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Bleach Manga Chapter 613: The Ordinary Peace

Chapter 613: The Ordinary Peace
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So, the monk says something odd, in his own thoughts… letting them go have their fight anyway, even though he knows… and Juha knows.. that ‘mere’ humans can’t win against the Quincy King.


Back down on ground level. Ukitake has arrived with Vice Captain Kotetsu and old Yamada-san. The captain’s been running about healing up everybody noting that everybody but Zaraki is able to move again. Of course Zaraki is already back on his feet.

It quickly becomes obvious what he wants to know. Where is Yachiru… Which is still a good question. He decides to go back out but is stopped by Kisuke. Then Nanao Ise, the lt. to Kyouraku stands in front of him reminding him of the responsibilities of his a captain.


And she actually succeeds. Everybody that has assembled(Mayuri still hasn’t bothered showing up yet), every is given an orb, which they must pour their reiatsu into. We wont get a launch yet.

We do, however, see the arrival of Ichigo and co in the palace grounds. Ywach seems a bit annoyed with the monk, who more or less told them to go for it. He doesn’t mince words and tells Ichigo he will die by his hands.


One Piece Chapter 775: A fight between MEN!

Post author: White Shinobi


The chapter starts with Leo and Mansherry messing around after their reunion. Kabu puts an end to it and they quickly run out. Jora reveals some interesting information about the heal heal fruit. It looks like Mansherry can restore the smile factory even if it something happens to it at the cost of her own lifespan.


The scene changes to the smile factory where Franky and Signor Pink have been slugging it out for a while already. Franky punches Signor Pink who sinks into the ground with his devil fruit power. By sinking into the ground he can nullify some of the damage done by Franky and turn the momentum back at him. Both of them have been doing that for a long time over and over and seem to be terribly exhausted. Even if both of them could avoid eachothers attacks they stand their ground and show their manly fighting spirit.


Signor pink challenges Franky to a final attack. He grabs Franky and swims up the tower with him and into the sky. Signor Pink has noticed that Franky’s back is still made of flesh. I wonder why he still hasn’t changed that, his arms should be long enough to reach there now. Anyway, Signor pink and Franky dive down towards the ground. The impact is huge, however being the manly cyborg he is Franky stands up. Signor Pink admits his defeat instantly.


Franky beats up Signor Pink and Signor Pink reminds his past. He once had a wife and child. His wife, Lucian hates pirates so he hid his pirate life from her. After a raid with the Doflamingo family he returns home to find out that his son has died. Lucian wanted to inform him about their sons death and discovers the he never actually worked at a bank and storms out the house after confronting him with it. After she runs off an accident happens, she got trapped under a landslide. She’s now basically brain dead, showing no emotions, however when Signor Pink tries to cheer her up by putting one of Gimletts bonnets on his head she smiles. Even when others laugh at him for it he keeps doing it, because it’s the only thing that can make her smile.


The flashback ends. Franky has knocked Signor Pink down, he has been crying while remembering his wife and son. Franky wipes away his tears and tells him to tell him all about it over a few drinks next time they meet. Looks like a new friendship between men has started.

Bleach Manga Chapter 612 : Dirty

Chapter 612: Dirty
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Daddy Issues…


It seems yuhabach is the(or a) son of the Spirit King. THe ‘creature’ has his eyes open but is still within the cocoon. Like Yuhabach it seems the Spirit King can watching in the future aswell. Yuha ends its life by stabbin his blade through the cocoon.

It could be that Yuha is simply mocking the Soul King, but I’m sure we will find out.


Meanwhile, everybody still alive is scrambling to the entry of Mayuri’s lab. Renji and Rukia arrive there. Captain Hirako is already there, wounded, but ok. Oomeada is also there, carrying his little sister around who, amazingly, seems to be able to sleep.

IT seems Hirako used his Zankaptou’s abilites to maximum effect. Soi Fon finally arrives punching her lt. in the gut. She got healed by Hinamori. I have to note though the casual attitude they all seem to have atm. They all got their asses handed to them.

