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Bleach Chapter 600 : Snipe

Chapter 600: Snipe
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Great chapter this week that shows what the Zero Squad should be capable off.

So… it started off with Senjumaru with a whole in her head, courtesy of Lille Barro.


600aHe then quickly get scolded by Gerard, for leaving a giant bloodstain on the floor, straight in the King’s path. Lille asked Pernida for a little help which he/she/it does mangling up the body and probably consuming it.

Garard outs his disappointment, But Lille says basically anyone keels over and disappoints when faced with the likes of them. Lille Barro needs only one shot per platform crippling the entire area clearing the way for his majesty.

Juha remains silent, probably the only one realizing the farce that is displayed before them.(because his is the evil king who knows everything)


suddenly, Lille Barro and the others find out what has been happening. The curtains are being raised by Senjumaru. This little show is quite distressing to Lille Barro, but Senjumaru explains. They created a small fake to lure them in. The real Soul Palace is hidden by Ichibei who is holding a giant brush and ‘painted’ to kanji for Conceal to hide the real soul Palace.

Snipe aims his gun toward Ichibei but it’s already too late for them as Kirio has created her prison to keep these boys in.

A giant tree structure forms on the platform. The cage feeds on the ability of these Quincy(in essence) thus shouldnt be able to be destroyed. But I’m sure it will at some point. Because Ichigo needs to battle the king and Ishida(probably) at some point.


The last to arrive on the scene is the ever-flashy Nimaiya Oetsu, bringing in a zanpaktou that for some reason he carries in a backback filled with a liquid. Which I’m sure he has a reason too.

Maybe it’s one the zanpaktou now crafted into a blade. I am pretty eager to see what he can do especially.

5 Responses

  1. Yhwach knows how powerful the Zero Squad is. I don’t think he really believes that his top soldiers can defeat them. What I wondering is, what is he planning. This maybe a long shot, but he might be stalling just to wait on Ichigo for some reason.

    Consider this. If Yhwach is really strong, he wouldn’t need his elite forces to take on the Zero Squad, he could do it himself. However with what UTI reminded me of was he can’t stay is the SP to long anyway. It will be interesting to see the upcoming events.

    Still no word on who the sword person in Heuco Mundo or who officially is the 5 war powers huh? Oh well patience Immortal….patience.

  2. @Immortal, I agree with you, it seems like he’s waiting for something, like he has a plan that is working its way into place. In fact, i’d guarantee it, I mean look at Aizen; he had plans on plans on plans; Bleach is a series about Villains who plan everything out meticulously.

  3. Remember, this guy had like a thousand years to plan something out. Imagine what would have happened if Aizen had that long to plan something out.

  4. Hehehe…..who’s to say this isn’t Aizen’s plan. Muhuhahaha!

  5. Tou’che, lol.

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