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One Piece Manga Chapter 767: Nooo! Corason!

Post author: White Shinobi


Hey Guys, This is White Shinobi. I’ll be doing this week’s One Piece review. Some of you might remember me, I used to make fanfics and Fairy Tail reviews on here a long time ago. In case anyone wants to know what happened. My PC crashed and I lost everything I was working on at the time, this made me lose all motivation to write things and at the same time life was getting a little busy for me too so I decided to just lurk around instead of actively participating.

Anyway, I’m rambling enough about me, on to the reason why you’ve all come here, the One Piece review.


The chapter starts with a young Doflamingo killing his own father because the spoiled brat wants to get back his nobility title. We also see a young Vergo and Trebol encouraging him. His father apologizes to his sons as he’s shot into the head. I really feel sorry for the man, he had the best intentions, he didn’t want his children to turn into slave-driver like the other Tenryuubito too bad Doflamingo already was too much of a spoiled brat to appreciate his father’s effort.


We get back to Law’s flashback where Doflamingo has used his birdcage on the island and has the pirates slaughter each other. A boy named Dory escapes from the cage and leaves his crewmates alone to die against Doflamingo.

Corason and Law have managed to escape from Vergo and Corason hides Law in a chest, he’s used his devil fruit ability to make sure Law won’t be heard no matter how much sound he creates. Corason gets caught by the Doflamingo crew. When facing his brother he makes a bluff claiming that law has already escaped the birdcage, luckily the marines have a boy in custody which makes me think that Dory made it out to the marines.


Doflamingo shoots Corason and moves with his crew including Law hiding in a treasure chest back to the ship. Law manages to escape as soon as the pirates leave to search for him. Doflamingo notices that the marine ship belongs to Otsuru, this really makes me wonder how strong she is. Everyone seems to hold at least a certain amount of respect or fear towards her. Even Doflamingo looks a little more pissed than before.

As the snow starts to cover Corason’s dying body the marines start firing their cannons. And the chapter ends with law crying as Corason dies, luckily the cannon impacts at the same time as Corason dies and Law is still safe. But will he be able to stay safe? The Doflamingo pirates are near him and may be able to spot him at any time.


Well I guess that’s it for this week, I’m pretty sure you guys will let me know what I’ve missed. Let me know if you want more reviews, I know I’m not the best person to do this but I’ll try my best.


8 Responses

  1. Thank you for this. Its greatly appreciated. Please continue doing it

    Can you offer any clarity about the first page? Do you think it was Trebol that said I can offer you the power for revenge? Did he have the string fruit? Did he see doffys haki and decide to follow him. An he happened to have the string fruit? That first page really confuses me

  2. Way to go White Shinobi. That’s the way to get the ball rolling. I’m getting a strong feeling of renewal around here, and it feels great.

  3. @ Saigou
    Yes, I think that’s Trebol, he has snot dangling from his nose lol. I think that he and vergo both decided to follow Doffy after learning he’s an exiled Tenryuubito. Maybe they think they can get something good out of this. I can’t say much about the string fruit, but I think the revenge Trebol talked about was killing his father for taking away his power.

    I’m glad you guys like this, I’ll keep doing them 🙂

    @ UchihaTheInfamous
    Thanks, I hope it’s contagious and more people will start comming back and do things 😛
    I’m thinking of reviving one of my old series, maybe a fanfic or my manga suggestion thingy but not sure yet.

  4. Well well looks like the greatest manga is back online here, courtsey of white shinobi,although I should warn ya,ya gat to have the will of “D” to keep this up.

    Annnd.. there goes corazon( someone translate that alias,figured it would have a badass meaning much like the admirals) “I want you to remember me smiling”.LOL he sure knows how to pluck some nerve strings, I’m gonna miss his fashion sense although I hope no one comes back with his lame ass devil fruit power.
    I hope oda wraps us this flashback,its not so much fun to dwell in the past

  5. @ gentlepunch lol I know, J D.ogg did really great all the time he used to be doing these. I’ll try to do it some justice 🙂

    Corazon means heart in spanish. Which is probably a reference to cards since other members have card based names and themes as well. Diamante (Diamond) Trebol (Club) and Pica (Spade)

  6. Even though I’m more of a casual fan of One piece, I’m glad to see a review about it. It’s better for me when there is a review so that I can a more in depth understanding of the world of One piece. Thanks white shinobi for the chapter review.

    I purpose a question folks; do you think Law will be the other member of the Strawhats? Now I know he has his own crew, but the way things are going, it would appear everything is being set up for him to join.

    First Luffy did say he would be his Nakami which Law responded “like hell I am!” LOL!

    Now the flash back with the sad story fits perfectly with the each of the strawhats struggled histories.

    The only thing that is missing is what is Law’s dream?

    Its weird to me that pirate gangsta Doffy doesn’t mind pulling out that 357 magnum despite his devil fruit abilities. LOL. Maybe that’s his Modus operandi.

  7. @immortal
    nah,I hope he doesn’t become a member,law is an independent badass,he doesn’t go well as a member
    Also if he joins he’s gonna eclipse my man zoro as assistant captain.no way in hell that’s gonna happen.
    Wondering why Doflamingo kills with a pistol,when he could jus slash’em into bits with his DF ability?? if you’ve seen someone shot with a pistol,he jerks even after being dead and to empty a round into someone is dope.he gets to savour the kill,its the perfect weapon for a psycopath.hmmhmmuahahahahahahaahaha*evil laugh*

  8. @ Immortal
    It’s possible Law will join the strawhats, but I’m not sure. I think he’ll be more like an ally. I do like law and his devil fruit power is awesome so I deffinitely want to see more of him.

    His dream will probably be revealed at the end of the flashback or after the whole dressrosa thing.

    He killed his father with a gun too, maybe it’s just for nostalgia that he killed Corazon with a gun lol

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