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Bleach Manga Chapter 605: Don’t Call My Name

Chapter 605: Don’t Call My Name
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Sorry I am late with this weeks summary, but I sure as hell enjoyed the start of a hell of a battle. But before that gets underway there is a short but interesting exchange between the two old friends. Ukitake and Kyouraku.

They note the events going on up high. Ukitake referring to the ‘Kamikake'(Mangastream translates is as the Divine Presence). We see a very odd shadow behind the white-haired captain, with what looks like an eye making me wonder what he has been up to. And moreover, what this Kamikake is they’re talking about, and maybe the Shadow could relate to Ukitake’s Bankai even? What is your take on their exhange?


Kyouraku seems to agree and goes off to find the Central 46. Now I doubt there is much of the Central 46 leadership alive at this point, since his Mayest trashed the place, but Aizen should still be down there having declined the King’s offer to join the Quincy. THere is a good chance that he would jump on the chance of gaining entry to the Spirint King’s palace.

Meanwhile Ichibei Hyousube draws two lines, in which he shall defeat the King. The King noting his calculations being off as he shall defeat him in three paces less.

Ichibei again notes his displeasure at the King calling him by his name so casually and draws a giant Kanji which spawns a massive hand dealing a massive blow to Ywach. I think he actually slaps Ywach through the sound barrier.


Ichibei launches another attack of the ‘Senri Tsuuten Shou'(Heaven-Piercing Palm of a thousand Ri – Ri being a unit of measurement.)

The king tries to call up a defensive move but he indeed got his throat crushed, and takes another hit from the palm.

The King then does something to his own throat, allowing him to speak once more calling out to his ‘Zankuto Bougen’ Great holy bow and lets it pierce himself to counteract the strength of the Senri blow.


Ichibei comments on the King terrifying nature stating that the King leaves him no choice but to forfeit his life. Now in the last panel it looks like drop of blood, but if you look at the most bottom picture it looks like it could be ink. It seems Ichibei will use one of his(if not) his most advanced technique to deal with the King.

5 Responses

  1. Thanks for the review pretend3r.

    I’ve already made some comments about the chapter but I went back to see if I could understand what Utikate and Kyouraku were talking about.

    Before I get into that, there was something you mention pretend3r a few chapters ago that I forgot about. Kyouraku’s eyepatch. It seems that his eye was healed some how because he wasn’t wearing it this chapter. I wonder if TK is going to explain when or how that happen.

    Now with the conversation that Utikate and Kyouraku were having, what I found odd was on page five when Utikate said “it seems that they’ve let the invasion into the Soul Palace happen.” I remember some peeps from the community saying something along those lines. Do you think the zero squad let Y.H into the palace? I don’t know who thought of that theory but I vaguely remember someone saying something along the lines of how could it be that the zero squad were not aware of the fact that if they send Ichigo back to SS with that outfit that it would leave the door open for Y.H to make his invasion. So did the zero squad let it happen? Are they aware of the “Kamikake”?

    As far as the Kamikake, I have no ideal what it is the meaning behind it. Something tells me it has to do with the Soul King based upon it being foreseen. Perhaps whatever this is, I think Ichigo is the key to it all. Maybe the Soul King wanted this to happen in order to bring out the full potential of Ichigo or something. Right now the only person that knows is TK.

    Did you notice it started raining in the seireitei? Not that it means anything.

    Utikate has just became a little bit more interesting.

    @UTI: With everything that is transpiring, I believe the Soul King may have orchestrated these events for some reason. Maybe it just needed people to help carry out his plans.

  2. It started raining one or two chapters ago, right as the king start the ‘ausweahlen’

  3. @ immortal and everyone

    I think Ukitake may have some forseeing ability, which could signified by the big eye. It may even help him read the Uchiha Tablet…….oops wrong manga, lol.

  4. Speaking of wrong mangas,when I saw ukitake and kyouraku,near the eye,I was like Oh shit!! FMA the Portal of truth,
    pretend3r translated kamikaze to divine prescence,so its not far off,hell the soul king could just be a faceless white guy

  5. @I didn’t translate shit… Mangastream did.

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