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One Piece Chapter 770: Gungnir

Post author: White Shinobi


Hey guys, sorry I’m a little late, my PC caught a virus a few days ago and it screwed up quite a lot.

Anyway, on to the chapter. This was a good one, we start off with Luffy vs Bellamy. Luffy tries to persuade Bellamy to stop fighting but ofcourse the idiot doesn’t listen and hits luffy with a haki infused spring hopper punch.770-3

That’s the only part of Luffy vs Bellamy we get to see this chapter, Pica has finally started to get serious and use his devil fruit power for combat rather than just being a nuisance. Zoro keeps making fun of Pica, who gets angry and causes a lot of collateral damage between his own allies as well. Zoro finally seems to start getting serious, I’m excited to see how those 2 match up against eachother. Zoro will probably beat him, but I want to see how far Pica can push him.


Then we get to see some of the Colosseum allies fighting the Doflamingo officers. Dellinger is still fighting Ideo. Baby 5 seems to have fallen in love with yet another man, this time Sai is the “lucky” one. Could she have finally found her husband? Good thing Sanji isn’t here or we’d have another strawhat right there. Anyway, lets move on. The fight between the giant Hajrudin and Machvise seems to have finished with Hajrudin losing. As he’s close to passing out he goes over all his convictions and regrets. How he couldn’t repay his debt to usopp. With his last bit of willpower he’s willing to sacrifice his arm to defeat Machvise who dives down to crush Zoro. He punches Machvise, he breaks a ton of bones in the process but manages to send Machvise flying against the birdcage.


That’s Machvise down, there’s still quite a lot of them left but looks like things are looking better for the Colosseum alliance. I wonder what will happen to Baby 5, if Sai plays this right they might have a strong ally.

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