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One Piece Manga Chapter 768: The D.

Post author: White Shinobi


Hey guys, WS here for this week’s chapter review.

The flashback ends, for now at least. I expect to see a little more of Law’s past later, like how he met his crew and how he came to be a Shishibukai.


We get to learn a bit more about the D this chapter.  There used to be a group of people called the family of D. which is the natural enemy of god. So everyone we know with the D is probably a descendant of that family. This explains why the government wants pretty much everyone with that name dead and why  there’s hardly anyone with the name of D in the government / marine while we’ve seen plenty of Pirates with the D.


Doflamingo and Law fight for most of the chapter. As Law mentions the name of D, Doflamingo thinks Luffy’s out to kill him, but Law reveals he’s part of D himself. Doflamingo rants on that he isn’t afraid of the D and that it doesn’t matter to him who comes for his head. But he seems to get more angry and reckless as he gets in range of Law’s ability who ofcourse doesn’t waste this opportunity to deal some damage.


The other half of the chapter is all over the place, we get to see who’s where and what they’re doing. Nothing has changed since we first saw them. But it’s a nice way to recap and summarize everything that’s happened up till now.


Well that’s it for this week, tell me what you think.

16 Responses

  1. The flashback was awesome. Glad we got to know Corazon( should we call him Corazon or Rocinante?).

    Now I really just wana see Luffy whip Doffys ass. Has the fight between franky and senior pink concluded?

  2. @Saigou I think we should just call him Corazon, it’s the name he’s most known by. Kinda like Edward Newgate is always reffered to as Whitebeard instead of his real name.

    I’m personally more interested in Zoro vs Pica actually. I feel like we still haven’t seen the extent of Zoro’s power yet. I hope Pica can make him more serious than the clowns he’s been fighting since the timeskip.

    No, I don’t think they’ve finished their battle yet, Franky does punch him down this chapter but Senor Pink stands back up a panel or 2 later

  3. Zorro is my main guy, but I don’t think pica stands a chance at all. I actually thought that fight was as good as finished because Zorro was dominating the last time we saw them. I thought zorro would just one hit KO him.

    I don’t know what odas planning for zorro but maybe he made zorro too strong.

  4. Is there any chance of law finishing doffy and not Luffy? I wonder if that injection shot has a specific effect or just physical damage?

  5. I don’t know, Pica is supposed to be one of the strongest soldiers from Doffy with the same rank as Vergo, I think he’s hasn’t shown all of his strength yet.

    I think it’ll be the combined effort of Luffy and Law, Trebol will probably step in at some point and make it a 2v2.

  6. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s any chance of law doing it on his own but it if would be quite nice to see. Luffy can take out trebol.

    It is possible that Pica has been hiding something but from what I’ve seen so far zorro can end it whenever he wants too. I’m sure zorro isn’t even close to his maximum either.



  7. Well there’s no doubt Zoro’s the stronger one, I just want Pica to pose a challenge to him. So far he just seems to be more of a terrible annoyance than a threat. But there’s got to be a reason why he’s one of Doffy’s top members.

    It’s Oda, we never know what he’s planned for them lol we’ll just have to wait and see.

  8. I think it’s more to Trebol then Oda is letting on. He’s supposedly the top executive out of all of them and might be pulling the strings to Doflamingo. He just looks too casual and it seems likely law has to take care of Doflamingo leaving luffy out of it.

  9. It would be ironic if trebol is the one pulling doffys strings. Its definitley possible since he talked about giving him the power for vengeance.

  10. Why would anyone suggest that snot bastard pulling doffy’s string,that’s impossible.
    As for law injection shot,at first I thought he administered some drug,and wanted to go all mayuri(bleach scientist),but it kinda looks like the counter shot he used against vergo and the giant cool brothers.so am gonna say its just a sword version of counter shot.

    I know the executives were strong but not damn strong,how could they hold off the colosseum army and what’s annoying is lao-G kicking chinjao’s ass,a top executive s’pose to be the only one who can match that guys power and someone should just kick that cocky brat dellinger’s ass,literally,like zoro did.respect.

    Quick question:who’s dory???,was gonna ask last chap but he wasn’t mentined in this chap either so…

  11. I was thinking Trebol could be related to whomever Donflamingo reports to in the world government. Far fetched maybe, but I can’t shake this feeling that there’s more to him

    There are theories floating around that Dorry is x drake. I think they say he has that x on his chin or something like that.

    So it’s just a cool name for a normal thrust. Guess I can live with that.

    We just saw a single instance. Who knows if that kick was truly effective. Or chunk ao could have fallen asleep or something stupid.

  12. @saigou
    Drake?wouldn’t have guessed,thought dorry would be a short name for dor-something,like doflamingo-doffy or trafalgar-trao,drake doesn’t really cut dorry or maybe it does a little,anyhoo drake kinda make sense he was indeed ex-marine.the guy is pretty strong too, last I remember he kick blasted a pacifista.right before kizaru used them to reconstruct sabody skyscrapers.I miss kizaru when does he show again.

  13. I think Trebol; used to pull the strings when Doffy was younger, he was the only adult when they met anyway. But I don’t think it’s necessary for him to pull them anymore, Doffy’s a big boy now.

    @gentlepunch I think the colosseum army is not in the best shape, they’ve been fighting eachother in the ring before and now they get to battle the excecutives. Also they all seemed to be focused on Doffy more than anything else, they’re probably underestimating them a little too.

    Here you can see Dorry has a scar the same shape as Drakes on his chin, that s why people think it’s him. I don’t think Drake is his real name anyway, or maybe it’s his last name.

  14. Man I can’t believe Law landed that blow on Pirate gangsta Doffy. Not that I think Law is weak (even though Doffy did bust a few caps in Law) it’s just that I always expected Doffy to be more nimble than that. Still I can’t believe that Doffy lost it at the end there when Law was talking about the name D. So what is the name of D? Perhaps people with the name of D will overthrow all higher authorities or something. Whatever it is caused Mingo to get shanked at the end there.

  15. I am an anime-only of one piece but since naruto has ended and there’s a regular review here, I think I’ll catch up,hopefully I have better luck than the first time I tried to read it,the graphics drove me away

  16. @ Immortal, I agree with you on that, it sure looked like Doffy got careless once Law mentioned the D. I’m really interested in what the D means.

    @ Sannins I’ve heard from people before that they’ve let the art drive them away from One Piece. But you should give it a try, the art gets better after a while too. Maybe you just skip the parts you’ve already watched on anime. I don’t watch the anime so I don’t know where it’s at now. but they’re probably about 50 chapters behind.

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