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Bleach Chapter 611 : Death of the Soul King

Chapter 611: Death of the Soul King
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Wasn’t expecting this release. So noticed it too late, so im afraid, no review for this one.

I found this one a bit odd, strange pacing going on.

One Piece Chapter 772: Sleeping Beauty


Post author: White Shinobi

I’m sorry that this chapter is late, Christmas was keeping me bus   y with all sorts of things. Anyway, on to this weeks chapter.

It starts with Kyros and Rebecca fighting Diamante. Kyros is really strong, even with only 1 leg he’s able to stand his ground against Diamante while protecting Rebecca at the same time. Even though Diamante is just playing with them at the moment. I think they’ll have to team up against him to win, even if it goes against his pride. Or maybe Robin will help them when she gets up there.


Back on the 3rd level Bartholomeo and Cavendish are fighting Gladius. Well, it’s better to say that they’re fighting eachother and Gladius. Cavendish and Bartholomeo argue about opening the barrier as Gladius prepares to blow up the ground without any regards to his own men. Bartolomeo includes Cavendish into the barrier at the last moment and they start arguing again straight after. I’m starting to like these guys.


Robin has used her ability to prevent herself from falling when Bartholomeo undid the barrier and keeps heading to the next level where Kyros and Rebecca are. Gladius shoots her, but Bartholomeo’s barrier protects her. She thanks him and Bartholomeo immediately falls in love, Bartholomeo charges his barrier forward just as Cavendish and Gladius are about to clash.

Back on the 2nd level Dellinger has been beating up Ideo. Ideo, even on the verge of death still refuses to give up and tries to at least waste as much of his time as possible. However he can’t hang on much longer as Dellinger reveals what kind of fishman he is, a fighting fish and he bites Ideo and sends him falling down. Dellinger joins Gladius on the 3rd level but he doesn’t get to do anything. Cavendish has become his sleepwalking alter ego, Hakuba. Bartholomeo probably knocked him out with his barrier bull. Before Dellinger can do anything Hakuba strikes him down.


Bleach Chapter 610 : Mausoleum of Skulls

Chapter 610: Mausoleum of Skulls
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So, we learn a little bit more about his ability, although I still find it pretty vague. Though I can only kinda compliment how the King deals with Ichibei.

So, it seems the King truely is the type of man for the Quincy as the Spirit King is for the Shinigami.

Really, in this universe they only seems equals. And Ichigo is a being that a smack in the middle of all of them. Meaning Ichigo will probably be the factor that could tip the balance either way

Anyway, Haschwalt explains that the King has had his eyes closed all this time. since ‘opening’ them would have been dangerous to all his Sternritter since he wouldn’t have been able to control it during his 9 year recovery period.


So. The Kings eyes are the key to his true ability and lo and behold, they opened at just the right time(go convenient timing) so he doesn’t die from Hyousube abilities. The latter just able to prevent lethal damage to himself.

Then we can see multiple pupils on his eyes. From the instant he opened his eyes, he can see everything from now till into the far distant future. He also has a clear understanding of everything. All the ‘abilities’ that he knows becomes his ally (as he says it) and thus nothing can hurt him anymore.

Ichibei does not believe Ywach and goes for a very long chant before he release one of his most powerful attacks (i reckon) Futen Daisatsu Ryou (Slaughterous Mausoleum of Non-Reincarnation).


It doesn’t matter anymore to Ywach finally ripping Hyousube’s body to shreds(quite graphically too, I like it)

One Piece Chapter 771: Baby, you’re not useless


Post author: White Shinobi

Pretty fun chapter this week, a little comic relief but some badass action too.

Zoro’s still fighting with Pica, we don’t get to see too much. Elizabello offers to help him but Zoro declines, telling him that his king punch might have a better use later on. I think we’ll get to see some more Zoro vs Pica next chapter.


Meanwhile, Lao G is fighting Don Chinjao. Chinjao is more concerned about his Sai’s marriage than the battle though. He’s mostly ignoring Lao G and scolding Sai. Sai just wants to get rid of Baby 5 and tells her to kill herself. Baby 5 puts a gun to her head and prepares to shoot herself. Sai, surprised by her determination to be of use to someone tries to stop her. The poor girl has been abandoned by her parents when she was little because she’s too useless.