Not many high ranked ppl have made it here, but Shiouin Yuushirou greets them with respect regardless. At first i thought HE was a SHE, but apperently, it’s a boy. And Soi Fon seems to have a thing for Girlish looking boys(here we go Rule34).

Funny to note is that Mayuri told Urahara that the 3rd and 9th division captains will be moving alongside him(I wonder why).


Things are pretty dire still.. but Urahara, is the man with the plan.. sort off… he wants everybody to go up and break in the Soul King’s Palace. Mayuri has already crafted something that can be used and it seems Urahara combined it with something Yuushirou brought call the Tenshiheisou(heavenly gift soldier garment).

The chapter ends with a strange apology from Hyousubei. he apologizes to the humans, saying that YuhaBach cannot be beaten.

Is it because he already was a god? Or that he now has become the one true god, now that he has killed the Soul King.

One Piece Chapter 774: Badass Dwarfs

Post author: White Shinobi


Okay, this chapter was different than I was expecting, but it’s still a good one.

We start the chapter to see Nico robin assisting Kyros and Rebecca, It’ll be interesting to see Kyros go one on one against Diamante. I’ve been wanting to see how strong the strongest gladiator really is, even if he only has 1 leg. We also get to see the aftermath on Bartolomeo’s side, the soldiers are taking Gladius with them, probably to the place we’ll switch to now.


Princess Mancherie seems to have the power of the heal heal fruit and can heal anyone she wants to. Jora threatens to hurt her and her friends if she doesn’t heal the executives, but the brave princess won’t do it. And Jora strangles the poor thing. Mancherie cries in pain and the secret of her ability is revealed, her tears is the water that cure people. Luckily the tears fall on a soldier and not on an executive.


Back on the plateau Viola is communicating with Leo, she tells him Mancherie’s situation and guides him to the place. Just as Leo and Kabu enter the room Jora has gathered enough tears to revive the executives and throws it at them. Kabu however knocks them away from the tears and Leo quickly stitches them to Jora creating a true piece of art. Leo and Kabu have saved the princess! Now there’s no more risk of having those pesky executives revived. 774-2

I’ve decided to extend the poll to this chapter, so if you haven’t voted yet do it now!

One piece Chapter 773: Personality Issues

Post author: White Shinobi


I’m sorry I couldn’t post this one yesterday, I had to go to the hospital.

Poor Dellinger stood no chance against Hakuba’s speed. However like we all probably expected he turns on Bartholomeo and Robin. Robin however doesn’t care much about his speed and holds him with her devil fruit powers


Then, Cavendish begins arguing with Hakuba, at some point even both of them are in control. I bet he’ll be a big powerhouse once he starts to agree with himself.

Gladius however too the chance to set up, he prepares to blow up the wall, Bartholomeo rushes at him but Gladius’ hair is actually some sort of poison needles that make Bartholomeo numb. Then, he becomes a huge explosive himself and threatens to blow up if he gets killed and send all the poison darts at Robin and Cavendish, but if he doesn’t die he’ll explode the wall.


Bartholomeo decides to do the heroic thing and encases both himself and Gladius in a barrier and tries to slit his throat. Gladius explodes, the barried does it’s job and prevents the needles to hit Robin and Cavendish. But sadly Bartholomeo missed and cut Gladius’ shoulder and Gladius still explodes the wall.


Cavandish managed to control Hakuba for a while by cutting himself and he carries Robin to the top. He immediately falls asleep though.

Back down, Bartholomeo regrets not having the power to kill Gladius. He promises to grow stronger and become a man that Luffy can depend on as he borrows Luffy’s signature move to beat Gladius.


Back up top, Robin comes in just in time to save Rebecca from Diamante’s attack. I wonder how Diamante and Kyros will match up now that he can’t use Rebecca as bait anymore. I’m also quite excited to see Robin fighting, I’ve always liked her devil fruit powers and maybe we can see just how much she’s grown in the timeskip.


Last chapter, Sannins wanted to have a poll on who’ll be the next one to join the crew so I’ve made one, I think I put in all the possible answers but if you think I forgot one feel free to tell me.