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Bleach Chapter 611 : Death of the Soul King

Chapter 611: Death of the Soul King
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Wasn’t expecting this release. So noticed it too late, so im afraid, no review for this one.

I found this one a bit odd, strange pacing going on.

7 Responses

  1. Bleach looked almost like a video game thi chapter,especially the part where ichibee woke up and sent ichigo and crew to the rescue.regarding ichibee i don’t know what i should be mad about the fact that all the monk’s attack didn’t put a dent on the king and he got defeated after all the boasty rant(which included a TWO page chant of kidou that did nothing really) or the fact that having his spine ripped out mean nothing as he came back to life by having his name called.
    Either way,i am relieved he didn’t die,it was a bad way for him to go.but if the shinigami king and the zero division could be defeated that easily,i wonder what the bleach mugiwara(plus ishida)would do*curious*

    trivia:is Kubo tite trying to pull a jesus with the quincy king,a omniscience soul king who controls the universe(GOD) and son of the soul king who is human but omniscience like his father died and ressurected(Jesus).hmm just trivia though.

  2. I wouldn’t bet on the King being dead just yet. It seem too easy. The king must have a trick or two up his sleeve to protect himself.

  3. Do we know when the next chapter will be released?

  4. What the hell is going on with the new chapter?? I know it is just gonna be filled with “new Information” about soul king and Jwach then cut from fight to fight to fight but come on lets get it going. Been reading Bleach too long to stop but lets get it done Tite.

  5. I guess they are still off this week. Hopefully we’ll come in swinging next week.

  6. this is just getting ridiculous. I am starting to think Tite ended Bleach with the death of the soul King… ha

  7. I said a few chapters ago, that Yuwach was ridiculously overpowered, and the plot just continues on this path. Now they are trying to make it seem like he’s even stronger than they ever thought, even for the zero squad.

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