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Bleach Chapter 595: Rubb-Dolls 2

Chapter 595: Rubb-Dolls 2
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Hey yo, welcome back…

It seems JUMP releases have been a day late for the last few weeks. A bit annoying for me since Friday is a long ass day at work-day.

Anyway. A new sternritter has introduced himself. The self-proclaimed love doctor ; Sternritter ‘L’ Pepe Waccabrada “the love”. I figured his abilities would be more devious in nature going by how he was presented before. But his power his quite different.


His power takes control of another person, much like Giselle, except his way to control the subject is love, not death.

Last week he captured Hisagi’s heart making the Shinigami attack his superior Kuchiki Byakuya. Pepe takes this time to explain to Byakuya some of his philosophy of conflict.

Byakuya already rendered Hisagi immobile and seems intent to waste no time into taking out the manipulator.

He moves his hand to make the shape of a heart and starts firing ‘hearts’ at Byakuya. It seems it can be blasted as a continuous stream making it harder to dodge. Byakuya eventually strikes the beam with his blade along with a comment that the Sternritter cannot manipulate the heartless.


However even though Byakuya is a cold-hearted man his blade still has a ‘heart’ and thus can be manipulated forcing Byakuya to discard his blade.

Pepe makes the wounded Hisagi get up, the lt coughing up blood but still seemingly pretty damn mobile. Byakuya rethinks his strategy while dodging Hisagi’s attack.

Pepe manages to hit him with his ‘love kiss’ as he calls it but it doesn’t hinder byakuya, making Pepe go ‘völlstandig’. A form I could have done with out, but it allows him to make use of his more advanced abilities. The surprisingly called ‘love rope’.

He manages to immobilize Byakuya, but stops hisagi from striking him down. Then pulls out his love bow from his throat.


But before he can fire he gets smashed by a foot to the head. No doubt it was Kensei’s.

Now these guys still seem pretty dead, but I have no doubt that Mayuri has regained control of these man, likely using the same drug he gave Toshiro. They look even more devoid of life, the black markings on their head reminding me a bit Ichigo’s hollow form.

I wonder how mindless they are, they don’t seem to be carrying their Zanpaktou’s though, or maybe they are simply out of few.

2 Responses

  1. “My darling I…..can’t get enough of your love baby! LOL! Sorry but that sternritter has the Barry White vibe going.

    Enough of that. You know I didn’t expect Byakuya to become so strong. Just like that big mouth sternritter said last chapter about him being beaten by that fear sternritter, now he is capable of taking down 3 sternritters by himself. He really has grown. I like the fact that Byakuya is “heartless” in terms of how he deals with his opponents compared to our friendly neighborhood Ichigo. DId everyone read what Byakuya said:

    ” Had it been my arms that were being manipulated I could have just dealt with it by cutting them off….It was careless of me to hesitate over breaking senbozakura and opting to drop it instead”. -Byakuya ch 595 pg14.

    The way Byakuya thinks when it comes to battle is awesome. He already showed before that he was willing to cut the tendons in his arms and I believe his legs as well to win a fight. Not to mention also he was willing to draw his sword’s power into his hurtless area and cut up his arm to win. He truly is a heartless warrior which also makes him extremely dangerous as well.

    I wasn’t expecting a zombified Rose and Kensei to show up. I wonder what Mayuri did to them? I also wonder if Mayuri will be able to use some of his necromancy experiments to revive them from that zombified state like he did the arrancar. To bad he didn’t revive Starrk. With the ceros he has, he could have wiped out all of the sternritters.

    @pretend3r : “Hey yo welcome back….” I see the gangsta is coming out of you eh. Hehehehe.

    Oh and for everyones amusement, I want to leave you all with this….

  2. ^Nice, lol.

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