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Naruto Chapter 695: Naruto and Sasuke (2)

The end is nigh.. Exited? Sad?

Click here to read the chapter

Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

10 Responses

  1. This is more like it…little talking and all action. I was bummed that naruto was on the defensive the whole time and the end sets up next chapter to be a heavy dialogue chapter.

  2. 5 more chapters left for naruto. Naruto is coming to a close on November 10th when the last chapter premier.

  3. Oh god, that ‘bubble of friendship’ is back -_-

    Wow, I almost forgot that Sasuke’s using Sage chakra to augment all his attacks too, which is why his susanno’s arrows and naruto’s truth seeking balls negated each other.

    This fight is looking too similar to Hashirama and Madara’s fight though. It was cool back then, but now I’m hoping kishi switches up the combat a bit in more their style. Regardless, Naruto’s not the only one holding back, it seems like Sasuke’s just going the the motions too, probably just waiting for him to get serious.

  4. I don’t blame sasuke at all,if a guy tells me,”I won’t leave you alone my only best friend”
    I would probably kill him

  5. @dartuchiha
    I hope kishi switches to their style.awesome jutsus like kirin,frog kata,rasenshuriken,well they look like shit now considering their power levels but still…I’ll be damn cool if kishi have them put all their jutsu on the table.i

  6. It’s over for Sasuke because he’s in the talk-no-jutsu/feelings-no-jutsu realm.

  7. Naruto: Well I don’t really have much to say about these past two chapters. Sasuke is still a lunatic and Naruto is still in love with him. I can’t come up with any theories on how this fight will end.

    The main reason I posted is I wanted to ask anyone who is reading this, have you seen Hunter X Hunter? There are some elements to this anime/manga that remind me of Naruto. For example one of the characters named Kurapika reminds me of our favorite emo Sasuke Uchiha.

    They both lost their clans.
    They both have eye abilities. (Sort of.)
    Both seek revenge. (Well okay Sasuke seeks…uhhh….who knows.)

    Anyway just wondering if Hunter X Hunter came out first or Naruto.

    One piece: Now I understand why so many people in the the One piece universe are so crazy; that world is filled with tragedy!

    Law didn’t just lose his Mom, Dad, or Sis, he lost HIS ENTIRE COUNTRY. (And Sasuke thinks he has problems? LOL!) Didn’t that happen to Sexy Robin to? Even Doffy had a pretty rough past. In the One piece world, you either become strong or get some strong drink in order to survive.

  8. @Kisuzachi: I hope you do a post about the last chapter. Don’t disappear for another year! LOL! According to nss7, Nov 10 is the last one. If not you hopefully somebody will do the last review.

  9. @Immortal

    I don’t read Hunter x Hunter, but I have heard other people mention the similarities. I’m not sure which one came out first.

  10. This whole thing, and the fact that Naruto is a money maker, just feels like there is another series coming after this one, another time skip and subtitle name. ‘Naruto: The Golden Years” or whatever. I doubt they willend it, it’s just too profitable.

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