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Naruto Chapter 689: I love you

Go.. team 7?

Click here to read the chapter

Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

29 Responses

  1. Good chapter…I wonder if kakashi’s new senju mixed chakra will be a permanent thing. If so, watch out sasuke.

  2. Kakashi is now stronger than Sasuke, hands down

  3. It´s strange that Kakashi is the second strongest Sharigan holder after Madara without being actually an Uchiha

  4. I agree… Kakashi is the man

  5. Sharigans and sage chakra for everyone. You get one……..you get one…..EVERYONE GETS ONE!!!!!!!

    EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kakashi using Kamui to enhance his Lighting blade….that was fucking sweet. I don’t even care about sasuke or madara right now.

    How in the world Sakura knock that Kaguya’s horn off? Not even Naruto’s Rasenshurukin did that.

    Am I seeing things or did Sasuke’s rinnegan eye just shed blood?

  7. Naruto: I just have a few comments:

    Now Kakashi has officially become the last Uchiha. Sasuke doesn’t count anymore since he traded his sharingan for a Super rinnegan.

    Kish tried to include Sakura into the mix but it was still lame.

    Kaguya is also lame. Despite all the power she possess, she doesn’t do much. She killed….I mean…transported Obito to the pure world only for him to gain more power and empower Kakashi. Also despite having every dojutsu, she didn’t see Sakura at all to counter that punch? In fact she doesn’t really see much at all. Also her personality isn’t all that great either. She doesn’t share ambitions or have clever one liners. She really falls flat in the villain category.

    We did get a slight explanation on why Kakashi’s powers are so great. The sage chakra augmented Obito’s power; (which by the way darthuchiha hinted to) this allowed Obito to do his…uhhh…”I can defy all the rules jutsu.”

    I doubt this is the end since the SOSP has to do his jutsu with the Hokages.

    UTI: LOL!! No kidding huh?! Sakura did get left out. So maybe it’s a “mens only” sale.

    darthuchiha: Kakashi is still the man despite him being the recipient of the ” I can defy all the rules jutsu.” LOL!

    No you were not seeing things. For some strange reason, Sasuke eyes never stopped bleeding. I thought EMS (do remember that eye upgrade which didn’t really do anything special? LOL!) was suppose to stop the bleeding. But I guess all it did was stop the eye from going blind. Sasuke eyes still bled when he used them with his brother Itachi when they fought Kabuto.

    One piece: Well I did get to see Sabo and Fujitora fight even though it was just one page. I can’t wait to see Mingo fight with Law and Luffy.
    Where the heck are Sanji and Chopper? If there are still OP fans on the blog, I have a question, do you think chicken head (Bartolomeo) will be the next member of the strawhats?

  8. I riily hope bartholomew duznt becum one of the straw hats. He’s too awed by them to ever think right in a fight with them around. Yeah I too cant wait for law and luffy to take on mingo…this jus may be the greatest fight in one piece yet! Jus thinkin bwt the fact that they still have to takw on the yonko as well gives me goose bumps!!!

  9. Glad i read the chapter late,now i don’t have to wait too long for the new release.
    Kakashi badass just reached a level of its own,man! look at those ‘black hole’ shurikens,(the eye manual theory seem to be true)he got the phasing too,he’s like a combo of obito,madara and sasuke.the copy ninja stinks of uchiha badassery now(suck it up sasuke).speaking of ‘suck’ sakura seems to be showing off for sasuke and still sucking at it,oh well better than being saved.

    Kaguya no fun in seeing her get defeated;she really killed being the only real female villian,she just couldn’t carry the ultimate villian stake from madara,this is the second villian that has real awesome powers but just failed to have the badass villian touch(ya,am talking to you gremmy v sternritter from Bleach).perharps if naruto had ripped her dress in his feat of rage,i was like..dude!?go for the damn long dress!!not the arm,it was good to get the black talking shit off her armpit though,damn annoying

  10. Great!no chapter this week,now i have to wait as usual::karma

  11. How come there is no chapter this week? Didn’t they take a break a week before?

  12. According to what sawyer7mage has said on youtube, due to changes in the distribution the mangas scans will now be coming out a couple days later. So possibly friday from here on out is the new time to expect the mangas. not 100% sure though if thats true

  13. From what I’ve read, Japan has cracked down on early distributions/leaks of manga. Sources are saying it could possibly be every Monday from here on out for Naruto. It just depends on the distribution schedule.

  14. New chapters are out

  15. Soooo i guess no explanation as to y the rabbit goddess was making a army huh… nice

  16. Kakashi is now stronger, wow…

  17. Well that was…anticlimactic

  18. Naruto: What was that?!?! Was that the real chapter?!?! Please somebody tell me it didn’t end like that?! Un-freaking-believable!!

    One piece: Well finally Luffy verses Mingo. Let’s go!! Still no sign of Chopper and Sanji. They must have quit the Strawhats.

  19. Bleach: Don’t know if pretend3r will do a review since this all came out late so I will post my thoughts on the chapter.

    Looks like Mayuri is working on Hitsugaya. The interesting thing this chapter however was seeing the two captains Rose and Kensei zombified. What happend to Isane? She must have lost sight of the captains when Kenny was fighting Gremmy. It’s looks like Byakuya ain’t playing when it come to the sternritter. That Barry White Sternritter is making everybody crazy with his love ability. I wonder who will be able to fight him?

  20. @immortal their on the ship heading to zou and were attached by big mom’s crew. It’s likely we won’t get a word from them until after doflamingo is defeated

  21. @cas24: Ohhhh cool. How did I miss that? Thanks for the info.

  22. @token

    I think it’s pretty clear Kaguya was preparing for an intergalactic war, or to conquer another planet by preparing her an army totally under her control. At least it was kinda hinted to this.

  23. I’m so glad it didn’t come to that though.

  24. The ending was epic. No better way to close the battle but have team 7 do an epic combo attack.

  25. Soooo…..does this mean that the narutoverse has two moons now?

  26. @Immortal

    Just call Piccolo or Roshi. One of them will take care of it, lol.

    Seriously though, I think that moon will be in that alternate dimension that they were summoned from.

  27. @UTI: Ahhhh I see now. Thanks. That chapter had me in a very confused state.

  28. New chapters…. Not a bad way to end and naruto even hints at liking hinata


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