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Bleach Manga Chapter 604 : Revitalize

Chapter 604: Revitalize
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This weeks chapter shows what a devious fucking asshole His Majesty actually is.

Most Shinigami seem very puzzled as to what is going on. The Sternritter down below feel their power being taken away from them.

The new Captain Commander realizes what is going on, and that the Soul Palace is in serious danger.


The 4 Elite Guards are reborn from death. And Oetsu doesn’t even realize what hit him. Lille Barro shooting his shoulder to bits.

Haschwalt explains what actually happened. His Majesty used the ability called ‘Auswahlen’. The ability collects the life force and powers of the Quincy who are deemed expendable and then is distributed amongst those who are deemed essential.

The process goes as far as it kills the ones who get their powers taken. Those that receive it become even stronger. Since it’s not really about reishi cannot block it.

Then Lille adds the usual bullshit line about ; I havent become stronger, I always had these power bla bla bla bla you are gonna die now bla bla bla.

His ability is pretty neat though. It’s called ‘Banbutsukantsuu’ or in english ‘Perforater of all creation’. There aren’t actually any bullets. Apparently anything and everything between the gunpoint and the target will disappear basicly.

The wierdo Pernida Parnkgjas goes and does his thing by breaking the prison, and with that the King leaves his prison and quickly stands before his final obstacle.


The monk Hyousube Ichibei.

I for one and pretty eager to see how this man handles himself in battle, because he looks a little pissed, and Ywach pretty exited.

12 Responses

  1. I’m with you pretend3r. I can’t wait to see how this monk fights. One thing I can say about TK is he rarely disappoints when it comes to a fight. You never can predict what he will do. Interesting enough is Yhwach is still eagered to get to the SK without himself using to much power. He may be tough himself but I don’t think he could handle the zero squad. Speaking of the zero zquad, they have yet to use their full powers yet. They have both shikai and bankai to rely on. That all being said, Captain Commander Shunshi Kyoraku seemed worried so that perhaps the Soul Palace is really in danger. If Kyoraku is going SP he may end up fighting Haschwalt, Ichigo will fight Ishida, and Kisuke and company will help Zero Squad unless something strange happens.

    Don’t forget either that the Soul King probably knows how to fight. (I’m going by what Senjumaru Shutara said to Yhwach about how he should be rust of the SK’s sword). That would be interesting to see.

  2. Do you have to have a sword to do bankai? If so, I think some of the zero squad were born before the creation of the swords. So they may not fight with then, and may have other powers.

    Secondly, why didn’t Yuwach just power up his four elite quincy from the start, and demolish seretei from the start? This seems like it would have been more efficient.

  3. UTI: That would be cool if they have different powers but I believe they all have bankai. My reasons have to do with the fact that they are the zero squad who are the pillars of SS; so whatever SS has the zero squad created it. It’s safe to assume that Oetsu “god of the blade” knows bankai since he created the zanpaktou. Also that monk should definitely know bankai since he has the title “Monk who calls the real name.” That guy pretty much has named and knows the true name of everything that has to do with SS. That’s why I can’t wait to see him fight. Also the hot springs demon may know bankai since we seen him with a zanpaktou. The reason I didn’t name the chicks of the zero squad was because we haven’t seen a zanpaktou from them. However I believe they all can do bankai.

    To answer your second question is really something you told me about. Maybe if he use to much power it will reduce the time he can stay outside the “shadow realm.” That may be one reason. Another reason which to me sounds more logical, is perhaps he didn’t want to reveal his hand to soon to the Zero Squad. If he did he they would have been better prepared when he came to the SP. The cool thing is, Yhwach had to have a good plan. Yhwach IMO, doesn’t have the outright power to destroy SS or SP. Another thing to is, if Yhwach would have unleashed his elite forces there would have been a risk of at least one of them getting defeated which would potentially put his plan at risk. I know this is a lot but I have one more theory. Yhwach also gains power whenever one of his sternritters die. So maybe he used his forces to ”kill or be killed” so to speak; which either way would grant him more power to take on SP.

  4. @Immortal

    Both are very good points about Yuwach. The time constraint also me be why he chose to enter the fight now, because the others are taking too long.

  5. I think Kubo has dramatically sped forward the plot this week, removing what could of been at least 3 chapters of explaining characters etc in one foul swoop which I am happy about actually. The biggest problem with Bleach at the moment is the size of its roster, there are so many fodder semi filler characters that have been created for the sole purpose of allowing one of the “mains” to power up, and the story has become formulaic in its design.

    Each of the characters Renji, Rukia, Byakuya, Kenpachi etc etc. Has each battled at least one quincy and we spent a couple of chapters finding out that quincies ability then for the first character to power up and defeat the enemy if only barely.

    This then gives everyone the impression that these characters are important yet in the over all plot they are about as important as Hawk Eye is in the Avengers movies 😛

    Bleach needs to regain its focus if it wants to be interesting again and spend less time on rediculas abilities or bankais or quincy released states but on the plot and motivation of the characters and not killing each one off or at least kill off some of the over crowded roster of secondary – primary characters….

  6. Is ichibee hyosubee becoming anyones favourite character??,I always knew,His happy eyes couldn’t hide his badass.he’s like a yamamoto with a mixture of ichigo and kyouraku. What’s the number one manga rule:FEAR! anyone one in a wooden sandals.LMAO

  7. @gentle

    That’s a pretty good rule, lol. Let’s not forget how beast Jiraiya was.

  8. @UTI
    Ya jiraiya,bless his manga soul.and admiral Fujitora got those wooden shits too,
    The wooden sandals is just beside my other one rule..”The pissed off main character always wins,no matter the villians power level.

  9. Just wanna comment on the new chapter, I now believe that the monk of the zero squad is the kido creator. Kido is the only thing that has been left out of this war so it stands to reason that Ichibei would be a kido master especially with that technique he used on Y.H. That being said with his abilities he probably is a master of many things. I wonder if that paint brush is his zanpaktou? That would be weird.

    I also wonder what Shunsui and Jushiro were talking about. It was almost as if they expected these events to transpire. I was reading some comments on mangastream and someone said that Shunsui might be going to central 46 to get Sosuke Aizen. That would be a strange turn of events. One thing I love about the current story, is it makes me wonder how TK will bring everything together. With everything happening, I wonder what Ichigo’s role will be? If Yhwach beats the zero squad, do you think Ichigo will be strong enough to beat Y.H? With the way Shunsui and Jushiro are talking, it seems that if they don’t do something the Soul Palace will fall. Very interesting stuff indeed.

  10. The top five strongest people in bleach right now are:

    1: Yhwach and Ichigo (after a last minute resolve power-up)
    2: Aizen & Kisuke( primarily cause of intellect)
    3: Ichibei
    4: Zero squad members, four elite sternritter, and Uryu and B sternritter.
    5. A group of people can fit here: The current captain commander, the sick guy, a couple of sternritter, Kenpachi, etc.

  11. @UTI: Yo UTI, where do you rank the Soul King on the power scale?

  12. @immortal

    We can’t really rate him/it because we haven’t seen any action from him/it. We’ve only heard that he/it’s supposed to be fairly strong. My counter-point would be why does he/it need so many people protecting him/it, if his/it’s power is so great.

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