point of being too strong. I think it’s going to have to be an epic level Naruto plot no jutsu style pull to beat him. That or get Naruto to use talk-no-jutsu (it’s still undefeated) 👍.

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