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One Piece Chapter 774: Badass Dwarfs

Post author: White Shinobi


Okay, this chapter was different than I was expecting, but it’s still a good one.

We start the chapter to see Nico robin assisting Kyros and Rebecca, It’ll be interesting to see Kyros go one on one against Diamante. I’ve been wanting to see how strong the strongest gladiator really is, even if he only has 1 leg. We also get to see the aftermath on Bartolomeo’s side, the soldiers are taking Gladius with them, probably to the place we’ll switch to now.


Princess Mancherie seems to have the power of the heal heal fruit and can heal anyone she wants to. Jora threatens to hurt her and her friends if she doesn’t heal the executives, but the brave princess won’t do it. And Jora strangles the poor thing. Mancherie cries in pain and the secret of her ability is revealed, her tears is the water that cure people. Luckily the tears fall on a soldier and not on an executive.


Back on the plateau Viola is communicating with Leo, she tells him Mancherie’s situation and guides him to the place. Just as Leo and Kabu enter the room Jora has gathered enough tears to revive the executives and throws it at them. Kabu however knocks them away from the tears and Leo quickly stitches them to Jora creating a true piece of art. Leo and Kabu have saved the princess! Now there’s no more risk of having those pesky executives revived. 774-2

I’ve decided to extend the poll to this chapter, so if you haven’t voted yet do it now!

One Response

  1. Well,i knew a heal-heal fruit was coming onto the scene soon,doflamingo is a real devil fruit scout,at least we know soldier-san is going to walk with two legs out of the arc.

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