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One Piece Chapter 772: Sleeping Beauty


Post author: White Shinobi

I’m sorry that this chapter is late, Christmas was keeping me bus   y with all sorts of things. Anyway, on to this weeks chapter.

It starts with Kyros and Rebecca fighting Diamante. Kyros is really strong, even with only 1 leg he’s able to stand his ground against Diamante while protecting Rebecca at the same time. Even though Diamante is just playing with them at the moment. I think they’ll have to team up against him to win, even if it goes against his pride. Or maybe Robin will help them when she gets up there.


Back on the 3rd level Bartholomeo and Cavendish are fighting Gladius. Well, it’s better to say that they’re fighting eachother and Gladius. Cavendish and Bartholomeo argue about opening the barrier as Gladius prepares to blow up the ground without any regards to his own men. Bartolomeo includes Cavendish into the barrier at the last moment and they start arguing again straight after. I’m starting to like these guys.


Robin has used her ability to prevent herself from falling when Bartholomeo undid the barrier and keeps heading to the next level where Kyros and Rebecca are. Gladius shoots her, but Bartholomeo’s barrier protects her. She thanks him and Bartholomeo immediately falls in love, Bartholomeo charges his barrier forward just as Cavendish and Gladius are about to clash.

Back on the 2nd level Dellinger has been beating up Ideo. Ideo, even on the verge of death still refuses to give up and tries to at least waste as much of his time as possible. However he can’t hang on much longer as Dellinger reveals what kind of fishman he is, a fighting fish and he bites Ideo and sends him falling down. Dellinger joins Gladius on the 3rd level but he doesn’t get to do anything. Cavendish has become his sleepwalking alter ego, Hakuba. Bartholomeo probably knocked him out with his barrier bull. Before Dellinger can do anything Hakuba strikes him down.


9 Responses

  1. Ok finally up to date on one piece,now i can keep up with the disscusions.the nature of job is at its peak in the festive period,so thats why i have not being around lately.

  2. Ok finally up to date on one piece,now i can keep up with the disscusions.the nature of my job is at its peak in the festive period,so thats why i have not being around lately.

    Doflamingo stamina is way overboard and puts him on the same level if not more than whitebeard,he has been fighting since the begining of the arc,created birdcage,recieved a direct hit from luffy’s red hawk and law’s injection shot,the latter which had enough power to thrust out a huge chunk of the castle but conviniently not doffy’s gut,it make doflamingo look badass no doubt but it dulls whitebeard great hits.oda already set the power scale with whitebeard,so he should take care not to get in his way and make a suchibukai stronger than emperors and admirals
    i get the feeling someone will join the strawhats after this i wonder who?
    Law?its very likely, we are getting to know him and despite the fact he has a crew its still likely, franky had a crew too,and from what i’ve seen law isn’t as strong as zoro.*arguable*
    or maybe one of the booby girls in rebbeca and violet,the strawhat is due for a female addition since vivi didn’t join from alabasta.
    Or bartomoleo and cavendish,both are like warheads which the crew really needs now as the monster trio wont be enough to take on the new world like they did grandline.its more like a monster duo now,since vergo would have defeated sanji and sanji was helpless against doffy.and unlike law they don’t threthen the position of zoro assistant captain.
    Even sai opened up too,if i were an admin on the blog i’ll conduct a poll on this but…

  3. While I agree with you that Doflamingo is a beast don’t forget that Whitebeard was a sick old man, I mean he had tons of tubes connected to his body anytime we saw him before the war. In his prime he might’ve been the strongest man after Roger but in the end old age wins against everyone (except Brook) Also shishibukai are supposed to be one of the 3 things that balance the world right now, the other being the Yonkou and Marine admirals. And Doflamingo always seemed to be one of the strongest Shishibukai to me so I’m not suprised he’s this strong.

    Lol well if you want a poll all you’ve gotta do is ask, I personally thought it’s a little early and I was planning to put one near the end of the arc when everything is calmed down a bit but I guess I can put one up next chapter.

  4. Yeah…I always thought the fact that the suchibukai were one of the powers that balance the world was flatteering them too much.i mean,crocodile,shadow guy(forgot his name),boa hancock.friggin buggy.these guys barely(or not) match the power of an emperor’s captain and an emperor has at least ten captains.
    And the strongest suchibukai knew his place against a former admiral.doflamingo might be playing sassy with fujitora but fujitora only hold back because of his mild character.
    A match btw 3 admirals vs 7 warlord,the admirals wont break a sweat same goes for a yonkou,it will just be an eradication not a fight.
    Indeed WB was horribly sick.its just that luffy red hawk kind of reminds me of akainu attack which made WB see stars and law’s attack is way more powerful than squadro sword attack which pierced WB easily.its just a WB fan rant though.

  5. I do agree, there are some in there that won’t be a match to the admirals, Buggy and Hancock for example. Moria is past his prime, that’s why Doflamingo was ordered to kill him anyway. Crocodile isn’t that bad, he’s probably around vice admiral level. Jimbei on land isn’t exceptionally strong, but in the water he’s quite scary. We haven’t seen enough of Kuma to judge his strength but he seems to be pretty strong. Then there’s Mihawk and Doflamingo. The only 2 shichibukai I think so far are equal to the admirals or yonkou. Oda hasn’t shown us the 7th Shichibukai yet but my guess he’s either someone we already know or someone stronger than the others.

    While the red hawk does look similar I doubt it has the same strength as Akainu’s attack. Luffy’s red hawk is just fire and we saw the difference between fire and magma when Ace died.

  6. Dont forget Jinbe will be joining the crew soon. I dont see Law joining as Sanji and Co are on their way to meet up with Laws crew. i think the alliance will last quite a while though but then again Laws master plan was all for defeating Doflamingo so who knows what he’s going to do after. I think another of the supernova’s will join the alliance however possibly jewelry bonney

  7. I always wondered if crocodile ever knew Haki. It seems weird to me that he could’ve journeyed through the New World(where everyone and their mama at least have some skill in Haki, from amateurs to masters) and came back in one piece with just his DF powers to go by. Not to mention he fought almost as much as luffy did during the war, against almost the same opinions, yet came out with much less injuries. Looks like he has no issues going back into the new world again either, even though i’m assuming his first time ended in disappointment.

    I’m very curious as to how strong he is now. He’s one of my favorite characters in the series, next to akoji and Hawkeye.

  8. someone who hasn’t won a single Battle is your favourite character??

  9. There’s more to someone than just winrate, sure someone who beats the crap out of everyone is pretty cool. But even if someone gets his ass kicked all the time he can still be more popular because of an interesting ability or personality and I think crocodile has both, he has the classic bad guy attitude and his devil fruit is pretty awesome.

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