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One piece Chapter 773: Personality Issues

Post author: White Shinobi


I’m sorry I couldn’t post this one yesterday, I had to go to the hospital.

Poor Dellinger stood no chance against Hakuba’s speed. However like we all probably expected he turns on Bartholomeo and Robin. Robin however doesn’t care much about his speed and holds him with her devil fruit powers


Then, Cavendish begins arguing with Hakuba, at some point even both of them are in control. I bet he’ll be a big powerhouse once he starts to agree with himself.

Gladius however too the chance to set up, he prepares to blow up the wall, Bartholomeo rushes at him but Gladius’ hair is actually some sort of poison needles that make Bartholomeo numb. Then, he becomes a huge explosive himself and threatens to blow up if he gets killed and send all the poison darts at Robin and Cavendish, but if he doesn’t die he’ll explode the wall.


Bartholomeo decides to do the heroic thing and encases both himself and Gladius in a barrier and tries to slit his throat. Gladius explodes, the barried does it’s job and prevents the needles to hit Robin and Cavendish. But sadly Bartholomeo missed and cut Gladius’ shoulder and Gladius still explodes the wall.


Cavandish managed to control Hakuba for a while by cutting himself and he carries Robin to the top. He immediately falls asleep though.

Back down, Bartholomeo regrets not having the power to kill Gladius. He promises to grow stronger and become a man that Luffy can depend on as he borrows Luffy’s signature move to beat Gladius.


Back up top, Robin comes in just in time to save Rebecca from Diamante’s attack. I wonder how Diamante and Kyros will match up now that he can’t use Rebecca as bait anymore. I’m also quite excited to see Robin fighting, I’ve always liked her devil fruit powers and maybe we can see just how much she’s grown in the timeskip.


Last chapter, Sannins wanted to have a poll on who’ll be the next one to join the crew so I’ve made one, I think I put in all the possible answers but if you think I forgot one feel free to tell me.

9 Responses

  1. Any chap featuring robin-chwaan is always awesome,standing up to hakuba and diamante like shit.we should start rating her among the top-tiers, its rare to be HOT! And strong at the same time(looking at you, Nami).boa hancock kills it though.
    As much as caven/hakuba-dish or even bartolomeo deserves man of the chap,that award goes to Robin-chwaan
    dellinger was the damn gaffe.serves his cocky ass right,wanted to see him kick fight with sanji but,brat’s not his level

  2. @WS
    About the poll,nice thinking.
    you pretty much got everyone and thier mama covered in the poll so,NO you forgot no-one but there are some people you should remove cuz their possibility of joining is 0.001%.people like Kyros,as adorable it is to see the crippled one legged soldier fight,don’t want him as a main,he should dissapear with the arc.speaking of dissapearance kanjuro and kinemon(except he do somt’n badass)falls in that category.Law and sabo are still a low probability,cuz law would outshine zoro and sabo would outshine luffy(same case with jimbei)…ideo?kyaah!we don’t need someone dellinger beat up.cavendish,sai,bartolomeo and all the girls are welcome to the crew.gonna vote for one of those.
    Already bet some cash on bartolomeo with my clique.

  3. @Gentlepunch
    I agree, Robin’s being pretty badass this chapter. I want to see more of her. I was kinda dissapointed in Dellinger getting one shot by Hakuba, he was dominating Ideo who wasn’t that bad in the collosseum

    I just decided to add everyone that has a chance to join no matter how low it is. I agree with you that most of them don’t belong there. But there’ll always be someone who request one of them to be on there so let’s just say I did them a favor. For some reason Bellamy didn’t get saved by the poll at first, but I’ve fixed it now.

    Personally I think it’ll take a while before someone joins. I think Luffy will take some of the guys with him and head back to his crew to fight off big mom. And at the end of that someone’ll join officially.

    I think so far Bartolomeo has the highest chance to join, He’ll fit in with the crew and, It’ll give the anime another joke they can beat to death lol

    Sabo and Law both have place to return to so I don’t think they’ll join unless something big happens.

    I kinda like Cavendish, I think after Bartolomeo he has the highest chance to join. The only problem is that Hakuba probably tries to kill the crew in their sleep

  4. @WS
    Wow big mom and crew,almost forgotten about those lot.the mutant pirate turtle and the teacap guy.i doubt the drama going on there will have an impact on anything.Oda probably created that scenario to sideline people who would be almost fucking useless in doffy battle i.e brook and chopper.
    Bellamy is a good choice he is one of few in the list who luffy’s bonded with this arc.how about Violet,sweet viola-chan stands more than a chance.put her boobs on the list.

  5. @Gentlepunch
    Oh right! Thanks, I completely forgot about Violet I’ll add her to the poll now. I don’t think she’ll join tough, she’ll probably settle down in the kingdom with what’s left of her family.

  6. Hey guys,don’t really comment a lot on here,but i,ve being with you guys for a while.i’d say my two cents about the poll.
    I’ll be counting on bartolomeo and cavendish,both of them,not just one will join the crew.
    Like you said hakuba will probably kill the crew in thier sleep.but what if?luffy develops some kind of sasuke/juugo relationship.i’ve suspected it for chapters now,but this new chapter proofed it.The strawhat are having another green and blond haired duo

  7. OK,Diamante vs robin….curious to see how robin devil fruit twisting powers will work on someone who can twist himself zigzag.except she find a way round that she’s in for a big one

  8. nice review@white shinobi,you were saying something about the hospital,i hope you are doing all right.Thanks for the poll by the way,it is well appreciated,
    if anyone is going to have a “sasuke/juugo”relationship.it is bartolomeo and luffy,definitely not Cavendish.if cavendish wants to kill luffy then hakuba with bloodlust(+10) wants to cut him to pieces although i have to agree,bartolomeo and cavendish are a good prediction,i mean,bartolomeo loyalty although crazy is just like zoro’s and just like zoro he gets recklessly injured when fighting even the oath he made,very reminiscent of zoro oath to luffy after hawkeye slash.
    And cavendish issues which get in the way of battle are just like sanji girl issues.and bart said something about being on the same team.Fan service??
    Well,if am asked,Law is joining,it should be obvious already since we’ve gotten the infamous background story which comes with joining the crew.Law has the highest chance

  9. @Sannins
    Thanks and you’re welcome. I’m fine, I guess it’s called a mental disorder and I have to go to the hospital once a month. it usually doesn’t get in the way of the review but they had to run a few tests last week and I was there all day.

    I think Law has a pretty high chance to join, but like I said before something big will have to happen for him to leave his crew. I think he’ll join eventually but it’s not going to be now. I was thinking about the background thing too, but it’s not a requirement to join, it took a long time for us to see Robin’s past. I like the Bartolomeo and Cavendish duo and I’d like to see more of them but I’m not sure if Cavendish fits in with the crew that well. Maybe they’ll all be allies and no one will join, like whitebeards army

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