Sai tries to save her from herself but Chinjao doesn’t agree and even attacks him. Sai kicks Chinjao and breaks his drill. Looks like love is the strongest power after all. Chinjao is moved to tears as Sai has finally surpassed him and promotes Sai to be the next leader of the Happo navy. The moment of happiness only last a little while as Lao G is getting tired of being ignored and blows Chinjao away. Lao G now fights Sai to decide who’ll be the one to get Baby 5. Sai however doesn’t have any problems with the old man and takes him out with his new technique.   771-4

Looks like we’ll be having a wedding soon.

One Piece Chapter 770: Gungnir

Post author: White Shinobi


Hey guys, sorry I’m a little late, my PC caught a virus a few days ago and it screwed up quite a lot.

Anyway, on to the chapter. This was a good one, we start off with Luffy vs Bellamy. Luffy tries to persuade Bellamy to stop fighting but ofcourse the idiot doesn’t listen and hits luffy with a haki infused spring hopper punch.770-3

That’s the only part of Luffy vs Bellamy we get to see this chapter, Pica has finally started to get serious and use his devil fruit power for combat rather than just being a nuisance. Zoro keeps making fun of Pica, who gets angry and causes a lot of collateral damage between his own allies as well. Zoro finally seems to start getting serious, I’m excited to see how those 2 match up against eachother. Zoro will probably beat him, but I want to see how far Pica can push him.


Then we get to see some of the Colosseum allies fighting the Doflamingo officers. Dellinger is still fighting Ideo. Baby 5 seems to have fallen in love with yet another man, this time Sai is the “lucky” one. Could she have finally found her husband? Good thing Sanji isn’t here or we’d have another strawhat right there. Anyway, lets move on. The fight between the giant Hajrudin and Machvise seems to have finished with Hajrudin losing. As he’s close to passing out he goes over all his convictions and regrets. How he couldn’t repay his debt to usopp. With his last bit of willpower he’s willing to sacrifice his arm to defeat Machvise who dives down to crush Zoro. He punches Machvise, he breaks a ton of bones in the process but manages to send Machvise flying against the birdcage.


That’s Machvise down, there’s still quite a lot of them left but looks like things are looking better for the Colosseum alliance. I wonder what will happen to Baby 5, if Sai plays this right they might have a strong ally.

Bleach Manga Chapter 609: “A”

Chapter 609: “A”
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So, I was wondering last week how the King would get out of this one, and this week’s chapter tells you why. Its kinda of a shame, since it makes the King look a bit like a cheesecake. This is gonna be a bit of a rant instead of a summary.

Honestly… if Ichibei Hyousube highly specialized abilities cannot do diddly squat except waste time. Then honestly, what can Ichigo do.

As I started on this chapter it was indeed an awesome chapter to behold, Hyousube truely being the leader of the Shinigami, even among the other Palace guards he stands far above them it was all made useless bu Ywach.. The Almighty… or all-knowing.

As Haschwalt kind of says, that with the King able to understand everything from any given perspective, and with all that Knowledge it makes him impossible for his majesty to be beaten by anyone.

I mean, wouldn’t it have been fucking awesome if Ichibei successfully takes out his majesty forcing Ishida to do something instead of standing there quietly doing fuck all. His revenge has been exacted(the man who is responsible for his mother’s death, is dead now), and he is now the King of the Quincy. Has drinking the King’s blood done anything to him? C’mon use him. He’s right fucking there. Is he just there for Ichigo to fight with? The king did announce the guy as his successor after all.

So, it makes me answer the question… What is Corporal Two-swords gonna do. Beat him to death? If special techniques Like the ones Hyousube possesses.. what does a guy who can move fast and hit hard gonna do? I get the feeling that Ichigo is actually kinda useless(in a way) and can only be used to hopefully weakening the villain -like aizen, but Ichigo couldn’t Kill Aizen, just weaken him at the expense of his own power. It was a nice battle sure, but our main character didn’t  and couldn’t actually finish the job, so that someone else had to finish it up (like Urahara).


Maybe with a bit more info it would sort of makes sense. but right now, just, ugh.

Bleach Manga Chapter 608: Darkness from the Blackest of Black

Chapter 608: Darkness from the Blackest of Black
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Sorry, did not have the time to write a piece this week. But goddamn… it was a fucking awesome chapter. I don’t think I could type something up that would describe what kind of a bad-ass Hyousube is.

I wonder how the King will do to cheat his way out of this one.