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Bleach Manga Chapter 607: The Master

Chapter 607: The Master
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A whole chapter of fighting between the two masters of their respective sides. Last week ended with The king losing his strength but being a quincy in the shinigami territory he can, and does simply take back the strength he lost by absorbing his surroundings in the same way Ishida did when he put on his powerglove waaaayyy back in his fight against Mayuri.


The King then immidiatly launches an attack of various light beams(I guess) which Hyousube easily blocks by smashing them between the palms of his hands. Then the guys goes ahead says that he only halved the King power to preserve Ywach’s dignity(Hyousube is quickly becoming my favorite character).

Then figures his reputation doesn’t matter when they guy’s attack. Hyousube goes on the offensive again using a Kido on Ywach(I think I have seen HIsagi use it in a fight against an arrancar. The king uses an advanced form of Blut Vene called ‘Blut Vene Anhaben’ (translates to ‘wearing the blood vein’) to block the Kido.

Ichibei goes on to use another attack called Teppy Usatsu (Iron wind strike) which brakes the shield on impact and with a mad expression he dives and to grab Ywach by the throat.


THe king smirks as the higher form of Blut Vene actually is able to erode everything that comes into contact with its user. The King sure that has done some major damage to his adversary.

Turns out it is not so easy as Ichibei using his muscles only breaks the Blut Vene and does some actual damage too Ywach, much to the King’s surprise. Then calls out his Zanpaktou.



Holy caligraphy shit!

One Piece Chapter 769: No arm Law

Post author: White Shinobi


I think this weeks chapter was quite good.  I wanted to learn some more about the D. but it looks like we’ll have to wait for that.  This week was more focused on action.


After getting hit by Law’s attack Doflamingo regains his composure, even as Law throws part of the building at him he escapes unharmed. Not only that, catches Law on his next attack. Doflamingo explains a few things about Corason’s letter. Even if Vergo didn’t get it Doflamingo already had aquired the throne of Dressrosa so stopping him would prove difficult even for the marine. He mocks Corason by telling Law that all that Corason had done was useless. Where Law replies that Corason didn’t die for nothing and everything that he achieves until he dies is thanks to Corason. Doflamingo cuts off Law’s arm with his devil fruit power and sends him crashing to the ground. I don‘t think Law has lost his arm forever, he can probably just reattach it to his arm with his devil fruit powers once the battle is over. I’m a little dissapointed Law got beaten that easily, but he’ll probably be able to throw in a few curveballs in Luffy and Doflamingo’s fight and I’m excited to see Luffy go against Doflamingo.


Doflamingo pulls out a gun and aims it at Law. He wants to kill Law the same way as his father and brother because, “nothing says execution like lead bullets”. Just as he’s about to pull the trigger Luffy destroys the floor with his jet gatling and takes out the Doflamingo string puppet. Luffy shouts at Doflamingo to release Bellamy, he’ll die if he keeps fighting. Doflamingo agrees, something that I did and at the same time didn’t expect. Doflamingo has been treating him like shit for a while, but he’s always cared about his crew members.


We get to see some of Bellamy’s past. How he’s always looked up to Doflamingo and his order to kill Luffy. He decides to try and complete the order, even with his heavily wounded body. He uses his spring hopper, the same technique he used against Luffy back at Java.


I think this’ll be the same as last time, Luffy will probably knock him out with one punch. If Luffy decides to fight back that is, maybe he’ll just wait for him to collapse and take all of his abuse like the first time they met.