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Bleach Chapter 610 : Mausoleum of Skulls

Chapter 610: Mausoleum of Skulls
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So, we learn a little bit more about his ability, although I still find it pretty vague. Though I can only kinda compliment how the King deals with Ichibei.

So, it seems the King truely is the type of man for the Quincy as the Spirit King is for the Shinigami.

Really, in this universe they only seems equals. And Ichigo is a being that a smack in the middle of all of them. Meaning Ichigo will probably be the factor that could tip the balance either way

Anyway, Haschwalt explains that the King has had his eyes closed all this time. since ‘opening’ them would have been dangerous to all his Sternritter since he wouldn’t have been able to control it during his 9 year recovery period.


So. The Kings eyes are the key to his true ability and lo and behold, they opened at just the right time(go convenient timing) so he doesn’t die from Hyousube abilities. The latter just able to prevent lethal damage to himself.

Then we can see multiple pupils on his eyes. From the instant he opened his eyes, he can see everything from now till into the far distant future. He also has a clear understanding of everything. All the ‘abilities’ that he knows becomes his ally (as he says it) and thus nothing can hurt him anymore.

Ichibei does not believe Ywach and goes for a very long chant before he release one of his most powerful attacks (i reckon) Futen Daisatsu Ryou (Slaughterous Mausoleum of Non-Reincarnation).


It doesn’t matter anymore to Ywach finally ripping Hyousube’s body to shreds(quite graphically too, I like it)

7 Responses

  1. That explains it. Yacht is the son of the Soul King.

  2. I knew he was related to the soul king. I just figured he was his brother. His power still seems pretty ridiculously overpowered.

  3. Considering how the Soul King is above everyone else, It would make Yacht atleast second or third strongest for being the Soul King’s son. Him defeating ichibee doesn’t make his powers rediculous. He can see into the future when he goes against those who are lesser than him. Anyone besides the Soul King or the 5 war powers will lose to Yacht. Old man Yama lost because Yacht saw into the future and waited until Yama used up all his powers. Ichibee lost in a similar fashion because yacht saw into the future and waited for Ichibee to reveal all his powers.

  4. Yacht is a force to be reckon with.

  5. He could only see into the future after he “opened” his eyes which he did with his battle with ichibee. That’s how aizen was able to distort time when they were meeting previously. He just had a full proof plan of beating Yama. Anyways I’m a guess the 4 royal families or descendents of the Soul King and somehow this will make Ichigo the direct descendent (son,grandson) of the Soul King as he gets some other weird power up

  6. Uryu could be thrown into the mix of one of the war powers. He survived Yhach massacre and absorption.

  7. I,ve never seen anyone who is there but not there at the same time*uryuu*

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