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Bleach Manga Chapter 612 : Dirty

Chapter 612: Dirty
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Daddy Issues…


It seems yuhabach is the(or a) son of the Spirit King. THe ‘creature’ has his eyes open but is still within the cocoon. Like Yuhabach it seems the Spirit King can watching in the future aswell. Yuha ends its life by stabbin his blade through the cocoon.

It could be that Yuha is simply mocking the Soul King, but I’m sure we will find out.


Meanwhile, everybody still alive is scrambling to the entry of Mayuri’s lab. Renji and Rukia arrive there. Captain Hirako is already there, wounded, but ok. Oomeada is also there, carrying his little sister around who, amazingly, seems to be able to sleep.

IT seems Hirako used his Zankaptou’s abilites to maximum effect. Soi Fon finally arrives punching her lt. in the gut. She got healed by Hinamori. I have to note though the casual attitude they all seem to have atm. They all got their asses handed to them.

Not many high ranked ppl have made it here, but Shiouin Yuushirou greets them with respect regardless. At first i thought HE was a SHE, but apperently, it’s a boy. And Soi Fon seems to have a thing for Girlish looking boys(here we go Rule34).

Funny to note is that Mayuri told Urahara that the 3rd and 9th division captains will be moving alongside him(I wonder why).


Things are pretty dire still.. but Urahara, is the man with the plan.. sort off… he wants everybody to go up and break in the Soul King’s Palace. Mayuri has already crafted something that can be used and it seems Urahara combined it with something Yuushirou brought call the Tenshiheisou(heavenly gift soldier garment).

The chapter ends with a strange apology from Hyousubei. he apologizes to the humans, saying that YuhaBach cannot be beaten.

Is it because he already was a god? Or that he now has become the one true god, now that he has killed the Soul King.

One Response

  1. How exactly was ywach defeated years ago?
    Even more pressing than that,did anyone notice the page where ywach says “my father” the same page as ichigo.Tite shouldn’t try anything fishy,we already have our hands full with ichigo being half human,half shinigami half hollow,half quimcy.
    If he is going to be related to the soul king too,it better come alongside a 5 chapters explanation.

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