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One Piece Chapter 775: A fight between MEN!

Post author: White Shinobi


The chapter starts with Leo and Mansherry messing around after their reunion. Kabu puts an end to it and they quickly run out. Jora reveals some interesting information about the heal heal fruit. It looks like Mansherry can restore the smile factory even if it something happens to it at the cost of her own lifespan.


The scene changes to the smile factory where Franky and Signor Pink have been slugging it out for a while already. Franky punches Signor Pink who sinks into the ground with his devil fruit power. By sinking into the ground he can nullify some of the damage done by Franky and turn the momentum back at him. Both of them have been doing that for a long time over and over and seem to be terribly exhausted. Even if both of them could avoid eachothers attacks they stand their ground and show their manly fighting spirit.


Signor pink challenges Franky to a final attack. He grabs Franky and swims up the tower with him and into the sky. Signor Pink has noticed that Franky’s back is still made of flesh. I wonder why he still hasn’t changed that, his arms should be long enough to reach there now. Anyway, Signor pink and Franky dive down towards the ground. The impact is huge, however being the manly cyborg he is Franky stands up. Signor Pink admits his defeat instantly.


Franky beats up Signor Pink and Signor Pink reminds his past. He once had a wife and child. His wife, Lucian hates pirates so he hid his pirate life from her. After a raid with the Doflamingo family he returns home to find out that his son has died. Lucian wanted to inform him about their sons death and discovers the he never actually worked at a bank and storms out the house after confronting him with it. After she runs off an accident happens, she got trapped under a landslide. She’s now basically brain dead, showing no emotions, however when Signor Pink tries to cheer her up by putting one of Gimletts bonnets on his head she smiles. Even when others laugh at him for it he keeps doing it, because it’s the only thing that can make her smile.


The flashback ends. Franky has knocked Signor Pink down, he has been crying while remembering his wife and son. Franky wipes away his tears and tells him to tell him all about it over a few drinks next time they meet. Looks like a new friendship between men has started.

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