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Bleach Chapter 593: Marching Out The Zombies 4

Chapter 593: Marching Out The Zombies 4
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This weeks chapters start where last week left off… or does it…


The battle between the two captains starts off, Toshiro not wasting any time going on the offensive. Mayuri the thinking Captain has even gone as far as adding sensors to his blade allowing him to block any sword attack.

Toshiro’s blank stare doesn’t change in the slightest as he tries to hit him with his knee. Mayuri blocks with a what looks like a cushion which seconds later explodes damaging Toshiro’s knee which he covers in ice immediately after.

Soon after that he calls out his Bankai, which seems to work fine cover Mayuri in ice before piercing his chest ending this fight.


Except it doesn’t. Like groundhog day, Zombie Toshiro find himself back at the beginning of the fight. He makes note to Mayuri that he heard the comment before. Something Mayuri finds very interesting to hear. Hinting that our mad scientist knows exactly whats going on and is simply taking mental notes of his new drug’s effect on Toshiro.

After toshiro strikes down Mayuri again only to find himself at the beginning again he snaps at his opponent.

Mayuri notes that Toshiro has finally realized what is going on, going on a little rant about his drugs and the effect they give the user (Like the Arrancar Scientist super slow time). For Toshiro the effect is ‘Groundhog Day’ with the change that if he kills Mayuri he will reset, if he doesn’t. Also, with the drug incomplete, when the user has been reset more than 10 times some serious side effects kick in.


I love of Mayuri is drawn his messed mind working at its peak when he mentally screws with his opponent instilling fear of death in a lifeless zombie.

According to Mayuri we’ll get our answer last week!

4 Responses

  1. Mayuri, Mayuri, Mayuri….I remember back in the day of the alfro, I hated Mayuri. When he fought Ishida I was hoping that last shot Ishida fired would have killed him. Now in the present day, I’m glad that didn’t happen. Just like many of TK’s characters Mayuri grew on me. It’s fun seeing him fight because he brings such twist and excitement to battle.

    Now can I be honest, I have no ideal what was happening this chapter. Let me be clear, I understood what I saw happening, but the explanation of what happen kinda threw me off. I guess my question would be is Hitsugaya imagining killing Mayuri? I may have answered my own question. So basically Hitsugaya’s mind is just playing out the events of fighting and killing Mayuri. That’s cool. Hey Naruto fans, isn’t this reminisced of Itachi’s Izanami? Only this is Izanami Mayuri’s style.

    Hmmm….maybe that could be the name of the drug. Izanami. J/K.

    One final point. I can’t wait to see Oetsu Nimaiya, the royal guard guy who created the zanpaktou fight. I wonder if he uses a bunch of blades or maybe the way TK is, he may only have one sword; the original zanpaktou.

  2. I think Itachi slipped in, and taught Mayuri Izanami on the side, lol.

  3. lol.. just what i thought of… edo tensei Hitsugaya.. Izanami… then maybe at the end.. Juha may have a Byakugan and Ichigo might have bunshin to aid him…

  4. Hehehehe……who needs a sharingan badass for izanami when you can just have a mad scientist mix up some chemicals-in your face itachi!

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