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Bleach Chapter 606: Devine Division

Chapter 606: Devine Division
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So, this week is very interesting, on several front. The battle between the two elders is awesome and we get introduced to a new character from Sereitei. What about that!

This week we get reminded of the battle that is heating up between Ichibei and Ywach, before we go down to Seiretei, we see an unknown person hopping around the building carrying a large bag(or sorts) around yelling to her sister.


In the meantime Urahara seems busy drawing lines with his cane/zankpaktou in the ground between the rubble. It seems insignificant, but nothing her ever does actually is. ANyway, he gets interrupted(rudely) by an old familiar, his former lt. and her Vaizard buddies.

It quickly becomes clear that they were supposed to go up there to the Soul Palace with Ichigo and Yoruichi. I find it a bit interesting she mentions her specifically, also asking Urahara if she went off because her ‘told her already’. I guess Urahara/Yoruichi rule34 is a go.

Hiyori is quite upset for letting them go without help. Even going as far as saying that Urahara deems them expandable as long as they slow down the enemy advance.


All this info about Yoruichi comes as quite a shock to our new friend. The young and quite emotional sister of Yoruichi. Shiouin Yuushirou. Apparently 23rd head of the Shihouin house. I wonder if she brought Yoruichi’s Zanpaktou(I’ve never seen her use or even carry one).

Not as much as the big bag Hiyori is carrying around, but hey.


Meanwhile, the battle is raging on. Ywach comments about the apparent weakness of Hyousube after blocking his attack. His brush however does not cut flesh, It cuts through the essence of ‘name’. The name ‘Arm’ being a mere shadow of its former self. His arms only capable of half of what they could do.

His physical strength has been cut in half. As do his abilities. The Quincy King that is now only half as strong as he used too, facing the man he hates the most, the leader of the Shinigami(Yes, that is what Hyousube said himself).

It seems however, the King still has plenty of strength to pull from. Maybe he will simply take more from the Quincy down below.

10 Responses

  1. I haven’t been enjoying Bleach that much lately but for some reason I kinda liked this chapter. I doubt Ichibe will be able to take him on. Ywach is probably the new Aizen and will probably toy around with everyone until Ichigo arrives to save the day.

    I honestly think Kubo should’ve ended Bleach alteady. Just introducing new cannon fodder isn’t really doing it any good imo.

  2. The Vaizard showing up is not cannon fodder. The Quincy are allergic to Hollow, so they should be pretty decent, maybe they will be the four to aid the other Zero Squad members with the four elites.

    Hachigen Ushōda should be a good match for that Ashkinn the Death Dealer.

  3. I’m not really convinced they’re not cannon fodder, I mean Kensei and Rose teaming up on the wrestling guy weren’t able to put him down. I can see them teaming up with the 0 squad and some of Ichigo’s crew and beat the elites but In the end I don’t expect them to do any better against Ywach as they did against Aizen.

  4. Another interesting chapter.

    I doubt Yhwach can take on Hyousube. I think Yhwach is waiting on Ichigo and then he’s gonna do something to power up then beat Hyousube. Even right now Yhwach’s strength is cut in half how in the world would he be able to fight Hyousube? The answer is Ichigo.

    Seeing Kisuke made me wonder if he knows about the Kamikake? He probably knows why all of this is happening.

    @white shinobi: Sorry to hear you haven’t been enjoying bleach. I felt that way about the fullbringer arc. This quincy arc IMO is pretty good even though there are moments I wished it would have taken another direction but all in all it is turning into a interesting story.

    I think it is to early to say whether or not the vizards or fodder material. The fact that they are with Kisuke says that he may have a plan in using them for other means than to straight up brawl with the quincies.

  5. Oh yeah I forgot to add. That is a funny zanpaktou that Hyousube has. That is if that giant paint brush is his zanpaktou. I was thinking to that maybe Senjumaru’s zanpaktou is actually a needle. Maybe that is pushing it.

  6. @ immortal

    That gets back to what i said a few chapters ago. That some of the zero squad were born before the creation of zanpakuto. Thus they only have special “abilities”.

  7. @UTI: Yo UTI.

    Believe me I see your point. I was just thinking that after the creation of the zanpakuto, the zero squad shinigami just decided to get one themselves, thus sticking with the theme of all shinigami possessing a zanpakuto. It would be more creative if the zero squad just had special abilities nonetheless.

  8. @immortal

    I see your point, but the older ones probably just got used to using their abilities, and didn’t want to change to using the swords.

  9. Well done review pretend3r
    I have being busy lately(anyone miss me?),just read the last two chapters.
    I am going to go with immortal on this,I would have called it sooner,but I was analyzing the situation a bit more
    The zero divison have being springing abilities around and they look neither to be shikai,bankai nor kidou.but I think they are shikai abilities because the abilities somewhat coincides with their weapon.

    The hairstyle guy,tenjiro-uses a row boat paddle and can summon the hot springs

    The fat lady Kirio-uses a spatula that’s a cooking utensil in relation to her cooking abilities

    Senjumaru the asian looking lady- uses needle hands which is a reference to all her sewing abilities.

    Ichibee-uses a brush and the calligraphy words he paints carry power

    Ouetsu the god of zanpakutou is the only one that is off, but he is the creator of zanpakutou.
    The Disclaimer is,the zero squad ichibee especially,seem older than oetsu,the creator of zanpakutou.but I would like you guys note that oetsu created asauchi not zanpakutou.that’s if there’s amy difference,I don’t understand it well myself.

    My point is,I don’t think they are throwing abilities randomly and just calling it incase

  10. @ Immortal, I agree with you on the fullbring arc, this is much better than that, but it just feels to me that Kubo isn’t really caring about his characters that much. That’s probably why I’m not enjoying it as much.

    We already know that Kirio had a zanpakuto before she got promoted. So that’s why I think the abilities from the zero squad are their shikai forms.

    @ Sannins
    It’s said there that Ouetsu created the zanpakuto, the Asauchi are just the strongest type of zanpakuto.

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