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Bleach Manga Chapter 607: The Master

Chapter 607: The Master
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A whole chapter of fighting between the two masters of their respective sides. Last week ended with The king losing his strength but being a quincy in the shinigami territory he can, and does simply take back the strength he lost by absorbing his surroundings in the same way Ishida did when he put on his powerglove waaaayyy back in his fight against Mayuri.


The King then immidiatly launches an attack of various light beams(I guess) which Hyousube easily blocks by smashing them between the palms of his hands. Then the guys goes ahead says that he only halved the King power to preserve Ywach’s dignity(Hyousube is quickly becoming my favorite character).

Then figures his reputation doesn’t matter when they guy’s attack. Hyousube goes on the offensive again using a Kido on Ywach(I think I have seen HIsagi use it in a fight against an arrancar. The king uses an advanced form of Blut Vene called ‘Blut Vene Anhaben’ (translates to ‘wearing the blood vein’) to block the Kido.

Ichibei goes on to use another attack called Teppy Usatsu (Iron wind strike) which brakes the shield on impact and with a mad expression he dives and to grab Ywach by the throat.


THe king smirks as the higher form of Blut Vene actually is able to erode everything that comes into contact with its user. The King sure that has done some major damage to his adversary.

Turns out it is not so easy as Ichibei using his muscles only breaks the Blut Vene and does some actual damage too Ywach, much to the King’s surprise. Then calls out his Zanpaktou.



Holy caligraphy shit!

7 Responses

  1. Good job on the review Pretend3r.

    I like Ichibei. I’m curious what his zanpakuto’s ability is, probably something similar to his paintbrush abilities. i wonder what Ywach will do, he seems to be overwhelmed right now, but if he absorbed the other quincy’s powers I’m sure he’ll get Ichibei to use his bankai soon enough once he starts using them.

    Also, I’d like to ask you something off topic, I was wondering if you have the ability to promote people? The reason I ask is because right now it’s just us 2 writing things. I think it’d be nice if we could have some more people to write things.

  2. This guy…really. One of the few OP characters I don’t mind only because he’s putting the pain on Ywach like nobody’s business. Genryuusai, what happened man? Wasn’t he suppose to be close in power to these guys?

  3. I

  4. Ruler of shinigami strikes again,yamamoto replacement

  5. Been trying to get a comment through my regular email foe days,anyhoo.
    Ichibee hyousubee!!!oh crap,I hope my fingers don’t break from typing his name so casually,something tells me that first release will be scarier than any bankai. good thing KT fixed things with da badass. Monk this chap I tought he was gonna to do the weird ability thing with ichibee too,’cuz last chap he was like “I smashed my brush into ya arm,its no longer arm,its ar”what the??I’d rather the brush simply crush his bones.and what do ya know the same result,the arm is half as strong.
    The weird ability thing has been ruining the action for a while now, very unlike bleach,whose character always have straight kickass abilities.

  6. if ya peeps don’t get what am saying I’ll ramble on a little….we had the tranny zombie,pepe who seemed like a cool floating monk,was really hoping for a quincy vs shinigami monk battle) went around and had a stupid fatty fa&&y ass ability.was his one minute fight and defeat after calling him monster s’pose to be funny and death dealing,still don’t get that guy and his ability,all askin did was get slashed,get up villianically and aizen-like,ramble on something about blood all through the chap and then get slashed to death at the end.
    All in all great chap,respect to ichibee for treating the quincy king like an annoying little bitch.

  7. Yo, nice breakdown, just wondering though when the Soul King will appear? We have seen him but personally I read Bleach now to find out ‘what’ he is….

    @pretend3r – If you are keen at any point to try expand your audience I also currently write for a blog. weareawesomeness. It was basically just a Naruto sight with the Bleach breakdown writer (me) not doing the breakdowns anymore. If you feel its a conflict I understand, I just thought it might be nice to get some more feed back, I remember I really enjoyed it as a breakdown and fan fic writer 😀


    There’s a link to the site, if you are interested let me know. 🙂

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