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Bleach Chapter 598: The Shooting Star Mix

Chapter 598: The Shooting Star Mix
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SOrry that I am missing to post my chapter summaries on Bleach every once in a while. The new release dates are a bit problematic sometimes. But I’ll do my best.

So last week we saw a 4th man who traveled along with the King., but we’ll get back to him.


Pig Riding Ganju Shiba shows up ready to join the party of 4, making it a party of 5 Because apparently you need a map to fly in a canon being shot up toward the soul palace.

So Yourichi, Ichigo, Inoe, Chad and Ganju head up the Soul Palace. Inoue reminisces about their first invasion when of course Ishida was with them. But Ichigo consoles her telling her he’s going to.


Meanwhile, the two zero squad members are a bit stumped by the Sternritter ‘W’ and his strange abilities. apparently this little guy with two tongues can bend everything of everything Enemy that he can see, either with his eyes and intuition. He explains this as he bends three soldiers in half like the new Iphone 6.

In the time that her soldiers kept him busy Senjumaru Shutara made her move. It seems her abilities in regards to making clothing are deeply rooted in her ability to fight.

We see a marking at the bottom of his clothing marking her fabulous work as she tell he, a small fry, should be grateful and don’t think of taking it off before he dies.

At which moment large spikes pierce his body all over.


Quite brutal… I like it.

7 Responses

  1. I completely missed last chapter. But now that I’ve seen it; wow is all I have to say. Maybe because of two pieces of information.

    Senjumaru Shutara the awesome babe of the Royal Guard admits to knowing Yhwach from the past with the line, “It’s been awhile Yhwach.” With the way Yhwach knows everything about SS, maybe he worked with them along time ago. Can’t wait to get more info on the history of SS.

    The other thing that was awesome was the fact Senjumaru Shutara said to Yhwach, “You should be rust of the Soul King’s blade.” (Chapter 597 pg 13) What!?! The Soul King has a sword? Not only that, did the Soul King fight Yhwach in the past? I just had the notion that the soul king was a thing that needed defending. It makes me question how exactly was Aizen planning on killing the SK? (If he was planning on it.) But I don’t want to go down that road right now. What is crazy also about last chapter was how Yhwach doesn’t engage any of the Royal Guard. That is weird. However one thing I do know is the fact that Yhwach whatever his plan is, it is well thought out.

    The new chapter was awesome seeing Senjumaru Shutara. I don’t know her full abilities but she seems like a beast like the rest of the Royal Guard. Ganju going alone seems strange. I maybe wrong but maybe Ganju might be more than he lets on. Remember I believe the Fullbringers were hanging out with him not to long ago. I think he is going along not to just navigate the cannon, but to offer some back up. It would be interesting but like I said I could be wrong.

    @pretend3r: Thanks for clearing up this chapter. That wind sternritter was annoying. I just pretty much skipped over everything he was saying. That being said, TK still gets props for creating that character.

    “Bend three soldiers in half like the new Iphone6.” ROFL! Funny stuff man.

  2. Oh yeah I almost forgot. Do you think any of the Royal Guard invented kido? I just know TK didn’t throw kido to the side huh?

  3. @immortal

    Yuwach can only stay outside the shadow realm for a temporary amount of time. So he couldn’t concern himself with needless battles. That’s why brought the bending guy with him to speed past everyone because he couldn’t be touched.

    On a side note, i thought this had turned into a Naruto chapter when Ichigo started talking about bringing Ishida back -_-. All he needed to say was “Orihime I never go back on my word. That’s my shinigami way! BELIEVE IT!!!!!”

  4. @immortal
    None of them are there for Kido I think. Maybe the King itself bestowed it upon the shinigami.

  5. @UTI: Interesting. I forgot all about his time limit. So he must be going straight for the kill of the Soul King. Yhwach really planned this whole thing out. Well he did have 1000 years to do it.

    On that side note, Ichigo and Naruto really need to start picking better friends. Seriously.

    @pretend3r: Yeah I just don’t understand how kido isn’t a factor in all this. Somebody had to create it. We have swords, clothes, hotsprings, artificial souls, err…..callling the real names of stuff, yet no kido. Hmmm…if the King bestowed it himself, maybe he is the creator of kido. Probably the only individual who can do spells above 99.

  6. @immortal
    I believe calling objects by it’s real name was part of creating a sword. I’ve never heard about the 5th royal guard (baldy) specialty was and there wasn’t a chapter dedicated to his palace specifically either. He was only shown when he greeted them to the entire zero squad realm and for their departure.

  7. I think the bald guy is the one that ‘names’ everything.

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