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Bleach Manga Chapter 609: “A”

Chapter 609: “A”
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So, I was wondering last week how the King would get out of this one, and this week’s chapter tells you why. Its kinda of a shame, since it makes the King look a bit like a cheesecake. This is gonna be a bit of a rant instead of a summary.

Honestly… if Ichibei Hyousube highly specialized abilities cannot do diddly squat except waste time. Then honestly, what can Ichigo do.

As I started on this chapter it was indeed an awesome chapter to behold, Hyousube truely being the leader of the Shinigami, even among the other Palace guards he stands far above them it was all made useless bu Ywach.. The Almighty… or all-knowing.

As Haschwalt kind of says, that with the King able to understand everything from any given perspective, and with all that Knowledge it makes him impossible for his majesty to be beaten by anyone.

I mean, wouldn’t it have been fucking awesome if Ichibei successfully takes out his majesty forcing Ishida to do something instead of standing there quietly doing fuck all. His revenge has been exacted(the man who is responsible for his mother’s death, is dead now), and he is now the King of the Quincy. Has drinking the King’s blood done anything to him? C’mon use him. He’s right fucking there. Is he just there for Ichigo to fight with? The king did announce the guy as his successor after all.

So, it makes me answer the question… What is Corporal Two-swords gonna do. Beat him to death? If special techniques Like the ones Hyousube possesses.. what does a guy who can move fast and hit hard gonna do? I get the feeling that Ichigo is actually kinda useless(in a way) and can only be used to hopefully weakening the villain -like aizen, but Ichigo couldn’t Kill Aizen, just weaken him at the expense of his own power. It was a nice battle sure, but our main character didn’t  and couldn’t actually finish the job, so that someone else had to finish it up (like Urahara).


Maybe with a bit more info it would sort of makes sense. but right now, just, ugh.

5 Responses

  1. This chapter is a good example of why I haven’t been enjoying bleach that much lately. We get to see some awesome fights, Ywach was being completely dominated the whole battle but because of some bullshit ability that doesn’t really make much sense he ends out on top without taking too much damage.

    The rule of not giving away your abilities counts double for this guy I guess.

  2. Right now Yuwach just seems too powerfull. He’s even surpassed edo Uchiha Madara. It’s getting borderline ridiculous.

  3. Yup. This is getting dumb

  4. Cmon what do u expect there’s still the soul king and ichigo and plenty more you…and with that power it makes sense doesn’t it??

  5. @blackness

    It doesn’t, because this week he just doubled his power again. Now he has eyes similar to the soul king. Which gets me back to thinking that he was either the former soul king or his brother, and they both used to rule together. Which would explain why is so casual with the zero squad. At this rate, by the time the new year gets here, who knows how strong he will be. The key to defeating him are the five war powers whom he can’t “see” into their future. From last week to this week in comparison he went from the equivalent of edo Uchiha Madara to strong possibly stronger than Kaguya. That’s preposterous.

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