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Naruto Chapter 691: Congratulations

A chapter of goodbye’s

Click here to read the chapter

Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

22 Responses

  1. First!!
    Not a bad way to end and naruto even hints at liking hinata

  2. I think this pretty much seals it, that there won’t be a time skip. I think we’ll get an immediate update on villages uniting then a future shot of Naruto and Sasuke as dual homages.

  3. Hokages*

  4. At first I wanted them to bring back Jiraiya, but now I’m glad they didn’t.

  5. #Sasuke4ViceHokage

  6. Naruto and Sasuke doing a full out battle but friendly against each other over Hokage role??

  7. I’m curious though, what will happen to the tailed beasts? Will they be free to roam? Wonder if kurama would choose to remain with Naruto as a jinjurruki.

  8. Well technically Kurama has to remain with Naruto; if he’s extracted naruto will die. Uzumaki or not, he would eventually die from the extraction process. Didn’t Kushina simply last longer from the extraction and eventually succumb to it?

  9. For clarification that was minato’s half of kurama naruto was talking to right? And the other half is still in his body?

  10. @Cas24

    Nah, minato’s half of kurama was inside naruto during the whole fight with Madara/kaguya. Obito transferred that part he sneakily took from SOSP Madara to naruto in an attempt to keep Naruto from dying from the extraction. Naruto was talking to the other half, the part he grew up with.

  11. @FireFist

    Speaking of which, since Naruto does have Kurama’s yin chakra, it’s a win win. Naruto can keep his kyuubi powers, and kurama can still be free. Even with half the chakra, he’s still the most powerful tailed beast out of the bunch.

  12. And so Sasuke becomes the final villian,i don’t think he’s settling for vice-kage and Naruto(and kiba) aren’t relenting either.quite bad,if it ends in a friendly match(friendlies are nothing like the real deal if you ask those who’re into sports).everyone is thinking this is the end but this isn’t the end just yet,sasuke may put up a rebellion and there we have our epic last fight.

  13. There’s a new movie coming out in december where naruto is two years older, I’m pretty sure that means that naruto is not finished

  14. @darth
    Thank you. I completely forgot about that

  15. Naruto: Weeelll what do I have to say about this chapter. Not much really. I felt that the entire “war arc ” was rushed toward the end. Kaguya wasn’t much of entertainment and most of the characters roles in the arc wasn’t really memorable IMO. What I did like was Kakashi temporarily getting Obito’s power even if it wasn’t by the means in which I agreed with. It sucks that now Kakashi no longer have Uchiha powers but also it can make way to him perhaps following in the footsteps of his dad “the white fang”. I don’t know what direction Kish will take the manga. It would seem at best for a huge time skip (maybe about 5 years or so.) They have to rebuild the world from the damage that was caused, figure out how the ninja villages will conduct themselves (what reason do they have to fight for now since they all worked together against a common enemy?). Also what if any new villain can cause as much trouble as Obito and Madara? We shall see.

    One piece: Whhatt!!! I can’t believe pirate gangsta doffy got smashed by Luffy like that! I know Luffy senpai is strong but I didn’t think Mingo would even get hit so easily considering his skills in haki. Then again, Mingo doesn’t seem like he takes things to seriously. Maybe next chapter he will get more seriously and pull out that desert eagle and bust a cap in Law again and pull some strings on Luffy senpai. LOL!

  16. Just read the one piece chapter. I can’t believe Joker fell for that so easily. He couldn’t think that luffy would just attack Law that way in the middle of a serious fight between all of them just because he was angry. But it definitely nice teamwork on their part though.

    It’s official: Usopp knows haki. Now I wonder about the rest of the strawhat crew.

  17. @darthuchiha: I felt the same way darth! Luffy really nailed Doffy considering how strong Doffy was protrayed to be. It would seem though that all of the Strawhats have yet to show their true potential since that time skip. I doubt that punch is gonna stop Joker though. I don’t think he was acting serious. However once he gets serious, I think he will prove to be a tough foe.

    It’s probably likely that all of the Strawhats know haki. I’m still waiting on the explanation of that fear ability that Zoro used on Monet.

  18. The chapter just seems super anticlimactic, but the news of this movie, and the fact that it appears as though a time skip occurred, is very interesting.

  19. Chapter 692 is out and WHAT THE FUCK!!!

  20. I knew that was going to happen. Didn’t the great toad sage say they were going to fight? We all know Naruto is going to win. The question is How is sauske going to lose…will he die or will Naruto use his trump card Talk no jutsu..

  21. But how come naruto doesn’t have his ultra sage powers but sasuke still does? Unless naruto can turn it on and off

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