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One Piece Chapter 771: Baby, you’re not useless


Post author: White Shinobi

Pretty fun chapter this week, a little comic relief but some badass action too.

Zoro’s still fighting with Pica, we don’t get to see too much. Elizabello offers to help him but Zoro declines, telling him that his king punch might have a better use later on. I think we’ll get to see some more Zoro vs Pica next chapter.


Meanwhile, Lao G is fighting Don Chinjao. Chinjao is more concerned about his Sai’s marriage than the battle though. He’s mostly ignoring Lao G and scolding Sai. Sai just wants to get rid of Baby 5 and tells her to kill herself. Baby 5 puts a gun to her head and prepares to shoot herself. Sai, surprised by her determination to be of use to someone tries to stop her. The poor girl has been abandoned by her parents when she was little because she’s too useless.


Sai tries to save her from herself but Chinjao doesn’t agree and even attacks him. Sai kicks Chinjao and breaks his drill. Looks like love is the strongest power after all. Chinjao is moved to tears as Sai has finally surpassed him and promotes Sai to be the next leader of the Happo navy. The moment of happiness only last a little while as Lao G is getting tired of being ignored and blows Chinjao away. Lao G now fights Sai to decide who’ll be the one to get Baby 5. Sai however doesn’t have any problems with the old man and takes him out with his new technique.   771-4

Looks like we’ll be having a wedding soon.

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  1. Wasn’t expecting a chapter like this at all. Amazing how oda can pull this off.

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